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Supermarkets and pushy people

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  • Supermarkets and pushy people

    I know we all have our NFH to deal with in our home environment, but has anyone noticed just how rude people in the outside world can be?

    My pet hate is the supermarket. There is a supermarket (there's an oxymoron if ever I heard one) next door to where I work, so it's handy for the odd bit of shopping.

    On shopping there today I encountered that shopper syndrome peculiar to supermarkets - that being that, if I'm stood patiently in the queue, the person behind thinks it's perfectly acceptable to keep nudging me in the backside with their trolley. I am baffled as to the reasons for this. Are they hoping that, eventually, they'll just keep nudging me along until I pass the checkout without unloading my basket? That I'll just give up in my effort to buy a box of tea bags? I have my space invaded like this all the time. They're not content when you do get to the checkout either. I constantly find myself trying to pack bags when the person behind has moved right up beside me - past the checkout girl even. This results in a quizzical look from me and, on a couple of occasions, I've asked if they're offering to pay for me since they're so desperate to be exactly in the spot where I'm stood.

    Today, however, I also encountered the famous "Checkout Race". That is to try and bag all my things up before the lovely little checkout person starts piling through nudgie's stuff and I end up fishing Odor Eaters and sardines out of my things.

    Grrrr. It does annoy me that people don't seem to give you space anymore. People standing right behind me at cash machines are also a pest.

    Moan off chest. Back to the grindstone!

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    I know what you mean. I don't know how much of it is to with how intimadating you look though. Sad that you have to look intimadating to preserve some personal space, but there you go...modern living...

    I find that when I go out to the supermarket (or on the train, etc) in trainers and am just your average heighted woman I get pushed and shoved no end. But when I put on REALLY big boots and tower over people I get all the space I want... strange but true...
    You go to Heaven once you've been to Hell" - Leonard Cohen, 'Paper Thin Hotel' - here's hoping he's right...


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      I have no huge boots

      Could do an enormous beehive though


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        Supermarkets are bad. My pet hate there is when you are packing your bags (still loads of stuff left to pack), they ask you for your signature, so you stop packing, sign, get your receipt (whilst half packing) and then the cashier starts passing stuff through for the next person who is jostling bags and their own shopping whilst you're still trying to pack your own.

        I try and do nice things at supermarkets to make me feel happier there. At a local one once a child behind me was getting frustrated as they wanted a go on one of the in-store rides, the mother was flustered and said she didn't have 20p for the child. I gave the 20p, the child was happy and the mother very kindly helped packing my shopping. Happy Shoppers!

        This was probably after I'd watched "Pay it Forward" - it worked!


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          You Good Samaritan Holly. I remember a quote from Jack Dee, he said "why do people always take their children to supermarkets to smack them?".

          Very true.


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            Very annoying that!

            I get really irritated with those people that just have to barge past you while your paying, you know the ones, they squeeze behind you to use your aisle as an exit............

            Then there's the ones behind you huffing because they have to wait (they didn't have to choose your aisle after all, did they?!)........

            Then there's the ones behind you that can't wait to get their shopping on, they mix it up with yours. Also the people that try to push you out of the checkout as your paying/loading your shopping up and you haven't quite finished and they've started!

            I could go on for ages with this one......................!


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              Originally posted by Badger@Apr 29 2003, 3:25 PM

              it's grim oop north
              Aye Lad, thy's talking nowt of nowt there.


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                When I was housebound with my fractured ankle, I discovered the joys of online supermarket shopping. Fantastic! They brought everything: even fags, mags and booze! And if you were wise, you could usually get the £5 delivery charge knocked off.

                But, after a while, you do get withdrawal sysmptoms and need to head back to the supermarket for the joys of trolleys and irate customers!


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                  What a subject - WHAT A SUBJECT!!!!! Just as I was about to do some stomach exercises (Jeanie I blame you if I don't get in those trousers on Saturday)

                  My fella hates it when the customer behind comes right up behind him when he's packing and trying to sign the credit card slip.

                  I get really desperate with frustration when the person in front (it's happened a few times) - doesn't pack at all!!!!!!!!! Not at all!!!!!! Until it's all been added up!!! Then they have a great dramatic fumble getting wallet - then pay - then pack!!!!!! So we all have to wait while they then decide to pack!

                  Also the people who can see there's a queue building up similar to Russia in the forties and they take all the time in the world to pack, discuss every item with the check out person and then take five years to put card in wallet, wallet in bag, etc etc.

                  Now, I mind none of this - IF THEY MOVED TO THE END WHILE DOING IT!!!!!!! NOT BLOCKING THE WHOLE AISLE!!!!!!!!!

                  Phew. Other than that I enjoy shopping!


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                    This neighbour jealousy thing defeats me, as I've never had it and can't understand it in any way. How can anyone be jealous of someone getting shopping delivered? That one is way beyond my mental capabilities.

                    As a kid we had shopping delivered every Thursday from the Co op! It was normal then, most people had it, no extra charge or anything. Used to love Thursdays!!!

                    We could have on line shopping and there will be a day when we'll use it I guess, but we prefer to go out and get it ourselves as there are things on offer/meal changes, all sorts of things going on that wouldn't make it feasible.


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                      Originally posted by spinkysay@Apr 29 2003, 6:14 PM

                      we prefer to go out and get it ourselves as there are things on offer/meal changes, all sorts of things going on that wouldn't make it feasible.
                      Spinky, that's the joy of online shopping - you still get all the offers! And, if they can't find something you've asked for, they'll bring a substitute.

                      It's like Christmas all again, except you can specify the day and the time!


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                        Ah but are they going to decide which face cream is going to make me look twenty years younger this week? Or pick up all the two for one offers that aren't on my list? Or how about that two minute decision at the fresh cake counter? Or the new crisp flavours, or which Chardonnay, which Chablis... and how about the things you don't even know the names of like the grey scourer thingys?! - What's a substitute for fresh leeks for example or seedless grapes????!!!!!!!


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                          Guess what - I'm going to give it a go! Will discuss it with boyfie tonight! Will do a consumer report for you! It's just when, as a few things are happening, but will definitely do it!!


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                            Originally posted by hollygolightly@Apr 29 2003, 5:41 PM

                            And if you were wise, you could usually get the £5 delivery charge knocked off.
                            How did you manage that Holly?


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                              Well I've got to agree with everyone here as I work in a very large supermarket. If you think pushing a trolley round is tough try pulling cages of videos and tv's through them. People will walk backwards out in front of you, try to beat you through a small gap, let their kids wander around like its a school playing field aghhhhhhhh!, don't get me started on the poeple who have no lives but wander around looking for pricing errors so that they can complain, shout and make people's lives hell........ and all for 5p! Must stop now, frothing at the mouth. I must add that there are lots of nice people too!