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Fed Up over NFH

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  • Fed Up over NFH

    We had the Sunday from hell with our neighbour's, i'm so depressed it's all happening again and incredibly wound up BY IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last week we wrote back to NFH (they accusused us of Harassment); we explained we were monitoring and taking steps regarding the antisocial and disturbing noise coming through our ceiling, that the only noise we have ever made to them is to let them know when it has been pro-longed and unreasonable above our head's after we have tried on several occasions to speak to them directly and tried to resolve the issue amicably. They have chosen not to respect or tried to reasonably contain the noise and that we too are entitled to live in our home without unreasonable disturbance from them - so all went quiet upstairs Weds to Sat.

    We also wrote to their LL with specific examples of the disturbance on Weds, we are still waiting a reply.

    We knew the peace wouldn't last, it started again yest (Sunday) at lunchtime. We had the kids running backwards and forwards over our heads for hours, they were thumping, banging, crying from lunchtime until 9.45pm. Our ceiling was actually vibrating, the washing up in the kistchen was vibrating. Then, kids stop 9.45pm and the sawing started with drilling and banging at 9.48pm.

    Is This Reasonable????? Are they making normal noise?????

    my partner wanted to bang on the ceiling to get them to stop and let them know it was LOUD and non stop, but i stopped him, saying we should contact the LL again, but having seen your replies to poster who thinks they are being harassed, I now can't see the point?

    I can see why my partner wants to do it, I ended up with a knot in my tummy and a headache from sitting taking this cr*p while they just carry on. I feel like our hands are tied. What else can we do to deal with this? Should I let him let rip? (we are looking into moving, it depends on how much we can borrow obviously and the market has gone flat around our way, properties are not selling, plus how do we sell it when people come round to look at the property and hear that above their heads?).

    This morning, for some unknown reason our stereo alarm came on at 6.30am (time I get up but I use phone alarm not stereo), we both jumped going whats that! I ran out of bed to turn it off immediately, must have been on 30 seconds. I got ready for work in the kitchen as partner went back to sleep as he is working nights. Next thing, partner appears in kitchen asking who was ringing the doorbell? I can't hear the doorbell in the kitchen as the door to the lounge is shut trying to contain the noise from waking up partner. It wasn't the postman as no card has been left, so was it upstairs NHF ringing to complain about the stereo?

    I feel like I am going mad cos there is NOTHING we can do to stop upstairs from driving us mad with their constant banging and yet they get on to us with one thing that lasted 30 seconds. I can't concentrate on my work I am so wound up this morning.

    A friend has suggested giving it a week then going back upstairs and saying about problem again and pointing out to them the noise disturbance from the logs and say we have not done anything to disturb you. Is it worth it? I can tell you the answer they will give already, we hear it everytime. What Can I Do, I've Got Kids. They don't saw and drill at 10 at night do they????????

    Someone please give me some hope here, we feel like 2 lemons sitting taking this cr*p. I'm sorry, I just feel this morning I can't take anymore of this.



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    oh Scotty,

    I know that feeling of knots in your tummy and the stress headaches.

    you are right, it is not reasonable to make so much noise and you need to contact EHO. if only for you rpeace of mind.

    unfortunatly if you dont do any thing the noise will remain.

    but today, why dont you go out and do something nice.

    meet a friend for luch go shoppping or swimming or for a picnic in the park.

    get out of the house for a while and have some you time. it does help to thing about the situation away from the situation.

    good luck


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      Hi Scotty

      I have just read your original post "NFH accusing us!", can I just check with you that you have gone back to that and read the replies there?

      Your upstairs neighbours are unreasonable. The noise they are making sounds like a 'statutory nuisance' as such, you need to make notes of when it happens and my advice to you would be to contact the Environmental Health Services in your area and make an official complaint.

      I'm sorry that you are feeling ill over this, it is a common problem - knots in the tummy, feeling sick, weepy, not knowing what to do for the best. I've been there too, so you are not alone.

      Beth is right, you need to try and get out and do nice things for you. You may also want to have a chat to your doctor about how you're feeling, they may be able to give you something for your symptoms.

      Come back often and let us know how you're getting on.


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        Hi All,

        Thanks for your replies, yes, we have read your responses and taking notice of the advice. I have trawled every inch of the site.

        We were trying to go through the stages:

        - contact their LL, wait for reply for 1 week (which will be this Thurs).

        - If no reply, and/or depending on LL reply, then contact our Leasehold LL and keep contacting upstairs LL and Leaseholder LL with logs and complaints on at least a weekly basis, possibly writing solicitor's letter to both LL's.

        - Contact EHO as last option

        (if contacting EHO goes nowhere we still have to live with them until we can sell, and then have to declare the problem to buyer, it's made us wary of doing this unless last resort. Plus it has helped you saying it IS unreasonable noise, we thought cos it's children EHO would not want to know or give us help with this).

