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  • Summertime

    I'd love to be able to love the summer, hot sunny days, enjoying the peace and quiet! Ha!!

    Yesterday somebody gave the local kids an old sofa to play with. Today the contents of the cushions are spread all over the green! It looks a mess!!

    Today, I've just noticed, they've put a huge paddling pool on the green. It must be about 12 ft. across. Oh, how wonderful it will be later this afternoon when all the local kids see it! Can you imagine? Every kid in the neighbourhood, splashing about, with their water guns. The screams and yells will fill the air!!

    Now I'm not complaining about kids playing, but they have back gardens for pools! These three NFH families think the green is there purely for their use. They don't give a hoot about the noise and the mess and who suffers! Nobody will be able to open their windows to get a breath of fresh air without being assailed by screams of splashing kids! Oh and probably the drunken conversations of their parents! Outside their houses there is usually the mess that they leave behind them. Empty beer cans, pop bottles, crisp wrappers, sweet wrappers etc, etc.

    These people have no consideration for others. They do exactly as they want, when they want, where they want and s*d anybody else! I get so angry that three families and one single bloke can cause so much misery for all the other people living in the green. But everybody else is too scared to say anything. They've been fobbed off so many times over the years, by council, HA and police that they just put up with it. They can't see the point in complaining. I wish I could get it through their heads that unless they complain nothing will be done! Just because nothing happens immediately they think nothing will happen eventually!! Grrrr!!

    I'm looking forward to a great noisy evening!!

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

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    Hi Misty

    I think a lot of members have been finding that Summertime, and the "living is (not) easy".

    A pool that size though is taking it a bit far isn't it? Who's is it? If it were mine I wouldn't want to leave it in some open space where any Tom, Dick or Harriet could use it.

    This past weekend, the residents of a house nearby have had what seems like a 48 hour party in their garden. Music blaring, alcohol, children, shouting, swearing etc.

    I have thought about having a stroll down that street in the cover of darkness dropping a card into the letterboxes.

    Ours was quietish over the weekend (thankfully) and one of the house residents was particularly considerate yesterday, which I thanked them for. Hopefully it may be a sign that reasonableness can win in the end.

    I hear that the weather is going to turn tomorrow/ Wednesday so hopefully you will have some peace and quiet Misty. It's not fair though is it? We should be able to have peace and quiet in our own homes/ gardens and not have to have our lives ruled by rude, arrogant and inconsiderate nfh.

    Wishing you peace.


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      Originally posted by Badger@Jun 16 2003, 3:44 PM

      Husband, "I wonder what the neighbours thought about all this?"

      Wife, "I don't give a damn, we are more important than them.Â* Anyway, it is our house and we can do as we like"
      That just says it all.

      Me, me, me.

      Like you say Badger, there may have been a hint of remorse from the bloke. They should know better.


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        You aint seen me right? (supposed to be working)

        ....... I was thinking the same badger about the hygeine aspect of that pool, but then going back to your other thread about what we all got up to back in the dim dark FANTASTIC seventies...!

        We've had a bit of it here too - a local Biggles flying through over and around property for absolutely ages on Saturday morning and then again on Sunday morning. Different NFH problem - same mindset - I'll do what I like and **** you.

        Well here we are in the good weather and here they are - in all their different guises; kids, music, aeroplanes, DIY, parties.

        I'm opting to stay in and work telling myself sun is bad for the skin anyway, which is where I have to go now.

        Mistey, sorry to hear about the pool - c'mon over to mine and lets moon at the aircraft!!!!!!!!


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          Gawd Blimey Misty - what a cheek they have, now I'm not suggesting you do But, a long sharp pin undercover of night seems to be manifesting itself in my mind, strangely enough at the moment!

          Images of little toddlers and being left to drown in a few inches of water also come to mind.........yikes. Wonder if there's any regulations for this?

          Mhmmmmmm, anyone know?

          Hope they shush up soon Misty.


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            Mistey, sorry to hear about the pool - c'mon over to mine and lets moon at the aircraft!!!!!!!![/b]

            [email protected] I don't know if it was because the River Festival started this weekend but we've had various strange aircraft doing loop-de-loops over the house. I don't mind if I can see them but when they're right overhead the noise is a bit annoying, to say the least

            Had a look out of the window before and there was a gang of smaller kids having a high old time in the pool. Suddenly I felt like Victor Meldrew If it's only the smaller kids it won't be too bad but goodness knows what will happen if the beer drinking adults start

            Talking of beer drinking, I went out for the first time in ages on Saturday night. Met up with some friends from my yahoo trivia club. It was a hoot. We sat in the courtyard of a pub/club, it was almost continental Just shows how long it is since I went out of a night, I was gobsmacked by how busy the city centre was, it was busier than during the day Thousands of people all having a good time Course I had to leave before they went clubbing. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Fantastic to hear about your night out Mistey, it's good to get away isn't it when the problem is all around you. Glad you had a good time.

              I also thought of the very large pin... but then you'll amost defintely be seen. Ho hum - and I had biggles AGAIN doing loop de loop here this afternoon. Three days on the run, I don't know how they dare.


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                Misty, it would be terrible if someone peed in that pool, just a thought.......


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                  Oooo yucky!!!!


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                    [email protected]

                    I expect there have been a few 'whispers' from the kids

                    I stayed in the back of the house so didn't hear too much noise. But I'm just eyeing up this pin

                    Ooh, now I'm mad because they were playing with an old sofa and they've ripped out all the little bits of foam and scattered them all over and dumped the wreck on my daughter's side garden!! Time to bash off another email to the HA

                    Victoria Meldrew aka Misty
                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                      oh dear,i can imagine the noise generated from a twelve foot pool full of the little

                      darlins on a hot summer day.

                      You need to borrow a large old incontinent dog with severe bowel problems and take it for a walk inside this swimming pool late at night.

                      The cold water should loosen things up nicely for the dog concerned.

                      ooohh yuck.


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                        at mrunhappy.

                        My neighbours did a 4am flit last thursday - hurrah they've gone on holiday for at least a week


                        dancing jiggy la la la


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                          Ooo... make the most of it...enjoy your space and life your life.

                          even if its just short respite from them please have fun while you can!!


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                            Hi Misty

                            Last year the NFH put a paddling pool out for her kids, this is despite her having a perfectly adequate back garden. the kids were also allowed to use the NFH's garden hose, which they sprayed all over the place for hours on end. they even got out bin bags, put washing up liquid on them and slid down them. the mess at the end of the day was tremendous and the grass was absolutelysoaked and puddles of mud everywhere.

                            as we live on a private road and have to pay for the upkeep of the road, including all the plants and green areas, i decided to write a letter to the Chair of our residents association, i just felt that using paddling pools, hoses and slidy bin bags on the communal areas wasnt appropriate and that i wouldnt be prepared to have to pay for other people's damage to the grass.

                            i got a letter back saying they couldnt see a problem and in his opinion, such activities made for 'neighbourliness'.!!!!! i am sure that if such 'activities' directly affected his property, he would be out there shouting the odds. i was very disappointed with his attitude. this year the boys have worn away the grass with their incessant football playing, it will need to be reseeded, but i think whats the point in saying anything, obviously i am just a boring old killjoy. good job i am moving house, thats all i can say.

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                              At least I don't have to pay for the upkeep of the green, well except through council tax

                              Actually, I think I over reacted a bit. They've taken the pool in now and there doesn't seem to be much mess. There is however still the mess from the old sofa, bits of foam all over the place.

                              But......the actual sofa was removed from my daughter's side garden first thing this morning by the caretakers from the HA And I got a nice email back from the HA man

                              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi