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    A few members have been asking about profiles

    this is what you get when you click on a members name, you can only do this after you have reached a certain amount of posts though.

    your profile can let others know a little about bit about yourself, but only what you want people to know.

    for example, where it asks your location you do not have to give your full address, in fact we would advise against it!

    you could say the town or the county or if you wanted just the region

    i.e. Hull/east yorkshire/yorkshire/humberside or north east.

    you can add a little about your hobbies and interests, likes and dislikes.

    its up to you, some members profiles are quite funny, some short and some Matthew's!! :lol:

    but how to do it?


    on the top panel of the forum page there is a my controls

    click that once and it opens another page and gives you options down the left hand side of the screen.

    down the left hand side you will see



    personal profile


    underneath personal profile you are given 4 more choices

    edit profile info

    edit signature

    edit avatar settings

    change personal photo

    click onto edit profile info

    the boxes are quite clearly marked and if you make a mistake or change you mind you can always go back and amend it.

    the only box that must be filled in is how you found NFHiB

    this is a recent edition to the registration process, and its automatically included in any profile ammendments (part of the programme!)

    the only people who can see this are the global mods and Admin.

    so have fun with that!


    with signatures its just as easy!

    you will have noticed that some members have quotes or film scripts under every post they make!

    if you want to add something to make your posts personal, even if its to add your name to save you signing every post you make, its dead easy!

    heres how..

    left hand side of the screen as descibed above, then click on edit signature

    a box like a posting box comes up

    and you just type in the box what you want your signature to be.

    you can use colours, bold or italics

    to do that start your post by pressing the tags at the top of the box, so if you wanted it bold press the B button, you then type what you want and then please press the B button again, this is to finsh it off

    if you dont it will look like this [ b]good luck beth

    where it should look like good luck beth

    sometimes tags are not closed completly and your post, signature might look like this [B]good luck beth [ /B]

    for colour change go to the flip down colour button with the little blue arrow and choose your colour, remeber again to close the colour afterwards,just click the colour button again when you are done

    if you want to use loads of functions you can

    good luck beth

    the easist way of doing this is choosing you colours and ittalics, writing your bit then click close all tags

    once done click the bottom bar that says update signature

    have fun and be creative!