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NFH taking the p***

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  • NFH taking the p***


    I'm a bit pi**ed off at the moment. I had my housing officer out about 1-2 weeks ago. He heard her usual stomping about when the tv aerial guy came to finish installing her part of the communal aerial. Said of course that it's still only domestic noise so she couldn't be 'done' for it. At least he's taking it a bit more seriously and said to keep noise logs which he will pass on to the development officer who's been asking for them. So maybe i'll get soundproofing at some point.

    Anyway, he said he would write to her to arrange to visit her and basically let her know that she needs to be quieter and that he's heard how the stomping about comes through to me.

    Well up till about 10 months ago she rarely played any music. Now 2 months ago she's started playing it loudly at weekends from 7am waking me up. I mentioned this to him while he was here and he told me to get in touch with my local council noise team. I'll come to that later. So a few days after he visited she began playing loud music from the moment she got in during the week which she had never done before in the year i've been here. My first thought was maybe it's a one off. However she's now had loud music on every day when she's either got home from work during the week or got out of bed at weekends. I feel she's got the letter and is pi**ed and is dealing with it in her usual childish way, taking it out on me. :angry:

    I've had the council noise team out to hear it twice now but both times it's not been quite as loud as when i first called them and so they said they couldn't do anything at the moment. I explained the situation and told him that I knew she could hear what we were saying due to when she mentioned in a letter something me and my housing officer had discussed when he was here to listen to her noise back in March.

    Sorry this is a bit long. I'm just fed up with that selfish b*tch. :angry:

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    Hi Paul

    Don't you be apologising dude, I am not surprised you are fed up. :sad:

    What a little brat she must be, didn't like the letter, so is being petulant by blasting the music up - how utterly pathetic. :frown:

    I'd be mortified if I got a letter like that and would forever be worried about my noise impact, you'd think she'd have some shame eh? But then, as we all know now, NFH's don't know the meaning of shame and rational behaviour :angry: .

    All I can say is, from what I can tell, noise complaints are lengthy to deal with and you've already begun, so your job's getting done! Please keep calling the Noise team, it's the only way they can get a handle on it. I know it's a pain, but this appears to be the only way to go with these cases.

    Hopefully your HAss'n will earmark your properties for upgrading soon and it may help with the noise transmission. Have you found out if they have any plans yet?

    Well, keep it up and let us know how you are doing




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      didn't like the letter, so is being petulant by blasting the music up - how utterly pathetic.

      Normal behaviour it seems. Of course a nfh is never, ever wrong - just too stupid to see that the cesspit they are digging gets ever deeper.!!.

      Take care.

      "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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        Hi Paul,

        It's no surprise that you're fed up with this, and how irritating that the music wasn't as loud when they came to record it (and how typical).

        Playing loud music at 7am serves absolutely no purpose other than to annoy your neighbours. Normal people just don't do it. Surely the noise team would be able to act on this? Please keep logging all these incidents and keep the pressure up on the council.

        Just a thought, but how about trying putting some earplugs next to your bed, and if you get any more early awakenings, try using them and see if you can get on with them?

        Keep on to your housing officer about too. Tell him about the music and how it started shortly after his visit. The very least he can do for you is recommend some sort of sound-proofing. He's obviously taking your case seriously, just keep pushing him so he works you to the top of his list.

        Sorry that you are having such a hard time :cry: and I hope that things start looking up soon.

        Take care

        Blue Cow


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          sad aint it!?


          I remember our NFH shouting through the wall when she thought our recording equipment had gone..."I'll give you something to record you *&*£@ " and "write this down then you @*%@£ "

          talk about taking your bat and ball home, its soooooooo childish!! just another sad nfh trait


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            But! By playing the system they might play into your hands! Because although they might not be breaking the laws covering noise, they may well be causing a nuisance. And that means they can be sued for nuisance. Some insurance policies might cover actions for nuisance.


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              Hi PJ

              Just keep recording everything and contact the EH on a regular basis.

              How's things going with looking for an exchange? :unsure:

              I know how frustrating it is when your nfh are being noisy, playing music at ridiculous hours of the day. They are pathetic and childish and couldn't give two hoots about anyone but themselves.

              Stick with it PJ and let us know how you're getting on .


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                Just all picture the scene of many of our nfh in several years time after blasting their neighbours out with 1Kw sound systems:-


                Doctor: "whisper whisper whisper"

                nfh: "PARDON?"


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                  Thanks for your replies.

                  An Update.

                  She had her music on again yesterday from about 10ish. I put up with as the noise team don't come out till 6.30pm (better than my last council).

                  Anyway, I decided to go out around 5.30pm to get away from it for a while. Came home about 8.30pm and it was all quiet. Within seconds of me arriving home she put her music back on. :angry:

                  I called the noise team but by the time they had called back she'd turned it off. However I had a good long chat with the noise team person. She seemed to know her stuff. Mentioned about taking her to court etc and that I wouldn't have to pay and I would use my noise logs as evidence. She also said she would write to her. I know that won't make much of a difference to my NFH but at least they can then see what I'm dealing with.

                  Also I got in touch with the people who used to live here. They said they could write to my landlord about how they were disturbed. I don't think it got as bad for them as they didn't complain to her directly and just got on with it. But it'll probably help towards getting soundproofing.


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                    Thanks for your update Paul

                    I know that sometimes it can seem like it's taking ages to get any action from anyone, but taking action through the Environmental Health/Noise Pollution department can take a long time as there's a process to go through.

                    Keep logging.

                    Keep ringing.

                    Your persistence should pay off in the long run.

                    Good luck.


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                      Hi Paul - good luck with this.

                      The response you had yesterday sounds promising

                      I wonder if your NFH will get fed up with the music thing, as she obviously doesn't like it herself (it's all for your benefit). Did they say what the letter to her would contain, maybe some sort of ultimatum (hopefully?).

                      Blue Cow


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                        All the best with this!

                        :nfh1: :ban:


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                          Hi Paul

                          Here we go again, eh? :badmood:

                          I can only reiterate to keep plugging away at the logging and reporting....although the response from E.H. sounds fair enough. They will go through steps of warning visit/letter, before they offer noise monitoring equipment, so keep fireing those logs off . It would be useful for the previous folk to back up what you're saying, gives it added weight.

                          All the best in getting enough ammo to shoot her down.



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                            Well the music has stopped. Guess she got bored. I think the letter from the council probably had something do with it as well.

                            The people who used to live here are going to write to my landlord basically saying that they were also disturbed by upstairs banging about etc. Apparently she was the same with them, rude etc.


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                              Hi Paul,

                              Really glad the music has stopped, that must be a real relief. Fingers crossed for ongoing positive things and of course the music/noise permanently staying off. Thanks for the update.