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  • A update

    Still waiting to move back, to our house. Feeling totally pxssxx off at the moment. Just when things were going to plan. Transco the gas people fitting the gas pipes to the property, dug a huge hole in one of the drainage pipes. So the work has being halted until that gets fixed.

    Npower who is due to come Monday to fit the gas meter, will not be happy and will charge for the wasted time. It took 3 phone calls and 2 letters to get them to come out to fit one. We have got 6 letters off them, because they cannot grasp that yes they is no gas supplier at the moment. Because they will be the first.

    As well as this our NFH, has realished that he cannot break our windows completely now. Because they are double glazed. And anyway the workmen just replaces them, no problem to us. So he has gone back to wrecking our garden.

    He has gone round pruning hard back, all the trees and shrubs that look nice or will not grow back. He has also sawn huge sections out of my conifer at the front.

    I cannot understand the mentality of these people. It is taking all my willpower not to retaliate.

    GG. ow: ow: :rant:

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    oh Gawd GG

    its the pits, I am so cross that all this work is (sorta) being done then mush for brains next door tries to wreck it again, pathetic these people need to get a hobby!!

    hope everything is ok with you other wise where you are stopping at the moment,


    do you think you will be back in for Christmas?


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      They don't live next door, they live 6 doors away. The council workers have all being coached by our housing guys. The only reply you get is it must be kids. Even when we explain that we have caught him doing damage, and that they have issued threats. We have given up talking about it to them, we just say we will not accept the keys until all damage is repaired.

      GG :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


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        Hi GG

        This is awful

        I'd like to say that I hope you'll be back home for Chirstmas, but this all just sounds completely stressful :cry:

        You are right - don't go back until everything has been fixed.

        Take care

        Blue Cow


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          So sorry this is holding everything up, GG! You are quite right to dig your heels in; don't move back until the house is fit to live in. I really hope this is sorted out for you very soon