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  • avatars and photos

    avatars are the little pics some members have next to their names each time they post

    it makes posters very individual and you can often recognise a member from their avatar.

    NFHiB has a large selection of avatars that you can use or you can use your own favourite pic from either you pc or somewhere else off the internet

    click onto my controls at the top of the forum page

    then on the left hand side you will see personal profile

    underneath that there are four options, go to edit avatar settings

    you will then be given options, do you want it from the pre installed avatars

    or your own images

    for the pre installed images you just click on the drop down box and have a browse, when and if you find one you like just click on it, each picture has a small click button next to it, mark it and then press use selected avatar.

    there are about 100 to choose from, and you will see that Matthew has made some special NFH avatars!

    see if you can spot any that are already being used!!

    to use the URL avatars you simply pop in the http address in the box, as long as its ok to take an image from the net that is!

    to use the last option, upload from your computer, you press the browse button and it will ask you where you want to look on your computer for your choosen avatar, once you have found what you want pop it in the box and press update avatar!

    hope we get to see loads of new pics soon!


    there is an option of putting your photo above your profile

    again on the left of your screen after you have clicked my controls, go down the page till you get to change personal photo

    click on that and it will ask you if you want to get a photo from the web or your PC, in the same way as the avatars above.

    so when you have got your photo just click update photo

    so if you want the world to see you please pop a photo on!

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    Thanks for that Beth


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      TY Beth, great write up