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Nfh Turns You Into A Curtain-twitcher

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  • Nfh Turns You Into A Curtain-twitcher

    A lighter note, but I've noticed my own behaviour over the past 2-3 months or so since NFH started their little games.

    I find myself tentatively peering out through the windows at the slightest noise or conversation from next door, occasionally they look up and I step back quickly, tittering to myself.

    Anyone else out there do this/noticed a change in behaviour in themselves?

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    shamefully yes!!

    the twitching of curtians, having the window open so you can hear conversations....I am guilty as charged and ashamed

    well you need to know what they are planning!!


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      I do this as well, and I wish I didnt.

      Surely I have better things to do with my time?

      The last thing I want is them noticing me and saying yet more [email protected]%*.

      it is a sign of my paranoia !!!!

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        'Nuther guilty one here When I'm downstairs I feel drawn to the window just to see if something is going on

        When I'm here by myself I'm torn between staying in my bedroom and ignoring it all or going to the living room to see if anything is happening. It's a horrible feeling because I want to ignore it all but I'm scared that if I do I'll end up with smashed windows from thrown stones or footballs etc. And if I do see something I just end up with the knotted stomach and the sick feeling. There's no winning

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          Yes me too when we had NFH. We'd never know when they would be having other mutants to stay over so every car that stopped near our house would be watched. The whole experience warps the mind I'm sad to stay.

          We move on Friday so I shall be out of touch for a few days whilst I get a new phoneline.


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            oh god i do this everytime i hear the girl next doors boyfriend from hell shouting at her. i pull up my deckchair in the garden and listen to what they are rowing about.

            i put it down to being a nosey B*gger!


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              Me too though getting over it a bit. I would hear Meercat's back gate go and, if I was in my garden, I'd just tense up. More often than not he was creeping about so I'd be sat stock still and wait for the tell-tale shuffling noises as he crept past my house on his way to doing no good. I was always expecting something to get hurled over.

              On the other hand other noises no longer bother me. I have an alleyway running at the back of me which really shouldn't be used as it is an inconvenient route and there's one much better further up (next to Meercat). Right as I type this there are three girls playing around, they've got walkie talkies and are playing some sort of hide and seek. They've been past a couple of times and, before, it would have annoyed me but now I just see it as three girls playing harmlessly.

              The good point is though that they have started using the end of Meercat's front garden as the meeting place. I bet it's driving him wild.


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                If you use psycology here - it is a natural instinct to know whats going on and perhaps even more so with a woman than a man.

                A woman has to know because it comes down to her desire for the comminication that has been lost or broken down in some way and the curtain twitching is just the way of keeping that connection going albeit in a fractured form.

                A man generally can switch off to some of it and although he maintains a passing interest will not be so strongly motivated as a woman as his communication skills are less intense.

                So, in a nutshell it is within the human brain to do this and I have to put my hands up here and be counted in as one of them.


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                  We like to know what's going on! But try not to make it obvious!


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                    Oh dear

                    Me too


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                      Good grief - thats an all time low that one Sue.

                      3 hours detention and a slap on the wrist for your misdemeanors.

                      Seriously, no, I have never done that - well not yet anyway.


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                        Sue, you are the master (mistress?) of espionage. I see the makings of the new Bond movie - "007 - Dr. No-you're-not-getting-away-with-ANYTHING!"


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                          you just never know when they'll appear again on crimewatch!! LOL


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                            So you had the stopwatch going as well sue...tut tut


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                              I used to do this. Our NFH deliberatelylurked on our driveway to

                              unerve us. One day I pulled the curtain back and gave him the

                              finger. He couldn't do anything but walk away since if he had

                              retaliated in public, (outside on our driveway) he would have

                              looked bad. He plays games to try and make us look like the

                              badies so it was good to have a little win .