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How to Attach Files to your posts

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  • How to Attach Files to your posts

    How to Attach Files to your posts:

    File attachments aren't available in all forum areas and will differ according to your member group.

    1. When you have finished writing your post as normal in the posting area input box, you can attach an image or file attachment to your post before posting/previewing. [See Screenshot A].

    Screenshot A

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the posting screen until you see the File Attachments section. Click the Browse... button once. [See Screenshot B].

    Screenshot B

    3. A pop up window appears, directing you to choose the location on your computer of the file you'd like to upload/attach with your forum post. Navigate to that file on your computer and click Open once. [See Screenshot C].

    Screenshot C

    4. You can then see your file's location file line in the File Attachment box. [See Screenshot D].

    Screenshot D

    5. Post your topic as normal. There will be a short delay, depending on your file size attachment and internet connection speed, as the file uploads itself to the forum from your computer and attaches automatically to your forum post. Images, depending on current forum settings, will either display as a thumbnail [See Screenshot E] or in full [See Screenshot F]. Other file formats will appear with a relevant icon and download link (e.g. MS Word).

    Screenshot E

    Screenshot F

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    Many thanks Matthew .


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      Thanks, Matthew....very clear! I'm sure it will take me 5x as long as everyone else to get it (if ever!), but it looks like something most people could get the hang of



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        You haven't tried me yet - heehehe!!

        I'm sure it's very straightforwrd, now what do I have to do again.....? :withstupid:


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          Just wondering what type of files you can upload? :unsure:


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            I think Holly's query is in response to the following


            Is it poss to upload these type of files then? :unsure:



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              In general, you should be able to upload any text/doc files, MP3/Wav, HTML, most image formats (e.g. jpeg, gif, png, etc) and so on - but I will double check the settings, especially for sound formats (e.g. mp3) over the w/e to be doubly sure.

              If the file is too big (we set the filesize) - that will lead to the board rejecting the file.