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  • Kids/language/parents!

    Late this afternoon I thought I heard my back kitchen door open and close. There was nobody at home but me and my daughter who lives next door was a work, so I was a bit concerned. Anyway, I couldn't see anything so dismissed it as my imagination.

    Then about 6pm, I was in the back bedroom when I heard kids voices and they seemed very close. So I looked out of the window and there were three little kids, two girls and a boy coming through the gap in the fence between my garden and my daughter's garden. I shouted and they ran. I went downstairs and through into my daughter's garden and her back gate, which is always double bolted was open and there was a dining room chair on her path. One of the kids had obviously climbed over the wall and let the other two in. After I bolted the door I went through to my front room and looked out of the window and they were again up my daughter's path. So I went back to her back gate and saw these little fingers curled over the back gate, so I tapped them and told them to get away.

    The language that then assaulted my ears was disgusting and it emanated from the mouth of the most angelic looking five year old girl!!!!

    These are the kids from the two NFH, druggie, drunk families down the road. They're just left to run wild. So I went down and had a word with one of the mothers. She told the kids to keep out of other people's gardens but I don't hold out much hope they'll listen to her!

    But what kind of parents allow their kids, at such a tender age, to use such filthy disgusting gutter language? Oh, well, I've said it already, drugged and drunk ones! Ones who are in and out prison every five minutes. I dread to think what it will be like around here in five or ten years time when these little monsters are a bit bigger! Of course I can't blame the kids...they're just behaving the way they've seen their parents behave! All they are to these parents are a way of getting money from child benefit and income support!

    Summer holidays will be with us soon and I really don't relish having to keep a watch all day making sure these kids (altogether there are about 10 of them) keep out of my garden and my daughter's garden. I really can think of better things to do

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

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    Read your post about C.F.H.(children from hell).

    Children of that age are very mischevious.You need to prevent them from entering

    you and your daughters property.Can you get your daughter to buy a lockable

    bolt for the back gate.Perhaps you could get one too.At least this will prevent

    them from getting the back gate open.Do you or your daughter have a pir light

    installed in your back garden.If not maybe you should consider it.The gap

    between your properties needs to be sealed up to prevent the little darlins from

    getting through.



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      As Mr. U says, locking the gate would be adviseable. I'd also stick a strip of carpet grip along the top as well to discourage any more fingers.

      If they persisted, I'd collar one and ask them why they were getting into gardens. If it's with a view to getting into one of your houses then they should be made very aware that you are not ignoring them and that if they try it again then they will be in very serious trouble. A voice of authority and reason seems to be what these kids actually need. It doesn't seem as if they've ever experienced any. Rather than not having any respect for adults, it seems from what you've said that they've never needed to show any - not to their parents anyway. They might just need to be shown that not everyone cares as little about what they get up as their parents and that some adults can actually be a bit scary!


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        Thanks for the replies

        The gap between my daughter's garden and mine is deliberate because it means we can pop in and out of each other's houses with ease and without any nosy neighbours seeing us.

        The idea about a lockable bolt is a good one, I must ask hubby to buy one for her. Thanks Mr.U Btw, what's a pir light? My daughter has those infra red lights at the side and back of her property but this happened in broad daylight so they're not much use

        I've sent an email to the HA about the incident. These families have been warned before but I don't think they care. The HA told a group of neighbours at one point that they would have great difficulty getting a judge to agree to an eviction because there are so many young kids in both families. So basically, they are untouchable I'm reluctant to put a carpet strip on the door because I really wouldn't want to see small kids injured no matter how foul mouthed and badly behaved they are.

        I thought about frightening the bejasus out of them, but knowing my luck I'd end up in court or on the end of a beating from their knuckle dragging parents and their equally simian relations I'll just wait and see if my email gets a response from the HA.

        Thanks again

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi