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Cruelty to Animals

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  • Cruelty to Animals

    Just been reading the post by barkingmad, regarding the NFH's poor dog being kept indoors on its own for hours on end.

    How can people treat animals so badly?

    Beth mentioned something recent about a dog I think (oh, lordy, I only read the post a minute ago and have forgotten already ). But there have been two high profile ones over the past week.

    Did you hear about the dogs that had been used for smuggling drugs? They'd actually inserted drugs into the dogs... :rant: can you believe it? I think there were three dogs used and I think one died. :sad:

    Then what about the NFH in New York? With the 2year old tiger? And the crocodiles? What is the worls coming to? Keeping animals like that in a tiny, tiny flat? Apparently he said he wanted to create his own "garden of Eden".

    :blink: :crazy: :wacko:

    What is the world coming to?

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    Just in case you didn't pick up on the stories,

    Re: The Tiger

    Re: The Drugged Dogs

    Disgraceful. :rant: :badmood:


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      That tiger guy...

      just how did he get hold of a tiger and croc anyway - just nipped down the petshop, perchance??? :blink:

      Garden of Eden??? My!! :rant:

      For a nation of so-called animal lovers, we don't half have a poor record - just have to watch Animal Hospital to just see a very (sanitised) tip of the iceberg...Heartbreaking and so infuriating :angry: .

      It's mostly infuriating because all but the most extreme cases seem to get away with it... :sad: What message does that give to the masses?

      I think the RSPCA needs more 'bite' (pardon for that one :blush: ).



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        I am not going to read them as it just gets me upset! :cry:

        so if you dont mind I will take your word on it

        evil evil people :rant:


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          Flipping gip! :badmood:

          Drugging dogs now - what kind of warped mind could think that up - I never knew about that until this evening reading the boards :frown:


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            I was a bit reluctant to read this thread because, like Beth I get really upset when I read of cruelty to animals (and children). I won't read stories about it because it haunts me for days.

            I think anybody who inflicts cruelty on defenceless dumb animals should have the same thing done to them!! :rant: And I won't even tell you what I think should be done to people who are cruel to children :rant:

            I'm on the verge of a full scale rant so I think I'll stop here. :angry:

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              I saw the new York tiger item on the BBC news last night. The tiger did actually bite him, so it seems the score might be tigers 1 daft pet owners nil so far.

              The tiger was HUGE, I think they said 28 stone. Certainly big enough to eat him. Just think of it, an interesting form of recycling - turning nfhs into tigers. Got to be a good deal.


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                Have just caught the last 10 minutes of "Gardeners from Hell" and it was appaling.

                A man has a website for Cat Haters of the UK gets e-mails from gardeners and people wanting to kill them.

                And a man killed lots of cats including his neighbours by snaring/shooting them and them dumping them in plastic bags as rubbish on the main roads. One of his neighbours saw him and reported him - he was fined £500. He says he would do it again, but bury them to hide the evidence.

                How sick is that? :cry:


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                  Hi Holly

                  I saw it too. That man getting fined £500 was ridiculous, especially after the couple before had been sentenced to 28 days in prison for cutting back a hawthorn bush.

                  It really made me mad to think of all those people who had lost their pets because of this evil man. It was only because someone from the CPL followed and reported him that he got caught at all.


                  Blue Cow


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                    sick, demented, evil...

                    When I saw that it reminded me of the member here who's cat was murdered by a similar personality.

                    Assuming he's a different person, that makes it even more sick that there are clearly quite a few individuals out there with these evil, twisted tendencies :sad:


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                      :badmood: There are some VERY sick people around :badmood:



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                        EVIL EVIL MAN !!!!! These people disgust me, its sick and twisted - my cat was on the receiving end of one of these brutes and he deserves to be shot in my opinion !!!! :rant:

                        i get so angry - it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about what these people do to animals then think of my own - how can they? its soooo sick. :angry:

                        Why hurt animals - its not their fault, they haven't done anything to deserve it - why drag them into it. They are the innocent parties as r we who are terrorised by our neighbours - it makes me so sick! :rant: :angry:

                        i have been involved in a lot of animal rights work in the past and still am (anti-foxhunting & circuses etc) and some of the things i have seen you wouldn't believe! 8-X 8-X

                        I cant believe people could ever hurt them - i couldn't ever do something like that its sick.



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                          The reason my neighbour gave for penning their German Shepherd outside in a small enclosure with no company day and night, summer and winter is because he is a Bad Dog.

                          And why is he a Bad Dog? Does he savage small children? Bite the postman? Start dogfights every time he's taken out? No. He has hip dysplasia. They feel they didn't get their money's worth from the person who sold him to them as a pup. So they've rejected him, utterly.

                          Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If only I had the strength, I'd break in and get him out of there.

                          Anyone fancy a bit of SWAT-style action?



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                            have you thought about approaching your neighbour and adopting him?

                            might solve a lot of probs for you and the dog??

                            poor thing, it makes me mad :rant:


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                              Can't adopt the poor boy, sadly. Both my husband and I are asthmatic. He shares his workplace with a dog, and needs time to breathe easy at home. I'm so allergic I start to wheeze and sneeze after just one night when my sister brings her tiny Yorkie to stay.

                              Also, we have six kids in a little 3-bed ex-council house (not all of them all the time, thank the stars - but all of them several times a week) so no room for German Shepherds.