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Nfh Kid's Birthday

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  • Nfh Kid's Birthday

    Not really a rant !!

    I just observed somthing yesterday it made me think.

    It was the NFH's kids 7 th birthday yesterday,(we know this from all the ostentatious 'look at me' balloons the mother had festooned her house with) I noticed that the little brat was having some kind of party. The interesting thing was that she didnt appear to have any school friends around. It was just the other kids who live on the estate, most of whom are slightly older lads who play incessant football with her brother...I mentioned it to hubby and he said he thought the same last year when it was her friends or even any cousins appeared to have come.

    We have noticed that the NFH's kids have at leat a day off school every other week, often on a Monday or Friday, the mum cant be a**ed to take them to school sometimes, so they are truanting on a regular basis with her consent

    anyway, I just wonder if this KFH actually has any friends at school or whether she is a very unpopular little girl because she is a bully and this is why her mum is so desperate for her to have friends and be top dog on our might explain why she was so aggressive and hostile when i challenged her about her daughter's spiteful behaviour

    am i talking a load of twaddle???

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