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Here we go again

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  • Here we go again

    What does it take, in this country to get things sorted. Nutter has thrown eggs at our windows, every time the council have cleaned them from the last time,

    We have avoided them, crossed the street and looked away if they see us when out. Result she waddles like a duck, with a smirk on her face, thinking they have got rid of us.

    We let the guy in to value our house, he had a black car. She passed and actually stopped to gawp, open mouthed. She was shocked to see us back there.

    Result, 5 smashed windows, a attempt at kicking in the door again. Fireworks and garden waste thown in front garden.

    We told the housing manager, we wanted mediation 2 weeks ago. He seems to be hoping it will go away. We have not got our house keys off the work men yet. So we cannot install cctvs yet.

    GG. :rant:

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    Sorry to hear that GG, it's never ending isn't it? :angry:

    Have you written to the Housing Manager to chase up Mediation? Is the Mediation Service in your area part of the local authority or separate? It's separate round our way.

    Take care of yourselves,



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      Morning Holly,

      They are part of the council in my area. I asked the housing manager, if we had to contact them. He said only he can do that. I asked last week if he had contacted them and he said not yet. He said that he still had to visit the NFH to tell them of the latest situation. I hate having to pester housing, but all he says is these things take time.



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        Hey GG

        I think you really need to hassle them, perhaps remind your council they have been linked with encams!!! (as are we!!)


        and it was only a few months ago they ran all those radio adverts about noisey neighbours. sounds like they need a kick up the bottom!!

        and NFHiB were also featured in their staff magazine last quarter saying how your council were linked with the same people! its no good them linking with all these people and then not doing anything about it!! :banghead:


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          What on earth does it take to get some action here, GG? Keep on at the Housing seems the only way to get the step you want next. Good luck with your persistence.

          And the sooner, the better with getting the keys back so that you can install CCTV, eh?



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            Grrrr, I'm seething for you GG :angry:

            What are the police saying about all this damage? Can't they get patrols to at least give passing attention to your property? I'd call your NFH animals but animals have more dignity

            I agree with the others, hassle the HA. They'll do as little as they can if they can get away with it. It's the squeaky wheel that get's the attention, so keep squeaking LOUDLY.

            Good luck

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Sweetpea I love the smilies,

              We spoke to the site manager, about the repairs needed. He wants us to move back a.s.a.p. The only problem with this is, we will have no gas central heating until it is installed. And the site guy knows that if we move back, he can pass the problem of the broken windows elsewhere. This means calling the police for a crime number, to get our windows mended. The gas people were saying December 5th at least to install the meter.



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                What does it take, in this country to get things sorted?

                I sometimes really do wonder GG. Perhaps its the NFHs who have our representatives sussed.
                Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                So what's the plan?

                Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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                  May i just add in agreement that yes, a "squeaky wheel" will get on the nerves of the powers that be and at some stage they wont be able to ignore it any longer and also if it takes a crime number from the police to get things fixed report every incident. Start being a "squeaky wheel" with the police too.

                  Hope i'm not speaking out of line here. May I just add that these NFH's always seem to be ahead on the Law, they seem to be masters at working the system :rant:

                  Good Luck



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                    Hi GG

                    My new neighbour has enlightened me on the Housing seems that if you keep on at them, they will act just to 'shut you up'. So phone him every day if you have to and make him do what he is paid for :angry:



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                      Hi Maria2,

                      Yes they do seem to know how to work the system. It makes me wonder, just how many people they have done this to. At the moment we are trying not to contact the police, unless we need a crime number to get things fixed.

                      The last time he came to my garden, and threatened to kill me. They came and warned him, went away and he shot my windows through. It took a week of me ringing them, to get a crime number. Only problem was that, they would not give us a number over the phone. A police women was sent, and she spoke to them and us. Her solution it must be kids, or she could issue us and them with harrasment orders. I pointed out that we were scared of being killed, and we were going to be given a harrasment order on us. We were basically told that if we wasted police time again this would happen.

                      I pointed out that we had no choice, but to call for a crime number. We could not make our home secure without one.

                      A police women that visited since, told us that she should not have said that. I pointed out that I was a member of this forum. Basically we said that we are tired of the council and police trying to fob us off. That we have seen him, and know it is not KIDS . What do we have to do sue the police and council, when he kills one of us. She gave us a crime number and left.

                      We want to buy our house, and do not want to lose the right to buy. If we had a harrasment order placed on us, we would lose the right to buy.




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                        Hello again GG

                        It is so damn annoying as the law always seems to be on their side :rant: and then for the police woman to admit she had told you wrong :banghead: doesn't help you at all.

                        It just seems with the police sometimes its a shrug of the shoulders and much easier to serve both parties with an order rather than for them to spend just a little of their time investigating the truth

                        I really do feel for you.



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                          It really is outrageous, it is the same old story every time.


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                            Maybe time to stop talking to PC Kid and speak with the grownups? I mean, if PC Kid is too inexperienced to deal with someone who shoots windows out, threatens to kill, if they are too damn young to deal with the crimes, maybe it is time an adult was called in? Sargeant? Or an inspector, perhaps? :badmood:


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                              Don't worry about your right to buy - I have never heard of anyone not being allowed to buy if they have any criminal records or such things - not that this will happen to you, but don't give it a second thought. Anyway, even if you moved tomorrow, you can take your discount with you (all previous local authority and nearly all HA tenancies are taken into consideration).

                              I would not move in until that central heating is sorted either by the way - they'll need to uplift floors etc so I don't know why the council are telling you to go in - it's basically not suitable for habitation!

                              Stupid blasted police - I despair. :sad:

                              Definitely keep at the HA - they definitley do act quicker on the more persitent complainers to get them off their backs!