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  • Member Groups & Active Colours

    Hi all,

    We've had a little re-shuffle with the member groups recently, they are all basically the same, but also have different colours attached to them.

    [See latest post below for info]

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    Hi all,

    There have been some slight changes to the member groups, this is honestly the last change for some while, hopefully (!), but needed to be put into place to raise members' security.

    Entry Level Member

    Is the first default group. When members first join the forum they move into this group from the Validating member group.

    Members stay in this group until they reach a posting level of 5 posts.

    'Entry Level Members' cannot view the forum area 'Ranters Corner' and cannot view the member list or member profiles, they also cannot e-mail through the forum board in this group.

    New Members

    Members who have reached the post level of 5 posts then move into the 'New Members' group. Members stay in this group until they reach a post count of 15 posts.

    'New Members' cannot access some forum areas (e.g. 'Members Only') until they reach the next group, which is:


    Members go into this group from 15 posts onwards.

    The rest of the groups are as before and attached to this post is an updated list of member list colours and post counts required.

    Apologies if you were in the 'Members' group and have now found yourself back in the 'New Members' group! But you'll only be a handful of posts away from Members again.

    Same too if you are an older member that has made fewer posts and were previously in the 'New Member' group and now find yourself in the 'Entry Level Member' and can no longer view profiles, member lists, etc. Just make a few more posts and you're laughing

    We've put the member group 'Entry Level' in to increase security, which I'm sure people will understand. Before, 0 (zero) member posters could view some member only areas (e.g. Ranters Corner) without ever posting a thing and this obviously could be an invasion of some privacy.

    The increase of posts needed to move from 'New Member' to 'Members' is for the same reason, to reduce the instances of members joining for the 'wrong reasons'.

    As always, it's great to hear your opinions and ideas, please PM me or post here to let us know.


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      Topic Leaders have had a change of colour!

      This is the new colour:

      Topic Leader


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        We have added a new member group today to bridge the gap between Goldcard Member (1000 posts) and Forum Associate (5000) posts.

        The brand new Member Group is Platinum Member at the level of 2500 posts. - Stop Anti Social Behaviour & Lobby For Change!

        NFHiB on Twitter