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its started again :(

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  • its started again :(

    [rant]its been quiet for months, then whoops here we f****** go again

    makes me more angry than anything

    really want to just destroy all those loud speakers...i thought they had moved away or been chucked out or something, i know i haven't seen em yet....its like first day back or something and its on again.


    its back on for few seconds and i hear it and am transported back to a few months ago...that feeling in stomach like a weird shiver or something

    advice on the "not letting it get to you or stop you sleeping" stuff please!!

    its like i haven't got the energy for this or something...have to put music on to drown it out...or go out...but then quiet part of song an listening to see if its still on..or go out and am angshuss about "will it still be on when i get home"

    at least dokic got to the final of some tennis thing :P

    i can't thing of anything that annoys me as much or is as intrusive

    i am gonna be twitchey at the slightest thing for weeks now at best.

    can someone hand me some perspective ....

    and to top it all i can't find the remote!!

    /[end rant]

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    Oh Vernon,

    The obnoxious, inconsiderate beasts, invading your life like this :rant: . :badmood:

    I wish I could make you laff cos you've certainly given me a good guffaw lately.

    Dunno what to say, suffering with you, I feel bad for you :sad: .

    Maybe a bit of a DVD on might drown it out. I know that a chill-out CD can block out my kids - if it can block them out, it can block anything out .

    Now, I am not the best with noise, but all the others will be here soon for you - keep it up




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      Awww, Vern, I'm so sorry to hear it's back to the torture again Are they the same students as before? Whoever they are they are totally selfish, ignorant G*ts

      It's really awful when you're lulled into a false sense of security and then it all starts up again, it seems to make it twice as bad Have you thought about doing what John did and install some soundproofing in the rooms next to NFH? I think he said it cost about £50 a room to do it.

      Other than go in with a baseball bat and smash up their equipment (which I DO NOT recommend) I can't think of anything else that might help, sorry.


      :nfh1: :ban:

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Ah vernon

        you are always so quiet about your noisey neighbours, so I know it must be bad for you to tell us about it

        plug your earphones in to the tv and watch a nice dvd, it might help drown them out.

        thinking of you, you little wibbler :music:


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          Awe, sorry that this has kicked off again, after having a more peaceful time! I take it uni term has just started again? Are you logging it? You need to do something, otherwise you'll have another 9 months of this :badmood: Landlord/E.H. need involving, this just isn't on.

          Until then, I think suggestions about headphones are a good idea. Oh, and some wax earplugs for when you are trying to get to sleep might be worth a go (holly swears by 'em, and I tried them, v good).

          Hope the remote was where April said it was! :P



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            Really sorry to hear that vernon .

            There's nothing worse than thinking your problem has gone away, only to find it back again. It's going to take time again now for you to deal with it again.

            Definitely try the ear plugs. Boots have loads of different ones.

            You have to try as hard as you can to ignore your nfh (and believe me, I know how difficult that can be). They are pathetic, inconsiderate and unreasonable people. When they're in the middle of an impromptu rave, it's unlikely you're going to get them to understand any requests to turn it down, so don't bother - you'll only get yourself more worked up over it.

            Just log everything down.

            Then either go out (in nice car! not driving too fast!!! :lol: ) or put some music on with headphones to blot out the sound of them.

            Warm bath, nice drink, earplugs, hot water bottle and drift off watching telly or listening to background music.

            Or if you can't get to sleep, come to NFHiB and vent your spleen on here.

            Take care and hope they shut up sooner rather than later.


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              Vernon, I have been there. It is awful. :cry: You have my sympathy based on several years of bitter personal experience.

              Are they students? If so, kick up a fuss with their university or college. :ban: :badmood: