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  • Forum Netiquette

    hi everyone

    Just wanted to ask everyone to please be polite to each other and follow normal *netiquette*

    please start posts with a greeting of some kind! hello, hi etc, many newer members do not do this, it's just a little thing, in the real world you would say hi to someone before telling them your problems!

    please do NOT USE CAPITAL LETTERS or BOLDING AS THIS IS SEEN AS SHOUTING!!! very rude in the internet world

    please do remember that everyone here is a volunteer, and is here because they want to be, members are more likely to reply to your post if you are courteous in your own post.

    please write your post with a few gaps, hit the return button a couple of times as this will help people read your story with ease, if your story is long and just one continous paragraph it can be hard going on the eyes.

    please when emailing moderators etc, use the same courtesy, so often we have members email us, with no hello just

    "I cant use the forum let me know why" .

    ...and they do not even say please or thank you and please let us know your user name otherwise we really struggle to help if we dont know who you are!!

    manners make a world of difference, NFHIB is one of the most polite and friendliest forums on the net, please help us keep it that way.

    Thanks :flowers:

    I have been asked by several members here at NFHiB to talk about posting colours, some members are having problems reading certain posts which are in colour. this is turn means they are unable to give a good reply.

    the problem also arises with size and certain font style, impact is one of them

    the easiest posts to read are the good old black writing, normal size and font style

    thanks everyone :daisy:

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    Hi everyone

    I have been asked to just remind everyone about Forum Netiquette, mainly posting colours.

    Its a great forum function, and it works very well in signitures but sadly not so well in posts, dependant on the colours being used it can make it tricky for some of our members to read and reply to posts. This also applies to a degree with the font style that is being used and size, small and fancy is really hard to read!

    So please, if you want others to be able to clearly read your posts, just keep it simple

    Thanks for reading



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      Hello all

      Just a reminder for everyone please

      we have found over the years that the politer the thread starter is, the more replies they receive

      So dont forget to say hello in a post before asking for help

      Thank you for taking the time to re-read this thread .


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        Hi everyone

        Sorry to have to bring this up again but please can all members remember that this support group is run by volunteers who freely give up their time to help each other with neighbour problems.

        Everyone here is in the same boat dealing with their own neighbour issues or have in the past dealt with neighbour issues.

        So please bear this in mind when posting for support or replying to threads.

        Saying Hello when you start a new thread is a nice way to start when you ask for help,

        saying thank you when help or advice is offered is just plain old manners and doing this you are more likely to receive continued help and support from other members.

        We do understand that you are feeling stressed by your own neighbour issues when you post but just remember that the people answering you. and offering you support are also dealing with their own stresses.

        by being nice and polite and respectful to each other it will make NFHiB a nicer community to be part of.

        Thank you