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  • Makes me wonder

    Coming home today there was a car in front of me, a new one at that too. With two baseball caps driving it.

    I wanted to turn right and just as i was indicating they started swerving in and out of both lanes and eventually jumped in front of me. Okay let em....anyway as we turned in the next road they kept slamming their brakes on and wheel burning (is that what its called) then, they decided to stop and were talking to someone on the opposite side of the road. By this time there was a huge queue of traffic and people were beeping, and I AM the one behind them!!!!

    They then decided to snail along the road, speed off, slam the brakes on, speed on and weave in and out of cars. As we got to the traffic lights (me still the direct one behind them) they get out their thoughts were oh **** central locking on he then gets his phone and shouts my reg number out, comes up to my car so i just picked my phone up off seat ready to dial 999 he then stands there shouting and pointing at me "got your ******* number b*tch"!!!! They both get back in the car (didnt see what the other was doing during all this) and slowly drive up the hill and then sped off. I decided to take another turn down another road as I didn't want 'em to see which way I was actually going.

    I have never seen these people before in my life and I certainly don't want to see them again.

    What got me was, the light had changed to green by then the people in the other lane just drove off and NO ONE in the queue of traffic made a sound and no one tried to help.

    ITS SO DAMN ANNOYING that it is not safe anymore......

    Came home and thought Why me? I didn't deserve that? What next?

    Or maybe its something to do with the fact the VIN number stamped on my windows (the security etching) is (will type words cause I think the numbers are jinxing me) six then another six and then another six!!!!

    What is happening to people? :angry: :banghead:

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    How scary was that? I'd have been petrified.

    Did you manage to get to make/model of the car and the registration? Whatever bits of information you can remember write them all down NOW! Ring or visit the Police with this information, please.

    :angry: How dare they.


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      There are too many violent and aggressive people out there who think they can harrass other people at the 'drop of a hat', even vandalise property and attack and kill people 'just because' they think they have a right to.

      Howard:"You wanna be careful, before you know it you'll wake up in a bush singing songs about brooms"

      Vince:"You don't know anything about me. Do you know anything about me?"

      Howard:"I know...of you"

      Vince:"Yeah, well, if you knew me you'd know that I don't sing songs about brooms...I sing songs about love...

      Lovely lady with the eye

      Lovely lady with the eye

      You've only got one but it's a good one

      Lovely lady with the eye, the eye, the eye, the eye, the eye

      coming forward on a string, thats not normal, urgh

      Yeah! I'm in a band..."


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        That is the thing that scared me MORE....the fact that I have never seen these (and i hate to use this term but) youths before and I think i just happened to literally be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        Believe me I am no angel myself and I have suffered from road rage myself I think it just comes with the age we live in, but that is no excuse. These WERE just yobs.

        I could take it if it was someone in knew even vaguely because then you have some idea of what you may have to deal with.

        I had a good look (had no choice really) of the driver have a reasonable (outline only) description of his side kick but was however able to right down the full registration number, make, model and colour of the car and even know the name of the wheels on the car (I do alot of work for a showroom that sells alloys).

        Spoke with my nice neighbour and told him, he doesnt know of the car. He will have a few words around he says to see what he can find out.

        I have a nice bottle of red which I am just about to break into before I report the incident.

        I really don't need the hassle but don't think i should take that sort of **** and neither should anyone else have too.

        Thanks folks

        will keep you informed.

        Maria xx


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          Several years ago a similar incident happened, locally. A young man cut up a driver and stopped infornt of him.

          He got out of his car, and began smashing up the car. He really made a mess of it.

          He stood "grinning like a fool" looking at his handywork.

          The owner of the car said quietly, have you finished?" To which Mr Idiot grinned and nodded.

          "Oh, good," said the driver of the trashed car. He opened the boot, removed a baseball bat and then hit the guy who'd wrecked his car across the mouth. Ouch!

          Not recommending violence, but...


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            I don't think this is very helpful, but I think you were quite simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Inadequate yobs who are, unfortunately, able to own a car (perhaps by stealing it and/or not paying tax, insurance etc), bolstering their sad egos by bullying other road users. The world is full of people like this, don't feel bad, it's not your fault, it's their's.

