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They simply won't let it rest

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  • They simply won't let it rest

    The b*****ds simply will not stop. For three months we have avoided all contact with them. We have even changed our eating haunts, and our local pubs. They saw us in a different tavern drinking, and I knew they would cause more trouble.

    We have avoided them for 3 months, waiting for the council to finish work on our house. Because we moved out to have the work done, they assumed we had run away from their scare tactics. They seemed surprised to see us, in the area still. We checked on our property being worked on, and found a door kicked in and fence pannels stolen. We knew it was them because the fench pannels were stolen, but the posts were left.

    We went today to be told by council workmen, that this is the third time they have needed to clean eggs from our windows. Why can't the b*****ds just curl up and die? I have lived there 18 years and only once, have I had eggs thown at my windows. And that was kids, because I refused to give them money for bonfire night.

    GG. :rant: :cry: :cry:

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    it might change when you get back in GG, once you are back and settled they might settle

    do you have to go back or can you stay where you are now?

    eggs are a swine to get off, if you dont do it straight away they stick and take loads of scrubbing, it always seems worse in the summer becuase they cook on your house and need real elbow grease.

    I think eggs are a yorkshire thing, kids are always lobbing them at the buses and homes, where I used to work in leeds 11 was always targeted (GG knows where I mean!)

    I hope you get things sorted, please dont let them intimidate you, they are not worth it.

    remember you are better than them

    they want you to react

    its a big game to them

    stay stronge


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      Oh GG,

      They are so pathetic, it's incredible.

      perhaps they will stop it once you get back - I hope so

      It might be that they are doing it 'cos they know no-one is in.

      You are better than them - you know it.




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        Hi Beth & Mazza,

        Hope things are ok with you, we don't want to stay here. It's too small and unsuitable. My partner has difficulty with steps, and these are terrible. They do the same when we are in. They only stopped because they thought we had left for good. This house is too near the school run, they walk past each day to their local school. We have to creep in and out of the close, so they cannot find us.



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          Hi GG

          Have you put in your applications for rehousing and got it all underway?

          All the medical forms etc? And tried the Housing Associations too? At least you feel like you are doing something about the situation by trying to get a move.

          You'd be best off out of there if your fella's got probs with the stairs - I know how much of a hinderance it can be. :sad: And you don't need toerags like that hassling you either :frown:



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            We don't want to do that, because we have the full discount and want to buy. Also we know that this nutter would try and find out our new address, if we got an transfer. I want to start a business in the area, and bring my kiddies up here.

            I don't like sc*m, like our NFH dictating were we live and what we do. I feel that too many people on this site are forched to move. Instead of the sc*m that bothers us. Anyway it's late, tomorrows another day, goodnight all.



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              I'm so sorry to hear about what's going on GG Reading your words, you sound just like me, like we've never done anything to these people but in their twisted warped minds we are somehow a threat! I despise them with a passion

              Tonight my son's friend came down to visit. His nan died on Monday and he was feeling a bit down. When he left he found some sc*m had broken into his car, which was parked outside our house, stolen his cd's and his jacket, which he'd forgotten to bring in. His chequebook and credit cards were in the jacket! I felt so bl***y angry!!! How dare these scumbags steal from an ordinary lad who has worked hard for what he's got?

              I am sick of living cheek by jowl with these b******s!!!!! Why can't they just leave us alone to get on with our lives? Why does our very existence offend their pathetic little minds? I'm not being arrogant, but I think it is because we behave properly and we are decent, law abiding citizens.

              Sorry, I'm pinching your topic, but I just want you to know that I know how you feel

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Thanks Beth and April,

                I know what you mean Beth. We checked again, they are also throwing meat bones, garden waste and a lot of wood into our garden. People who pass moan about the broken branches , across the path. People think we cannot cope because our garden is such a tip. If we say we have a problem neighbour, people think we are making excuses.



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                  :badmood: What despicable, pathetic people they are GG!

                  People can think what they like right now; it's difficult to do anything about the state of the garden when you're not living there. I really hope this all stops when you return.

                  All the best,



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                    Hi GG

                    I agree with the egg thing horrible to get off. Do you think it is a Yorkshire thing? :huh: :unsure:

                    I think in your area, you can now "bid" for tenancies from the local authority. Might be worth looking into? You can take your right to buy discount with you.


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                      Hi GG,

                      Sorry to hear about that, it must be past frustrating at this point Hopefully these tiresome bullies may just get fed up, after all it must take a long time to penetrate such thick skulls as your NFH obviously have!

                      Keep your spirits up if you can



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                        How do these people live with themselves. I was going to say how do they sleep at night but I am sure the answer to that one is very well unfortunately, its the rest of us who suffer. We just have to trust to karma and hope we are there to see it come around. Sorry for your plight. :sad:


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                          Hi GG

                          Holly beat me to it - I wuz going to mention that you can take your RTB discount with you too

                          If you don't want to move and the stairs are a prob, perhaps the Council's Occupational Therapy dept (usually connected to Social Work) can have a look and see if they can help. (if you haven't asked already ).

                          Chin up!




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                            Hi everyone , thankyou for the advice. We spoke to our housing manager, and he says we can take the discount with us. But our house would be down graded from a 3 bedroomed semi, to a 1 bedroomed with a small garden. Also no drive. We are very close to shops, schools bus routes here. We said we would try for mediation, for what it's worth. Putting up cctvs when we move back in.



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                              Hi GG,

                              We had the same, stuff thrown over the fence and property

                              damage. Be careful if you have children because they can

                              be adversly affected by long term NFH bullying (moreso than

                              adults). Take this into account if you decide to stay and fight

                              it out (defending your property and rights etc).