        Should we also continue complaining directly to upstairs? We also didn't want to threaten contacting EHO or whoever and then not going through with it , but we have got to get tougher, and perhaps cut the timescales!

        They had been quiet up until yest. tho' we knew it wasn't going to last.

        We will be acting on your advice, you really are helping us in knowing what to do next. We have not been sure of our rights, what is the best way of dealing with the problem, or how to say things, thanks for all your tips.

        I didn't want to make things worse for us by partner going mad at upstairs before we get LL reply but think I'm holding back too much! I know he is going to let rip soon as they really are taking the you know what out of us now. We have not been sure how to tackle it without causing further provocation from upstairs, (if thats possible, I doubt it). I think from tone of upstairs letter to us they are enjoying it and feel they have all the rights.

        I'm starting to relax as at work this morning (takes your mind of it)and writing on here has helped Let. It. All. Out! which is what I needed! I know they shouldn't get to me but nearly 8 hours of relentless noise on your head would drive anyone nuts and not giving any of it back is friggin frustrating!

        We will be moving forward this week, I'll keep you updated and no doubt be back asking what do we do next! And ranting when I can't stand the noise anymore!




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          Hi Scotty

          Glad you feel the Forum is helping you, it did me too.

          In terms of complaining to your neighbour again, it probably isn't going to get you anywhere. Unless you give it one more go - explain again what their behaviour is doing (i.e. vibrations in kitchen is a good example) and say to them that if it continues, you are intending to make a formal complaint to the EH dept.

          Then do it. Personally, I wouldn't speak to your nfh again. From what you have said, it seems they will not be bothered by you saying you are going to complain to EH dept.

          Noise in any form can be a statutory nuisance if it is at a certain level and/or at a ridiculous time. This includes children, so don't worry there.

          It is very easy to get riled up by nfh and I know it's easier said than done, but don't let them get to you. If you feel like you need to vent steam, start thumping cushions hard ! and come back here to rant.

          Good luck.


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            Hi Scotty,

            I'm really sorry to hear the noise has started up again. After recent events next door to me I can sympathise with you over the knots in the stomach.

            I wish I could remember the details but there was a case of somebody who lost money on the sale of their home because of a NFH. They sued successfully to reclaim the difference from their NFH. Perhaps you could hint to your NFH landlord that you are thinking of doing the same should you be forced to bring in the EHO and have to declare so to any potential buyers. Only this time you will be suing a landlord who is allowing his tenants to become a nuisance. I don't know if you can actually do that but it might prompt him to do something.

            In the meantime, good luck and I hope the NFH can keep their noise down

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Hi Scotty,

              bad news indeed!!

              think that you should continue to complain to upstairs and personally I would.

              As long as you ' keep the heid' and dont become confrontational then , yes, let them know exactly where they stand!!

              As for the DIY din late at night surely this is an offence that is being commited. chase it up!!

              Telephone your community police officer and ask for his advice.


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                I'm in almost identical situation to Scotty. 2 young kids, 2 years old & 8 years old.

                I've been enduring for the past 3 years and I am coming to end of tether here. REALLY HAD ENOUGH!!!!

                The only difference being, they laid wooden floors without any sound proofing and the problem started then.

                Letter has gone backs and forwards to the council(LL) and EOH but got nowhere. They are ABSOLUTELY useless. Quite right about the 'penpushers'. EOH and the council mentioned about the monitoring machine but they never arrived. Anyway, my NFH would keep it quite for that two weeks. She always does, whenever I have workman visiting, it goes quiet. Dairy I kept are completely useless, produced them time and time. I think it's the council's way to bite the time cos if they say, we need another fresh records, they can fob me off for another month or so.

                NFH is saying, I've been malicious by compalining about it but I am also having a sleepless night because, she deliberately bangs on the floor at 3am, 5am in the morning and I am very tired.

                I work from home and I cannot concentrate. My health has suffered.

                Hide behind:

                Some people hide their inability or unwillingness to behave reasonably with the "they are kids, that's what kids do".[/b]

                The boy only went to school 4 days last week (off sick apparently, but didn't stop him making racket!) and today, he's not gone back to school either, probably half-term...

                I was homeless before and it was hard work to be where I am now but I am considering of going back on the street. The street seem more attractive. Just pack a bag and no care for anything else!

                I'm so depressed, tired and .... I'm hearing thumb and bang right now...


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                  Hello Sky,

                  Just wanted to send you a reply, as we are still going through it (i'm back on ask for help board). I know how you are feeling. I got woken up at 5.45am this morning, upstairs slamming their bedroom door, they all went back to bed for the rest of the day and I had to get up 6.30am and commute to work, Cheers!

