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How to block individual Member PM's

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  • How to block individual Member PM's

    Inappropriate Personal (Private) Messages and how to block certain/individual Member PM's

    If you receive a Personal Message (PM) from any member on the forum, you can block that person from sending you messages in the future. You may want to do this if you do not like the PM content, or do not wish to be PM'd by a particular member for any reason.

    After you have added a member to your blocked list, they will see an error message on attempting to send you a PM, which tells them they have been blocked.

    Please Remember:

    If you receive unwanted, interfering or inappropriate Personal Messages in any form via any forum member, please let any of the NFHiB Support team know straight away. We can then take action to restrict or remove a members PM ability if neccessary and if a situation warrants. We will also take further action where appropriate, according to the NFHiB Forum Guidelines and Registration Sign-Up agreement, etc.

    NFHiB takes your privacy and confidentiality very seriously, if you feel this has ever been compromised via the PM system from another member please tell us so that we may remedy any problems.

    For obvious reasons, it's better you don't block any of the NFHiB Support team as we're here to help you.

    How to block:

    To block a particular member PM's first of all you need to add them to the 'Buddies' list. As odd as this sounds, please read on!

    To block a Personal Message from another member:

    1. You first need to go into the 'My Controls' panel by clicking on the link at the top right of your screen.

    2. Go into your Messenger: 'Go to Inbox' (or wherever you have stored or have any PM from an unwanted member) and view the Personal Message. You'll see that on the bottom left hand side of the Personal Message is a link called '[ Add to Buddies ]' - click on this link.


    3. From the 'Add a member' text strip, enter or check (if entered via the 'Add to Buddies' link above) the name of the person who you'd like to block from sending you messages. Make sure you choose 'NO' from the 'Allow this member to message you?' drop down box.

    Click 'Add this member to my address book'.


    The member name will now appear in your 'Member Name' list with the description '( Message Ban )' . You can edit or delete the member details from here as needed.

    (Guests cannot PM anyone, so you cannot block the member group 'Guests' or any other member group, blocking PM's is done on an individual member basis only).

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    This is just a timely reminder as the above post is from 2003, but still valid.

    If any member receives an innapropriate Personal Message (PM) from any member at NFHiB, then you may wish to follow the instructions in the above post to prevent further PM's from being received.

    It is also vital, that you report any Personal Message which is unwanted, to any of the NFHiB Support Team (and send us a full copy of the PM in question). We cannot take further action, where appropriate, unless you tell us what is happening.

    Quick Instructions on how to block PM's from a specific member (see above message for fuller details):

    PM Buddies/Block List (From the 'My Controls' section):

    You may add in users names in this section, or edit any saved entries. You can also use this as a ban list, denying the named member the ability to message you.

    Names entered in this section will appear in the drop down list when sending a new PM, allowing you to quickly choose the members name when sending a message. [/b]