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Cat's Poo a nuisance

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  • Cat's Poo a nuisance

    Fancy a moan today as we have cat's s..t on top of our pea shingle :angry: I have cleared it twice this week already :banghead:

    We have crazy paving on part of front garden and on top of this we have created a gravel garden where I intend to put miniature shrubs in pots on top of the pea shingle This is situated in front of house/bay window and has also been done for secutrity reasons (it makes a lovely noise if anyone like NFH walks across it). My only problem and this is a big one to us as we do not have cats as I am allergic to them big time; they are ok at a distance but not in my garden! I would never hurt an animal. I am at a loss because there are two cats that insist on using the pea shingle as a litter tray :angry: however they have never buried their excrement and always leave it on top of where they drop it :banghead: We have had it on paving slabs; grass; pea shingle etc :angry: I have tried the powder form but the rain washes that away; I have tried pellets but they get used to that. My question is: does anyone out there have a suggestion of how to stop the anti-social behaviour of these two cats? We wouldn't have to have this pea shingle down if it wasn't for the NFH trespassing!!!

    Hope someone can come up with something I haven't yet tried - don't like moaning over something so trivial - but it is right in front of our window and it does smell :rant:


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    We had a thread about this somewhere and lion dung and orange peel, etc (yes, honest!) - maybe someone can find it and post it! :lol:


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      yeah lion poo.....its in animal welfare....


      actually there are several threads about cat poo in the animal welfare section, you might be able to find something there to help

      good luck with that!!


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        Buy one of those garden things that send signals, that only animals can hear when they walk past it. Put a cat onament near by, maybe it will confuse the cat, and scare it away. You could try putting cat nip in a area, of your choice and maybe it will stay near that area. What about the small border fench stuff.



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          I think that once a cat finds a spot to do his business it is quite hard to get them to change their habits...they have 'scented' it to their liking. My garden also has gravel in it and my cats do poop in it. i am thinking i will clear the whole lot of gravel away and replace it with larger pebbles...i think they wont like scratching around it that and maybe find somewhere else to poop...

          i dont think these deterrents work very well, and as for lions dung...well, do me a favour...what will that smell like??????????? :lol:

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            Give this a try - Get some empty large lemonade bottles and fill them with water and leave them around the area that the cat is going. I dont know why this can sometimes work but its worth a try. Hope it works for you - nothing worse than cat poo. :blink:


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              Problem is cats are taught to use litter trays, so when some kind human provides them with a giant outdoor litter tray they give a sigh of relief and say: "Thanks, human!"


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                Thanx for all your replies and thoughts; I had heard of the lion dung but thought it was a "wind up" at first!!! Sounds a good idea though :errrm:

                No signs of the "cat poo" today; but mind you it has been and still is raining and very windy today - aren't cat's "fair weather" animals?:unsure:

                The water pistol idea is also great; we do have one of those high powered ones near our back door and if a cat is in the garden we fire it in the air so it "rains" down on the cat; it soon leaves the garden and birds alone. However, I don't think I fancy sitting up all night on watch as these two cats are prowling about at around 03:00am :wacko: We know this as NFH woke us up at this time one morning and when we looked out because there was a terrific noise their cats were patrolling around the gravel area and lo and behold there were mounds of it that morning

                Thankx also for your thought "neighboured"; it would appear we have been kind to the cats; we must have the word "GUM" on our foreheads


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                  Hi Omega,

                  Just as a follow-up to the orange peel tip, we had a cat which had made himself very comfortable in one corner of our back garden (he was becoming a real pest). I couldn't put anything down that was too severe (as I have a toddler and keep rabbits) but the orange peel really did work, and almost immediately. He came back once, so I put more peel down, and he's not been back since.

                  You could always buy some pure orange oil and try sprinkling it around (it would last longer than the pepper). It also smells really nice.

                  It worked for me

                  Blue Cow


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                    I know you said you tried this without success, but I used some pellets (green in colour, can't remember the brand) and they worked for me. Also, I must admit that when I see a cat in the garden I bellow at it and wave my arms - not sure if this makes much difference, but it makes me feel better


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                      I've got one of those "ultrasonic" cat repellers and it does work - not had a single cat messing in my back garden since I put it in. 25 quid well spent!

                      Now if only you could get an ultrasonic NFH repellent... :thumbs:



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                        Now if only you could get an ultrasonic NFH repellent...

                        Well you'd be able to charge more than 25 quid for it for a start (but may have a large order backlog from this site!)


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                          NFH repellant wow that's sounds superb!!

                          We too have been looking at these but the only one's we have found have been £39.99 plus p&p making it nearly £50.00!!! Where did you get yours from do you remember, please???

                          Today I have invested £4.00 in buying some green garden netting that you put over plants to stop birds pecking seeds etc. This we plan to put over the stones and then put the large plant pots on them

                          Will see if that works; I don't think cats will be able to walk on it because of their claws catching in the net. Probably wake up next morning with half the area's cats stuck in the net!!!!

                          Thanks for all your recommendations; I still think the NFH repellant is an excellent idea; anyone out there got the formula???




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                            Now don't laugh - this is a serious and it works.

                            If you are only 5 foot tall and weigh in at 6 stone and you are confronted with a 6 foot tall adversary - how do you feel inside?

                            Right so we have the ‘fear’ element of you brain functional....

                            Go to your local Zoo and to the - big cats - ask the handlers nicely if you can have a big bag of big cat poo and some scented bedding.

                            This works.

                            Scares the living daylights out of anything carnivorous or territorial that wants to scent, poo, pee, mate or anything else in your garden.

                            Don't snigger - I used this when I lived in London and it was a tip given to me by a shepherd - they use it to keep foxes away from lambs.

                            So, if you are a humble domesticated moggy and you smell big cat poo - what does your senses tell you to do - precisely - RUN!
                            Whatever you may be sure of, be sure of this, you are dreadfully like other people.


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                              Hi there

                              Thanx for all your advice! It has certainly made me smile reading all your answers :hihi:

                              Just an update on the green netting which we put down; it seemed to stop the particular car leaving his calling card until it discovered that the netting didn't quite go to the edges; so it left it's calling card around the edges :banghead: :rant:

                              However, to try and outsmart the cat we cleaned it all up (boy does it smell!) and put large pebbles all around the edges to hold the green netting in place; that'll stop him :thumbs: Wrong :badmood: it s**t on the netting TWICE :banghead:

                              Well today we have had delivered an ultrasonic cat scarer I found for sale on the internet; ordered it Saturday received it today - how's that for service!!

                              Now all we have to do is install it and sit back and wait and see

                              Will keep you posted; hopefully we will have a s**t free zone soon!!