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Balloonists and their rights over our houses.

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  • Balloonists and their rights over our houses.

    I am seething with anger, I've just had a hissy fit at a b****y baloonist over our property (again)

    Partner gets in a bit early mows the top part of the lawn, I wash the dogs feet (green dogs). We plan to sit outside to relax before seeing the consultant tomorrow (see members only) and what happens? A b***** balloonist is moving verrrrrry slowly at the back of our property. I lose it. after an afternon of a helicopter who thinks is training area is over my house, and a light aircraft doing loop the loop over the property and the forest behind - they even come in the evening. Evening now completely in tatters. I'm so angry I haven't even eaten. I feel sick with rage. I scream and shout, put two fingers up and he moves sloooooowly away towards the forest. I look out of an upstairs window and he's coming back! So I run in and get the video camera and prestend to film him (it wasn't charged up) He was in teh next field for about an hour. During which time, my boyfriends dinner burnt, and I'm in such a state I want to ring up the company and kick butt. As one morning we woke up and it was just above the bedroom window. That's only happened once, and I rang the company, and was told by a prissy woman "It's not an exact science and they're allowed to go anywhere". But you can see our house from the air from way off and it's on it's own on a hill, doesn't that shout out WE WANT OUR PRIVACY.

    Oh how I want to ring them tomorrow and say WHAT ABOUT OUR PRIVACY - WHAT ABOUT OUR RIGHTS TO ENJOY OUR GARDEN - but you know what, they wouldn't give a *****. This company by the way is Richard's Branson's mate - mentioning no names but maybe some people will know.

    Now the dillema - we want to move, we BADLY want to move. Already I have to state complaints about the RAF trainees.

    Do I let them carry on regardless - they're not there a lot, (about the tenth time I've caught this company) but maybe they're out there when we're watching TV or in the morning. They probably are. Or do I fume away and not complain - could I afford another complaint? Or would a phone call to the company constitute a complaint? I'm champing at the bit to ring them, but details will have to be given (they asked for those last time) like address and phone number. It kills me that these people have no care at all when they're in the sky for the people down below. As they know we can't reach them that's why.

    Partner now tensed up after a long day at work. Also my shouting could be heard by the neighbours as it was quiet and I could vaguely hear two kids voices in the distance - they sure could hear me shouting I bet. What a mess.

    I hate this house, I hate it, hate it, hate it. I wish we'd never set eyes on it, it's been nothing but a pain in the bum from day one to now. I have no liking for it whatsoever.

    Is it any wonder I don't want to step out of the door?

    Like mistey, I too felt many times I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up. It's like living through a curse someone has put on me living here. it really is one thing after another. I'm terrified no one will buy it as it's on a bad bend - if we have trouble selling I'm going to nail the RAF with video evidence they won't be able to wriggle out of. What's the point. All I do is struggle through all this ****.

    Soon as I came in, I said I'm going on NFH. As if this wasn't here I'd be crying and screaming with frustration right now.

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    Spinky, I've had days like this myself, when it all just builds up and everything else that has happened in the past comes back too. My way of looking at it is to see my emotional reaction as a passing phase. I try and do something else, music on headphones etc just till the chemicals dilute in the blood stream.

    At the moment I'm still waiting to move away from my hated house, I've got to go before its rented out to more idiots. Have lost 3 buyers through bad luck, got a solid one now but am tense because the people who own the house I want to buy have been waiting 4 months for me! Aghhh drivs me wild.

    Take care of yourself


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      Ooooh, Spinky, I could cry for you As if you don't have enough on your plate already with your health, this is NOT going to do you any good at all. As if you needed telling that!!!

      I think everybody with NFH dreams of living in a house like yours, set on it own hill, set apart, it sounds like bliss. But even there you get it!! It's just not ******* fair!!

      Now you're caught in the dilemma of complaining or not. I think if you are determined to go, then don't make an official complaint. Of course there are some people who might think having ********* hovering over them is exciting, or who might like the occasional balloon floating over. People are strange creatures!

      For your own peace of mind and for the sake of your health, I think if you can, move as soon as possible.

      Good luck for tomorrow, I'm still sending positive thoughts

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Spinky, one of those days! It must just feel like the whole world is ganging up on you. You're not alone though. Round here it seems like a warm evening is an excuse for everyone to be outside yelling. It's like a mad house. As soon as I opened the back door all I could hear was screaming kids, yelling parents, endless thumping car stereos doing their pointless round and round drive-bys, clattering plates after noisy barbecues and dogs barking. It was horrendous. You'd think some people had never seen sun before!

        Still a few people outside now but quietened down enormously so can enjoy a quiet fag and a cuppa on the patio in peace. So I thought. Went to put some rubbish in the bin in the shed 15 minutes ago and saw that Meercat is stood on his bridge watching me! It's effing pitch black and he's still on his bridge! I just wanted to lob a brick at him and yell "what IS your problem!!!!"

        I can't relax either. Straight onto NFH website to calm nerves.

        With regards to your ballooning I heard somewhere that you legally owned all of the airspace above your house into space effectively. I bet there's some whacky law out there that prevents a balloon hovering over your property for too long. Probably can't do much about the planes though. I will have a nose around the law books tomorrow if I can. You never know .

        Anyway, hope you've had something to eat. Have you ever tried Bach's Rescue Remedy? Comes in little bottles. You put a couple of drops on your tongue and it really helps. It just takes away that knotted feeling in your stomach so you can eat. The effect wears off after a while but it's an idea to mix some in a glass of water and just sip it to keep the tummy settled. Recommend it for stressful/nervous situations.



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          Round here it seems like a warm evening is an excuse for everyone to be outside yelling. It's like a mad house.[/b]

          We had some of that here this afternoon! Yob next door had his windows wide open, music blasting, all his mates on the front path. Then they decide to have a water fight! They were running up and down my path and on my garden, trying to hurl huge bowls of water over each other. The noise was horrendous, so I retreated up into the back bedroom. These weren't all kids either, some of them were adults!!


          Thanks for that tip about the bach rescue remedy. I'd heard about it but didn't know what it was exactly. I'll send hubby to Boots tomorrow

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            If you want to stay, I'd make the biggest fuss ever.

            Write the MOD, The Home Office, Tony Blair, and ALL of the real nasty tabloids who sensationalise this. Play on your illness (its horrible I know, but its horrible for you every day), what with the Iraq war etc., this might be an ideal time to just fire off an email/letter to those journalists about the trauma of your own.

            Might be worth a try, but only if you're staying - would quite possibly p**s the RAF off tremendously!!!

            keep the faith spinky


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              It's a complete invasion of privacy for you spinky and it must be awful not knowing what is going to fly past your windows and when.

              You really don't need this added stress at the moment.

              If you are going ahead with selling and you decision on that is final, then I wouldn't make any further complaints, I would just get out as quickly as possible with the least fuss as possible. Move on from where you are to something that is better for you.

              Went to a lovely open farm last weekend and fed loads of lovely animals: pygmy goats, goats, pigs and piglets, birds, horses, donkeys, guinea pigs and all sorts of other lovely and cute creatures. How I would love to live somewhere like that farm. It really was a gorgeous place (unfortunately there were loads of visitors, so I bet the people who live there can't stand it).

              You will move on from this spinky, bide your time, keep safe and sane and take good care of yourself.


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                Thanks everyone. I can't even bear to think of these **** at the minute, but will be back to reply soon. Just want you to know I'm not ignoring my replies.