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AOL and Internet Explorer

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  • AOL and Internet Explorer

    Hi All,

    While we're on the subject of AOL.........

    Has anyone else noticed that they have to 'fix' Internet Explorer quite often (approx every week or so)?

    I've asked other people with different ISP's but they don't get these problems. The symptom seems to be that I can send and receive e-mails, so the Internet is not affected, but when I go on the web, everything 'freezes'...forever :blink:

    Anyone else experienced this?

    Mrs BolshiewithAOLatthemoment :hihi:

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    yep, same problem here! I have given up. I us AOL for most things but now have a pay as you go account with BT Openworld just in case AOL freezes me up. Can also use oulook express with Openworld. have so many e-mail accounts now, I never know what is going where!!!

    Good to see you back by the wy! I love your screen name!

    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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      We have had screen freezing and have no idea what is causing it

      and we are not with AOL. We have tried patches for windows but I think

      the whole microsoft system is questionable when it comes to the stability

      of the programs. There are obviously bugs that occur and re-occur.

      I am sick of it too (how many times have we had to reboot the computer

      sometimes with a cold boot because you cant even turn the thing off

      from the button).



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        Hi John,

        Sorry it's taken me a long time to reply - the dreaded freeze again - by the time I manage to post again, the topics are days old

        I think it's something to do with AOL using its own browser. I tried to uninstall it once and it corrupted Internet Explorer's browser. Speeaking to a few people about it I've heard that there are other ISP's whose software does this, but apparently AOL is notorious for it. :blink:

        Know what you mean about different mail accounts John, I've got some I've forgotten the passwords for! :lol:

        Mrs B


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          Hi Melanie,

          Yes, know what you mean, I have the same problem with having to reboot all the time.

          Guess you've scanned for viruses?

          What version of Windows have you got? A friend of mine's recently upgrade to Windows 2000 and she swears 98 was less 'bugged'.

          I had an upgrade from Windows 95 to 98 last year and this one does more.....but 95 plus my old, slow, external modem nevercaused any problems. Oh, for the good old days of steam... :lol:

          Mrs B


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            I have this problem sometimes. I cure it by restarting AOL. Oh, and I swear, too! :lol:


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              I have AOL and MSN. I'm not computer literate at all but I keep getting things come on my screen inviting to different things ( and they not the things I really want to be informed about)

              Can anyone tell a simple computer user (and the simple applying to me here)

              how to stop them please



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                hello bulliedbutbolshieboutit ... i have not used aol but heard its not very good,

                personally i think all of them ISP's that use there own browser [tiscali etc] could get conflicts .... and i think i heard wnnows 2000 is very bad too ......sorry

                but i thought 98SE was useless too ...95 much more stable!! ..but i think that too was just the puter i used 98SE on was not very good

                i am on NTL [grrr!] broadand now and it rools ..the company is totally useless they can't even afford colour letters now :P

                only once was the service down for a day so far..... all the prollems so far with ntl just the idiots at the end of phone ...the service is actually quicker than stated ..probly coz not many ppl in my area use it yet

                ...but for my first two years on net i used a rubbish compaq laptop with 98SE and that was useless and crashed all the time for no reason ....and i used freeserve dialup interweb and i never had any problems with at all ...never

                for maria2

                click on this to start download of adaware 6 ( or should take you to download page )

                once the download has completed "open" [or double click on the file]

                and install the program following the instructions ...then click on scan when installed and the program is opened.

                i assume you are having some spyware prollem things ..adverts popping up etc...some ISP's cheekily install spyware with the interweb connection program ....and the dixv player/codec installs gator too i think...

                oh and spyware just advertising things realted to the pages you look at...i think

                hope that helps a bit


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                  98 was utter pants! Not as bad as Windows Millennium, but nearly as bad. XP is much, much better. I still have 98 on my computer at work. Slow, multiple crashes, conflicts. the joys of 98! :blink:


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                    Have to agree re 98....pile of .....grrr!!! Multiple crashes, freezes, fatal exception errors.....blo*ody thing



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                      Thank you for your help there Vernon, much appreciated. Downloading it now.

                      Will it just automatically scan and whatever when I switch computer on now?

                      NTL. I always used to find them very good. But to quote my friend who has gone onto them in the last year "she losses the will to live" when she has to speak to them :lol:

                      Thanks again Vernon and never again will I mention my 10 stack CD changer :P :P :P :P


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                        Like Vernon I use NTL broadband and it's very good - would never go back now (agree that the ntl people on the phone are a trifle dim at times though).

                        If you use Adaware don't forget to regularly check for updates. Oh, and I don't think it scans automatically when turn your computer on, I think you have to do it manually.


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                          Thanks for that Eskander

                          I'm a complete computer novice.

                          Am just getting to grips with e - mail and stuff.

                          But I don't half miss my pidgeons :lol:

                          Serioulsy , Thanks



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                            My mate signed up for AOL and quickly discoved the downfalls of the AOL Browser, what he does is start the AOL Browser and straight away minimises it, then just starts internet explorer and away he goes.

                            He`s on AOL Broadband, and the Browser has to be open for him to connect.
                            The Security Installer


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                              Good tip that, S.I.

                              I've found that reinstalling Internet Explorer (just the browser) when AOL starts getting slow and temperamental helps too.

                              I've not got broadband though.

                              BEWARE - anyone thinking of uninstalling AOL - it corrupts I.E. on the way out and makes it unusable - copy it to CDR first so you can reinstall it later. (Found this out the hard way - and have you ever tried downloading I.E. from Microsoft when I.E.'s not working?! :unsure: )

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