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How to directly link images

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  • How to directly link images

    How to directly link images with an http:// address:

    1. In your post, click the IMG button once where you'd like your image to appear. [See Screenshot A]

    Screenshot A

    2. When the pop up box appears, enter in the full address (the 'URL') that leads to your image that is already online - e.g. [See Screenshot B].

    Click OK when done.

    Screenshot B

    3. Your 'code' is now entered into your forum post box, ready to be posted. [See Screenshot C].

    Screenshot C

    4. When you actually post or preview your written post now, you'll see the image that is automatically pulled in. [See Screenshot D].

    (If your http:// address is wrong or the server where the image is hosted is unavailable for any reason, this won't work and you will likely see a red X symbol).

    Screenshot D