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Slowly, but thoroughly being driven to distraction

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  • Slowly, but thoroughly being driven to distraction

    Hello fellow sufferers. I`ve been a member on here for quite a few years, but now I really, really need to rant and moan before I explode!

    I moved out of my last house, which was mid-terraced because I had noise from both sides, and it was a very scabby area, so nothing to stay for so I sold up and got out. I then moved out of the city into a small town about 12 miles away where I thought everything was going to be rosy..............

    Now, it`s not the efforts of one neighbour in particular, but an accumulation of noise from all of them, and the road that runs behind. I`m just sick to death of NOISE, NOISE, and more NOISE. I`ll start with the road (yes I know it was there before me), but over the last 6 years it has got worse, and worse. When I first moved here it would always go quiet from late evening until the next morning - no problem. Now it`s 24/7, lorries, buses, noisy bikes on Sundays (don`t get me started!), and my biggest pet hate, from nearly every other bloody car........BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. I can`t sit in the garden, that`s a no brainer, can`t have windows open, gardening is meant to be relaxing - not here it isn`t!!

    As for my actual neighbours, I have a semi detached house in horse shoe shaped cul de sac, and the lot of them are as bad as each other. Every waking hour it`s power tools - vacuum cleaners, leaf blowers, drills, angle grinders, jet washes, sawing, hammering etc etc etc and the list goes on. Next is cars, from 6am usually the first car doors start slamming, and my immediate neighbour always starts his car with foot to the floor and has to rev the crap out of it for about 5 minutes, their son is the boy racer type, again with the monotonous THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP blaring out of it for all hours. Then, if they feel like a late night party, then have one, stuff anybody who might be trying to sleep.

    Next 2 doors up there is another bloke who has an old car with a noisy exhaust, which he backs out of the garage every Saturday and spends the whole day revving it, he doesn`t go anywhere in it, just revs the ****ing thing!!

    Got 2 houses across the road with non-stop dogs barking just to add to the bliss....

    To keep my sanity, I keep going out in the car and just find quiet places to park up and sit, such as river banks etc. I would rather sit there in the cold and dark than be at home, and if I can do overtime I will, as work is far more peaceful than home. I`d really love to move, but I love my actual house, even though I`m not allowed to enjoy it. I can`t help feeling though that I`m not going to learn to tolerate the constant din, and will end up moving anyway.

    What do you people think? Am I over-reacting and should shut up and put up? Or would you consider moving?

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    I think I can see why there aren't any responses to your post. Everyone feels they've seen it too late. You haven't had a particular problem with a neighbour, it's with the neighbourhood. If you can, move. I would move if it was possible as would loads of others on this site. Sometimes it's just not possible. If you love your house but can't enjoy, what's the point in staying?