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The Sound Of My Nfh

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  • The Sound Of My Nfh

    Hi everyone,

    Want to listen to my NFH doing his usual evening workshop activities? This is my first recording so the quality is not the best. The sound is him using a drill with a woodcutter attached. As we live so close to his garden with our windows only feet away, this activity sounds like it's in the room with you.

    I have setup a mic permanently attached to the computer so with a click of the mouse, I can now make any recordings for evidence when I want! This is just great - when I have some spare time, I may actually set up a website with more sounds and pictures.

    (Small .wav file 95k)

    Peter J.

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    nice one peter!

    If your recording it from your pc in your house, that is a loud noise!

    no wonder they drive you potty!