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Frozen screens

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  • Frozen screens


    Recently my mouse cursor and screen freezes up when I am on line

    (not just on NFH board

    but can happen anytime). I have an optical mouse which has been dropped

    a couple of times but it works fine until after I have been on line for a while

    then the whole screen can freeze up. I can get out of programs using

    control, alt delete and the keys on the key board to shut down programs

    in use when this happens but the screen still stays frozen (with desktop

    in the background) and I have to re-boot. Has anyone else had this

    problem and any idea whether this could be some awful virus that my

    virus checker hasn't picked up or a windows problem?


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    Java problem? :blink:

    Am sure Matthew :P will think it's very appropriate for this one of his Angels to offer tentative diagnosis of a puter problem :lol: :lol:

    I am positive someone will offer a sensible answer, Melanie!



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      Hi April,

      No I haven't added anything lately and sorry to hear you are having the

      same problem. My computer also seems to take over ocassionally, for example

      I wrote Lisa a longer post and the computer shifted screens by itself and I

      lost my post and had to write it again (well I used the forward button and

      found it and pressed post but it disappeared into cyberspace so I wrote

      another shorter post). The freezing screen is really annoying. It can happen

      anytime and I dont even have to have a lot open. I just hope this isnt

      some weird virus (I even worry if daughter leaves the computer on like

      she has done a few times, for hours still connected in case someone has

      hacked my computer or someone is tracking my internet presence

      and trying to disrupt). Don't I sound paranoid? I guess anything is possible

      these days and there are some disturbed people out there as we all know.



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        Hi Melanie

        It doesn't sound like a Virus problem to be honest IMO.

        What Operating System are you using? (e.g. Windows version), when does this normally happen (e.g. after your PC has been on a while or quickly after a fresh re-boot?). What's normally being used/open/done on the PC when it happens?

        Also, do you know how much Memory you 'puter has? (e.g. RAM).

        Does it just happen on a particular browser? (e.g. Internet Explorer) - what browser do you use? (e.g. IE 6, 5.5, etc).

        Does it just happen on a browser (while using the internet) and not on other progs (e.g MS Word)?

        Sorry about all the questions - need a bit more info


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          Hi Melanie

          Have you got a firewall for on-line protection? If not, you can download ZoneAlarm for free from the maker at



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            PS: Still worth Virus checking every other day with updated virus checker files.

            PPS: Have you got a Firewall? (Sounds like your on ADSL/B-Band like me).


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              Originally posted by sapphirelily10@Sep 18 2003, 10:52 PM

              Hi Melanie

              Have you got a firewall for on-line protection?

              Great minds think alike Sapph! :P :lol:


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                Modestly pleased that anyone should consider I have anything approaching a great mind where computers are concerned :lol:

                Sapph :thumbs:


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                  Hi Melanie

                  Have just spoken to my other half who is a bit of a computer genius/geek (depending on your point of view) :lmao: and he has suggested that the following may help (although I'm sure that someone else out there will probably spot the problem straight away!)

                  1. If you think that it is your mouse that is causing the problem, the try borrowing a friends mouse for a while and see if the problem still occurs.

                  2. Your mouse driver may have corrupted, so it may be worth re-installing it.

                  3. If you are running Windows 98/ME/2000 or XP, try running Windows Update which will download all the latest Microsoft patches and driver updates which again may help.

                  4. If you are using Windows 2000 or XP, when this happens next time, CNTL+ALT+DEL will allow you to view CPU Processes and will let you know if a process is "hogging" the CPU and causing the computer to hang.

                  Hope maybe this helps a little?? (Personally I would have thrown it out the window by now).

                  Blue Cow


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                    Originally posted by Blue Cow@Sep 18 2003, 11:25 PM

                    Have just spoken to my other half who is a bit of a computer genius/geek (depending on your point of view)

                    Fine line between Computer Geek and Computer Genius?! :geek:


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                      So where is that line? :P

                      And where do I fit in? :blink: :hihi: :hihi:


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                        sapphy I think you could have a new name: genigeek :lol: :P


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                          I'm so proud! Thank you! :P

                          :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:



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                            I had similar problems with my old computer. I went to microsoft and did a search on their data base for a way of fixing it. I can't remember exactly what they told me to do.

                            I think I eventually did a 'recovery and diagnostics' with the disc that came with the computer and had to go back to factory settings! I hated having to do that because I had to reinstall all the progs that I'd added.

                            Sorry I can't be of more help

                            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi