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  • Gas supply companies

    I hate Gas supply companies, especially Npower.

    As you all know the council has done work on our house. We should have moved back over 5 weeks ago. But the Gas companies keep messing us about. It took 3 phone calls and 2 letters, to get Balfor Bete to come and fit a empty box and some gas pipes. They lost the mole, and had to dig several holes, before finally completing their job.

    Transco and Npower came out and looked, and went away again. They decided a piece of pipe was missing, or the box was installed wrongly. The council guys said this was bxxl. The only bit missing was what they needed to install, afterwards.

    5 phone calls from me and the same from the council guys. Result, you need to speak to Npower. I rang them. We are going to send a form asking, name of missing piece, type of box, give you a qoute for the work. Why I am only a tenent, not a gas engineer or worker.

    Next day we recieve a form, no mention of missing parts. How thick are your walls, type of box fitting, we will send you a qoute. We cannot send a gas supplier until we get the form. Transco will not come out until Npower asks them to.

    We rang Npower and told them what incompetant xqxxxxxx they are. The council guy rang the same day. They say it is sorted out now, and to wait for a date for Transco to come and fit it. I pointed out yet again, that the work had already being paid for by the council. That they were paying for gas experts, and that's what we expected. We don't expect to move before christmas now. It takes Transco 3 weeks to arrange a date. The removel firms are packing up for christmas.

    GG. :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:

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    Hi GG

    These companies get so big and I think they forget a simple thing we all know about.

    The art of communication :angry:

    Too many jobsworths now and too easy for them to pass the buck.

    :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

    You have sympathies


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      Transco what a nightmare company to deal with .Took me 2 months to sort a problem out with them.My advice is whoever you talk to get their name and contact number


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        Oh,yes, GG... the misery of buck-passing between the two lots of comapnies! It must be so very frustrating knowing that's it now, you can't possibly move before the New Year :badmood:. Do complain, if you can unravel who to complain to

        Hope Christmas is good for you both where you are now



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          Hi GG

          Transco are notorious for this kind of behaviour - it's like they've got the hump about being privatised and seperated from 'British Gas' and all the other blimmin companies, so they are as akward as possible. :frown:

          With all these hundreds of gas suppliers about, it's totally confusing and awful to get any problem sorted out :sad:

          Your Housing maintenance officer ought to have sorted it all out for you really - although it wouldn't get dealt with any quicker...


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            Sorry to be a bit flippant when you've had all these problems but:

            "They lost the mole, and had to dig several holes"

            Poor thing, have they found it yet? Maybe it just wanted to be free and escaped.

            [PS I do know that mole is a technical term for a piece of machinery they send down pipes - It just the silly side of me coming out]

            [PPS they're sometimes called pipeline pigs too]


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              I've not heard them being called that yet. Now waiting for a new date, for Transco to fit the meter. Npower sent us a nice letter saying welcome to Npower as new customers, any problems ring them and they will be sorted. I filed it in the bin.

              GG. :double: :double: :double: :double:


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                Don't want to make you feel worse GG, but I also have had experience of using NPower's customer service and it's a NIGHTMARE - utterly incompetent :cry:

                I beg you to change supplier as soon as you get the opportunity!!!!


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                  Hi GG

                  I just wanted to add my support to your thread. It's so miserable that this is still going on with Christmas coming up so fast :sad: I hope that either NPower sort ths out for you soon, or that you can take Mazza's advice up and get rid.

                  You sound really frustrated with the whole thing - and it's hardly surprising.

                  Just a thought, but if you are not having much luck with your suppliers and Transco, then it may be worth putting a complaint into the ombudsman Ofgem. I got this info on consumer complaints from their website:

                  Ofgem Protecting Customers Website Link

                  If you have a complaint to make on your energy supplier, please contact energywatch on:

                  Consumer Helpline: 0845 906 0708

                  Fax: 020 7799 8341

                  Textphone for deaf or hearing impaired consumers: 0845 7581 401

                  Web address:

                  Email enquiries: [email protected]

                  It may help?

                  Blue Cow


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                    I actually work for NPower and ive got to agree with you all when you say they are useless.

                    I have worked for the Electricity Supply Industry for 17 years virtually since i left school,i work in installations/metering basically my job currently involves installing prepayment meters etc.

                    The company i joined used to be known as Yorkshire Electricity Board and was a cracking company to work for,Mrs Thatch then privatised it all and its been in decline ever since.

                    We have been bought and sold by various fat cats over the years,but our current employers NPower are by far the worst and seem to be running everything into the ground,the whole industry is in complete meltdown.

                    I work out in the field with Joe Public and i have never known so many people be so disenchanted with the current set up.

                    Soon as the day comes they start to lower our salaries or scupper our pensions i think the workforce will throw the towel in and seek pastures new.

                    I could maybe get a job as a traffic warden,i might be a bit more popular.