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THIS time of year!

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  • THIS time of year!

    Oh, misery!!!

    As if it wasn't enough that the clocks have gone back, and there are fireworks going off it's "trick or treaters" and "penny for the guyers" !! :badmood: Cannot take much more disturbance...and I AM NOT answering my door, to anybody for the next 2 weeks.

    Wouldn't mind if any of these kids were under 15, and accompanied by their parents.....but they all look as if they might mug me on my doorstep. I feel under seige by gangs of beggars, and actually, a little intimidated.


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    Agreed there with you Sapph - ignoring the door is sometimes the best option eh! Specially if they cant be sure if you're in or not.

    I had two 'trick or treaters' knock at the door about a week ago, both were about 14 years old. I said "it's a bit early isn't it?" - they said "yeah, we know, but we're going on holiday next week!" :lol: I said, "oh dear, maybe next time then" and off they went......

    Ahhhh, fake trick or treaters and fake carol singers........don't you just love 'em?!!


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      :lol: Matthew! Now you've REALLY cheered me up! I'd forgotten the carol singers will be around in about a month as well :lol:

      Sapph B) B) B)


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        Me too Saph. The last time we didn't give out goodies we had our windows covered in that nightmare stringy stuff, still have marks from that. Little......... darlings.

        I used to love it when my children were wee, cause I got all the goodies too when they came home.

        No really we had a bit of fun with it then, now, well in this area most of them are a little older, looking for fags rather than sweets I think.



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          You're so right Red1!!! If you give this lot any less than a quid they're abusive!!!

          If it was only 5 year-olds with a parent waiting nearby, expecting a few sweets for making an effort with dressing-up, then fine. But I never see those ones....don't think they even exist any more



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            Oh for the days when Halloween consisted of roasting a few chestnuts, toasting a few marshmallows and bobbing for apples. Followed by a few ghost stories told around the fire with the lights out, and shining torches under your chin

            I miss those simple pleasures when consumerism and marketing hardly existed *sigh*.

            At least we don't get Carol Singers. Don't know if that's good or bad But I'm battening down the hatches against trick or treaters! S'ok, I don't mind being called a Victor

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              that kind of picture is my recollection of this time of year too, Misty!! Had a great time!

              I did go "trick or treating" with my dad in tow when I was very young, and carol-singing, but only to close neighbours who knew who we were! I don't know any of this lot that come to my house.



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                tips for trick and treating..

                move old leaves from gardens, so they cant be set fire to, on purpose or by stray fireworks

                move any thing like gnomes that can be stolen or used as weapons/missiles!

                tape up your letter box so things cant be shoved through her door

                keep cats and dogs in side

                only open your door if you want to!


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                  Ignored three lots tonight already!!! Two more nights to go

                  Then it's the penny-for-a-guyers!! If only that's all they wanted :P


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                    I've always really liked Hallowe'en. I spent tonight carving my Jack-O-Lanterns, or Pumpkin Head Men as my son is calling them.

                    I'm not too worried about the trick or treaters myself, but I can really see how they can frighten and intimidate a lot of people.

                    A few years ago, some came round a bit early, and I didn't have anything ready for them, so the little pests (anything stronger would be bleeped out!) poured cream over my car. I was miffed to say the least!! :rant:

                    I also get annoyed if they come round any later than about 8pm as the doorbell wakes up my little boy :badmood:

                    I haven't heard Carol Singers for about four years The Salvation Army used to come round when I was little, and we used to love it :newyear:

                    Ahhhh...those were the days.....


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                      Trick or treat - a friend of mine used to keep a hideous halloween mask inside his fron door and a large axe with fake blood painted on the blade. He had a security light outside the front door and a peep-hole so that he could see if it was trick or treaters at the door. If it was he would put on the mask, pick up the axe, throw the door open with a bang and bellow "TRICK!!" in their faces.


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                        I do not see the point of halloween and i do resent that it has become such a big event over the past few years. i do not approve of trick or treating and i normally go out somewhere for the evening. i really play it down as far as my daughter is concerned. i just look on it as a money making exercise, and it just gets in the way of the main event, which is christmas!!!!!

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                          Well, I must be the exception!

                          Last year I was besieged with kids - none horrid or anything, but I just ran out of things to hand out. They didn't do anything to my property though, but they looked so sad, I felt terrible!

                          So, I was actually ready with all my goodies last night and guess what...only two really polite girls showed up and sung a nice song!!! :lol:

                          Perhaps my stingey-ness last year put them all off :hihi:

                          Oh well, at least I get to scoff all the sweeties left over instead!


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                            I have this therory and was again proved right last night

                            I go and buy loads of sugarary sweets ready for them, and they dont come

                            dont buy anything, I have them by the hundred!!

                            last night I bought some sweets, and only had 2 lots come round, with mums and dads,

                            they knocked on both next doors but missed me out..............wonder if had anything to do with having the lights out!!!! :lol:

                            problem is now......I have a load of sweeties to eat! :lol: :lol:


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                              Hi Mazza,

                              Don't even go there!!

                              This is our second Halloween in this house. Last year we were besieged by little kids too, and twice I had to go out and restock. They start about a week before, so you have to be prepared round here. Last night however, we only had about six lots so.....

                              ....we too have loads of chocolate left, which is really bad for my diet :sad: :eat:

                              And my toddler keeps asking for "more party choc-late peas mummy"