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  • Ice Cream Vans...

    I feel the need to rant about Ice Cream Vans!

    What is it with them? If they're not out from 9am until 11pm, they are *constantly* playing those ridiculous and repetitive get-on-your-nerves tunes, you know the ones that have you humming them subconsciously for a while until you realise you're doing it?!

    All weathers now it seems - all seasons they are out and about, not an easy job mind you for the driver/seller, but they are so just annoying! I'm sure this has got worse over the last few years and they weren't so predominant before?

    Now is it me, but I thought they weren't allowed to sell/sound jingles etc after a certain time? Can't quite remember.

    Mr Whippy's are nice, noise isn't though!

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    Ah, ice cream vans. They have to cram all their trade into our miserable summer

    I had an idea a while back to run a year round icecream van except, in the winter, I would dispense Smash into a cone topped off with a sausage "flake" instead of icecream. Yumm. Optional gravy topping as well and Paxo instead of nuts.

    I think I'd be on to a winner with that one. I would also do a Seafood variety with a crabstick instead of the sausage and call it "The Smash and Crab". Would anyone like to invest in my venture?

    I agree that the jingle/jangle muzaak isn't very nice though.

    Why are all icecream vans about 30 years old?


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      Originally posted by Jeannie@Jun 23 2003, 11:41 PM

      Why are all icecream vans about 30 years old?
      Good question!

      Do they make new ones? I don't think I've ever seen a new new one?!


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          Oh, you SPECIAL BREW head April


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            but unfortunatly we hear the jingle jangle up to 11pm each night!!

            yes 11pm!!

            why?....and its a school night!!


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              Brings a whole new meaning Badger, on what you can/might get sprinkled on your cone!


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                Originally posted by Badger@Jun 24 2003, 10:47 AM

                It's also the only place where the "jingles" play the tune from the film "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" - adds a sinister Wild West flavour to the streets.

                Do they still sell drugs from the back of some of them?Â* Not personal experience of course, but I did read of some ice cream vans peddling drugs under the cover of selling 99s.
                did you watch any of the "tina goes....." films?

                they were filmed in Leeds and I know a few people who were in them,

                the ice cream van sold drugs from the back

                yes folks it does happen!!

                good bad and ugly are played in Batley too!


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                  you you you cheeky devil!!

                  we are in a completly different area!

                  we are in Kirklees, sounds posher doesn't it!!


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                    It wasn't until I saw this thread that it occurred to me that I've not heard an ice-cream van for ages Well, a couple of months, anyway. Maybe their chimes are broken We used to hear a jangly version of Greensleeves.

                    Never heard The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Badger, must be a Bradford thing. I'll ask my daughter if she ever heard it when she was at Bradford Uni.

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                      Thankfully we're off the main road so the ice cream van noise doesn't bother us.

                      But, this means that if I'm desperate for a 99, with flake, raspberry sauce.... I have to drive to the nearest Council estate, don my bullet proof vest and wait for the van to arrive.


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                        just seen this post about ice cream vans...

                        the ice cream van which comes down my road has become a focal point for my annoyance with our NFH's. it comes into our cu de sac, turns round at the bottom and then stops outside my next door neighbours house (he has sold his house lucky devil) the van does a roaring trade in our road, as you see the NFH's think their little brats are perfect darlings and therefore let them have ice creams everyday, so they swarm out side my house (and next doors) with their ice creams...the last thing i want is for those kids to be near my house when i have been plagued with footie games all afternoon, so i am always on edge when the van is outside, waiting for it to go and for the KFH's to move away....

                        its so ridiculous, I know!!!!!

                        i saw a prog on tv about ice cream vans once, apparently they are made to order in the uk and each one is unique. they cost about 30k to buy (so might explain why the vans are out all hours of the might to make dosh) . they might look ancient, but most of them are very new, as they have to comply with various health and safety regs as you can imagine...arent i a mine of trivia?????

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                          but unfortunatly we hear the jingle jangle up to 11pm each night!!

                          yes 11pm!![/b]

                          Who would want an ice cream at that time anyway?

                          Now, if it were kebabs..........

                          mmmm........... kebabs..............


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                            I fully agree Homer!

                            There is a place not too far from me that does a fantastic kebab. Not in a poxy piece of pitta bread, but a HUGE garlic nan; piles of donner meat, salad and topped with chilli and/or garlic sauce.


                            Goes down smashing after 10 pints of Stella!


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                              I didn't realise they cost so much Annabel! 30K? Yikes!

                              Are they all made with that retro-ice cream van look then?

                              Strange eh!