            As regards other road users, this behaviour is frightening so we have to accept that others might not want to get involved.

            Sorry you had such an aweful time


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              Hi Maria,

              thank goodness you got back home safe eventually :cry: .

              This behaviour is utterly deplorable - I loathe and detest it and loathe and detest even more that they get away with it time and time again :rant:.

              Honestly, the yobbos were probably off their heads on drink and drugs and won't remember a thing about it in a coulpe of hours' time, let alone your reg no.

              So, I do agree with the others, you just bore the brunt of their s**t behaviour because you had the misfortune of being next in the line behind them :sad: .

              But it still makes you feel shaken up .

              And as for those wimps who drove past - :frown: but, that seems to be how it is these days - everyone's too scared to get involved, which is sometimes understandable, but not particularly palatable :angry: .

              Please report it to the police - I know they'll probably do s*d all about it and it's a real hassle, but you never know, it might be useful info for them. :unsure:

              Take care




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                I'm gobsmacked at what happened to you Maria But as others have said it's the way the world is now

                I have to agree with HN, it sounds like those two thugs were on drugs or drink. Have you checked your car over, Maria? You said you didn't see what the other thug was doing while the driver was screaming at you.

                It must have been horrifyingly frightening for you Hope the police listen to your complaint. I'm sorry nobody stopped to offer assistance but most people nowadays are too scared to do anything because they might get bashed by the yobs or arrested by the police if the yobs make a complaint. Great country we live in, eh?

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  Ah Maria - what a horrible thing to have happen to you - Not what you need right now, or any time for that matter!

                  Yobs! Yep, probably drugged or drunk. They are possibly known to the police, perhaps they've done this type of thing to other motorists too. :cry:

                  It must have really shaken you up. Don't take it personally, I think you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or rather, THEY were! Idiots like that shouldn't be allowed behind a wheel!

                  It doesn't surprise me people not stopping - but it is annoying. After all, if they were in the same position, they'd want someone to help them wouldn't they :angry:

                  Take care,

                  Mrs B
                  BE BOLSHY - RECLAIM YOUR GARDEN!


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                    Hi and thank you all for your advice and support.

                    Will check the car, never even thought or registered with me the other numb skull could have been doing something..

                    Went out this morning around around 10.15 was driving up the roundabout where they first cut me up last night (except this time heading in opposite direction) could NOT believe it, sitting in the right hand lane next to me behind the car of the side of me, was that very same car with same driver and side kick and two more in the back. As yesterday banging the horn and had stopped leaning out the windows shouting. Not sure if they recognised me, I just put my foot down before they had chance too........

                    I saw the direction the car came from yesterday and the way they went this morning and if they were heading where I think they were heading, I doubt very much the car is even registered to them let alone be taxed or insured.

                    You know we all evenutally say "oh yeasr ago..etc" but the thing is they could cause som much harm with these toys (and am refering there to the cars they drive. It just beggars belief in me.

                    Will ring the police tonight.

                    and again keep you all informed.

                    Thank you xx

                    This number thing is getting me too....Went to the shop last night and they had just two of my favourite wine left and as unbelievable as it is they were £3.33 each, I just said to the womanm don't ask any questions but just charge me £6.70 and be done with it :cry:

                    Then today the little mileage counter (am getting paranoid now) :banghead:

                    was at 266(5) yes you know the next number coming up!!!! and wallop, stone in the windscreen, new windscreen now required :angry:

                    This is all true but just even to me sounds so un-believable....Orge where are you with you reasoning on this :sad:

                    Anyone here a good counsellar :blush:



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                      Hi Hun

                      I've sent you a long rambling PM about my thoughts on the matter.

                      Hope its of some help

                      'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'



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                        [email protected]?(you know what)

                        The last three numbers of my phone number are the same I'd better be careful

                        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                            Hi Maria,

                            I've just read your thread These things tend to shake you up more than you realise and I hope that you are feeling better now.

                            I also hope that you don't see these idiots on the road again, (and that the next person that they pick on is bigger than they are)