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  • Member Warning System

    Hi all,

    You may have noticed the forum board's warning system 'bar' in your profile or next to your posts on the board. This is a built in system and is only used for troublesome members who need to be warned and/or have their posting rights restricted, moderated or removed permanently/temporarily.

    Please don't worry about seeing this info on your own profile/posts - no other members can see your warning info or notes that go with it. Only you can see your own notes/warning level and of course the NFHiB Support Team can see this too.

    If you have received a warning of any kind you can view the notes that go with this from the member of the NFHiB Support Team who applied it - these notes can be viewed from either your profile screen or a post screen (see screen captures below for examples). If you do unfortunately have to be warned, chances are you will also get an e-mail/PM notification to let you know of this too.

    If you click on the underlined percentage (%) number, a small browser pop up will appear on your screen with the warning notes (if any) displayed. If any member is unfortunate enough to reach a 100% warning level they would most probably be banned from the forum (1 warning = a 10% increase in the warning level) - but the NFHiB Support Team will thoroughly discuss the outcome before any action is taken.

    That's not to say either that a troublesome member wouldn't be removed/restricted before a 100% warning level was reached if a situation called for it.

    The warning system is in place and functional to protect all members from abuse, harassment and innapropriate behaviour/posts on the forum. Although we don't like to use it unless absolutely neccessary, it does unfortunately need to be put into practice now and again to keep the NFHiB forum safe for everyone.

    If you'd like any more info, please post or PM/E-Mail me or any of the NFHiB Support Team.

    Examples follow (these may differ slightly according to what forum skin you use):

    1. How to access and view your warning level/notes from your profile area:

    2. How to access and view your warning level/notes from your post screens areas:

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    please dont worry about this

    it is there to protect members and to protect the board.

    it is highly un likely it will ever be used......unless you are really naughty!!! :P :lol:

    in fact to other forum boards on the net we are the nicest and polite-ist one around!!

    I have known forum boards that dont even warn members for the tinist thing and just ban them!!

    not our style here though

    I hope it is never used, but if it is it will be with very good reason. :lol:


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      Originally posted by Beth@Sep 22 2003, 10:24 AM

      please dont worry about this

      it is there to protect members and to protect the board.
      I'd just like to re-iterate what Beth's said, this system is here to protect everyone, not to enforce unfairness, etc.

      Unfortunately, all forums get troublesome members from time to time and at NFHiB this isn't any different - we've had our fair share already and in each of those cases we've managed each situation fairly, objectively and quickly. So the warning system is extremely effective and fast at dealing with any instances such as this and is used only in appropriate circumstances. It isn't used in a heavy-handed way and often only where other avenues may fail.

      We've been open & honest about its existence as we think you all have a right to know it's there and it's in use and also to confirm how seriously we take all member's privacy and safety here. This is one of our top priorities, to keep members privacy safe while on the forum board - we will always strive to keep the forum a decent place to visit and use.

      If anyone would like to chat about it, or to ask a question you don't want to post publicly, please PM or E-Mail me or any of the NFHiB Support Team on the forum.