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  • Update

    Went to planning to ask if anyone objected, to our neighbours plans. This is a guy who has split up, from his wife and 2 kids. 12 people objected, so it has being withdrawn. He lost his £440 fee.

    We are glad we did not have to object. Because he would have being able to see the peoples names who objected. We have too much hassle as it is, with our NFH and their sheep.

    We are back to hounding the postman for the new date, for our gas meter to be fitted.

    Anyway we had a nice night out , at a Cousins 18th birthday at a restaurant.

    GG. :wine: :wine: :wine: :wine:

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    Yay GG!

    Result! :thumbs:

    Nice one!



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      good news, about time you have one point to you!!

      keep up the good fight GG :box:


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        Good outcome GG! B) Nice to hear an update from you and hopefully things are calming now?


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          Well, that's one less thing for you to worry about

          Good luck with getting your gas meter fitted

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            AT LAST,

            The gas meter was finally fitted on the 6th of Jan. The reason we kept receiving letters, saying that they was no gas supply was down to Balfor Beta. They laid the pipes, but forgot to turn on the gas at their end.

            Being back to the house to measure up etc. Sat in a local cafe, commenting on the fact that we had not seen NFH for ages. Went to the house, lounge window shot through again. The sad bxxxxxxs think they are keeping us out, because of breaking our windows. They will get a shock soon to see us move back.

            The next problem is to get the gas people to fit a lock on the meter. I am worried nutter may try and tamper with it. Ok he has a meter with a key, which may fit mine but I still want one.


            Dreading moving back to it, but have come too far to let go. I owe it to my pets. :rant: ow:


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              Good luck GG - hope that you can move back in soon

              Sorry to hear about the window :badmood: They are beyond belief!


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                good luck with that GG! a loud house warming party in order maybe???? :lol: without them being invited!! :lol:

                hope the move back goes better for you both :clover: :flowers:


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                  Good Luck GG :clover:

                  I'm sure your updated pad will be lovely - head up and Pah! to your horrid evil NFH's ow:

                  But remember to take care



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                    Congratulations on your meter fitting! :lol: :salut:

                    The company that caused the delay seem to be involved in allsorts these days.

                    Hope you get back in OK - or without further trouble.