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End Of The Brief Sojourn

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  • End Of The Brief Sojourn

    Got woken up at 5am this morning as they pull onto the driveway after 2 glorious NFH weeks without them

    Kids get out of the car, generally quiet and considerate, bar one kid who (almost shouting) "I didn't put that in the car!" no chance of getting any kip then kids?

    Am a bit down today, will try and chase solicitors again, and get out for a nice pub lunch with a mate whilst waiting for a start date for my job.

    Guess I knew they were coming back, but life has been not just tolerable but bliss without this rabble

    hope they enjoyed their holiday, fingers crossed i'm looking forward to the rest of my life.

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    Yes, the nfh holiday never lasts long enough does it gordy?

    Ours is back too. Almost couldn't get into our driveway last night. They had five cars parked in the turning areas and his one space. .

    I wish he'd b***er off back to Ibiza or wherever he's been.

    Hope everything's going smoothly (apart from the nfh) and you're managing to work something out regarding the start date for your new job.


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      What a shame they couldnt get stranded by a hurricane wherever they were for another month or so, eh? or their plane stray into the bermuda triangle and vanish....

      my daughter has a day off from school today for staff training and I am torn between going out somewhere, or staying in and enjoying all this total peace and quiet with no KFH's around (they go to a different school to my daughter). Mind you come 3.30 they will be back, maybe I will go out then....

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      Is simply taking and not giving

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        I'm just longing for the day that my NFH go on's going to be absolute heaven

        But then again, I bet 99% of us on here are feeling the same as me



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          Do you think NFH get their heads together and all go away at the same time or something? What with Holly's and Gordy's away together...

          5am is a bummer for sure...keep that relaxed feeling though Gordy


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            *sigh* It must have been nice while it lasted, Gordy Only trouble is that you know they're going to come back eventually so even the respite is spoiled by trepidation

            I'd like to see all NFH go away on PERMANENT holidays I can but dream

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Hey gang

              Wouldn't it be a great idea to create a zone in any town, somewhere well away from everyone else, and put all proven NFH's into it. Then they can annoy and abuse each other. With any luck the NFH gene will be eradicated from the gene pool within a few generations and the rest of us can get on with life. It'd only be the sub machine gun fire and exploding cars keeping us awake and we can lay there quietly enjoying the fact that it is someone else's problem.


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                Good idea Phil and Caz

                Stick them on an island perhaps too........and as Horsefans would say, then NUKE the lot of them!