                  Try and try to hang on in there. Are you an owner, privately renting or renting through the council or a housing association? There are always options whatever situation you are in. Think of everything you have achieved to get where you are now and hang onto that. Going back on the streets, you would have to start all over again. Even tho' you might have to start over again from where you are now e.g. sell up, rent somewhere else, it will be easier from the position you are now in. Believe in that and remember how strong you can be.

                  I have good days and very very bad days (so does partner) when I can't take it anymore and I can't fight anymore, you sound on one of those right now. I am back on a good day cos I am at work, out of the house and the sun is shining - and that's when you have to pick yourself up and start working on positive things, things you CAN do.

                  You can complain if you think the Environ team are not doing any good, should be on a council web site or Gov. web site advising how to do this? Some people on here have written to their MP, local councillor with good effect, some with their housing asso's and some with councils.

                  What has helped me a tiny bit is planning what we are going to do to get out of this (even though I'm boiling inside at being forced to sell our first home which we actually love - and probably cancel wedding plans) cos of people who have no thought or respect for anyone other than themselves.

                  It doesn't matter how long it takes, even if it's years to save up the money to move (or e.g. rent somewhere else or rent out your own place then rent somewhere else), knowing you are working towards it is a BIG help. We are on a financial plan now and that's helping us focus (on good days only!). We have started looking at area's we can try and afford to buy (not many!) and we are going to work towards that, however long it takes.

                  Get support from your best friends, partner, family etc. Do nice things for yourself out of the home if you have to, make you life as nice as you can and think s*d You NFH and know you are a better person than they will ever be. AND MAKE YOUR PLANS. Write them down, work out how you can get away, or keep fighting if that is what you choose to do. Don't try and do any of it on a bad day, you have no energy and will not be able to see anything positive. When you get back on a good day (and you will, even for an hour or two) get out your plan and give it another go there and then, it will give you hope and something to work towards.

                  I think things do change in life, they don't stand still and this is just one phase, it won't last forever (it had better not!). Have you also heard the saying, what goes around comes around? My mum is a big believer.

                  This board is good for help and advice, encouragement and sounding off when you can't take it anymore. Another one I found that offer's great support no matter what your problem is (and make's you laugh at times) is The people on there are so supportive. There are better times out there, there are nice people out there, they will come to you.

                  Wish I could think of something better to say to help you as you sound so low. Find those good times however small they might be at the mo, get out of the home as often as you can and do something you enjoy, make your plan, have great friends (cyber or otherwise) and think to your neighbours Up Your's! You can and will make it better for you in the end. I'm repeating myself but make your plan, look into all the information you can to try and make it work (no matter how long it takes) and start to work towards it.

                  Good job you got me on a good day!!!! and believe me, I know the sinking feeling at the thought of going home, I was still at my desk 6.30pm last night and I didn't feel so great at 5.45am this morning but I've found a bright spot just now, you can too.

                  sending best wishes to you, hang on in there, be strong.



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                    Hello, I just wanted to make contact with you. I can offer no advice like others on these boards - as I'm a bit of a cynic regarding the current process of getting help. However, the choice is to do nothing so no choice at all really. for some people going down the proper channels and being dogged enough to see it through will work - lets hope it does for you.

                    In another world we could pick up the phone and have a good old moan and rant. Just talking to someone when it's all going on helps. This morning I was in tears but soemhow I've pulled things back and even took the dogs out and about to do a bit of exercise - don't know how I did it - I think my problems got to such a pitch that I thought **** the lot of you, I'm getting on with things today. So after the tears I got down and caught up with a few things. in my mind at that moment were the people i read about on here, the people also going through their version of hell and somehow, that feeling of not being on my own and that I could come back here and answer a few posts from people in similar situations - even if to talk about Big brother - brought me round a bit. It's the isolation that's the killer. Well here, you're not isolated, you're here with people in exactly the same boat who understand in a way no-one who hasn't been through it could.

                    I'm hoping that after we've moved, I can be a bit more pro active and more helpfull and repay some of the kindness I've received.

                    How about a glass of chilled or a night out? I often used to lose my self in books. Years ago when people used to say that to me, I thought;'What do they know? I still have to come back to this ****** house!' It was almost like an insult, but getting away from this house does work for me, I feel freer and even get some of my creativity back when I'm away from it.

                    Sending you virtual big hugs. You're not alone.


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                      My view is, you worked hard and were determined enough to get yourself off the street and into good accommodation - gold medal. I agree with the others, start planning, both financially if you can and strategically (eg. how to get out of there if you want, or how to tackle this problem). Do NOT go back onto the street, the NFH wins hands down. You've been brave, wise and considerate - it didn't work.

                      You've already made significant steps towards a better life. Now you need to plan for the next phase - and how you're gonna get there. I know its a different situation, and doesnt really compare, but I'm selling my house with no real security or place of my own to live (I'll be lodging with a friend for a while) - this scares the hell out of me too, but I'm trying to focus on how a better life can come out of all of this in the future. You can do this too, stay strong, come back here often, you know we understand.