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I am ready to explode!

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  • I am ready to explode!



    I hope the above quote will give some people a tiny hope. It does to me.

    Hi, I haven't posted many in this forum but today I want to rant and I don't care if nobody reads this. (Obviously, I am in one of those mood). My problem has been 3 years plus and since then, I've accuired two more NFH. You may doubt that there is something wrong with me. I asked one of friend neighbour to help resolve one of the problems and this person also pointed out that the one of the NFH is a head-case.

    I don't drink and I dashed out to an off-license to get 2 bottles of Barcadi breezer. You should have seen how quickly it went down.

    I've been catching up with some posts and I thought to myself, did I post this?

    It is uncanny I find exact carbon copy of my scenario, word for word.

    Tonight, I feel I am ready to throw an axe, no no ready to throw axes and TNT. :nuke:

    Let me be the NFH for a change! :devil:

    My health is suffering. :ill: I am single, live in a coucil bedsit and I fall in a category which one cannot move right NOW.

    :nfh1: :badmood: :ban: :angry: :cry: :banghead: :cry:


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    Hi Sky

    I've been catching up with some posts and I thought to myself, did I post this?

    It is uncanny I find exact carbon copy of my scenario, word for word.

    I know what you mean - some of the stories that I have read on this site have sent chills down my spine as the situations are so similar to what I went through.

    I hope that the Bacardi helped, and maybe writing your post helped too? Don't be throwing any axes though.....

    Take care

    Blue Cow


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      Hi Sky

      Oh dear, you sound so fed up... :sad:

      I don't know your story, can only guess how bad it must be though .

      You are presumably a Council tenant - have you had dealings with the Council re your NFH's? What are they going to do to help you? (Dare I ask??? :blink: )

      Have you made an application for Housing? If so, have you completed a Medical Form and got supporting letter from your GP? It might help.

      Also, have you considered an exchange? You just might be lucky, although I know it's hard to find one. What about Housing Associations? They have different eligibilty criteria to Councils quite often and you might be higher priority with one.

      You just rant away, I am sure everyone will try their best to help & support you!




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        Sky, I know how you feel. Believe me, I've been there! My relaxant was usually bacardi and coke if I was flush or a few beers if I wasn't!

        Karma (what goes around comes around) works, I've seen it in action. I just wish it would work a bit faster and more consistently Even when it works it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to help us, just punish those who need it.

        In my case, even when karma has worked its magic on those that have given me hell, there's usually another load of NFH waiting in the wings

        Throwing axes won't help, you'll end up behind bars with even worse NFH in the next cell :rant:

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hi Sky,

          I can only reiterate what other members have said! Sounds awful for you :badmood: Keep the axe in the cupboard, but by all means use your imagination to think what you won't actually carry out

          As Mazza has asked, are you absolutely sure all avenues are closed in terms of being moved? And certainly if nfh are council tenants, I would want to know what the council Housing Department are doing. Are they (nfh) still noisy, are Environmental Health involved right now? Whatever the incidents, do log them, and use the information to complain; could you record any of the noise?

          Come and "rant" when ever you feel like it; hope it helps




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            Hi sky

            Ditto to everything said already .

            Try and do things out and about too. Sometimes just doing something different can take your mind off your NFH. I know from personal experience that your NFH can really get to you, to the point where you're just consumed with hatred for them, and where every thought whizzing through your brain is about them.

            We had a bit of a laugh and a joke about ours last night and today, and ran round the house "tooled-up" with as many "weapons" as we could find, and what we'd do to our NFH (in our dreams ). My imaginery pump-action shotgun complete with sound effects worked particularly well. For a few minute I was Linda Hamilton. :lol: :P

            A bit of light relief.

            If you've got an independent Housing Advice Centre in your area, I suggest you pop along and have a chat to them. There could be other avenues open for you in terms of getting out of where you're living.


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              And as one of the other members of last nights action film replay, I congratulate Holly on her command of the Linda Hamilton-style performance :lol:

              Me? Lara Croft. Obviously.

              Great fun, everyone should try it for a bit of stress-relief


              P.S., Sky, if you want to check out if there's an independent Housing Advice in your area, have a look at the following link



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                Hi Sky,

                Sorry to hear of your hard times. Hope you find some relief,

                (I found some alcohol with dinner a calmative). Try to find

                distractions, even if you havent got much to spend, try to

                get out for a little while, or get a book to read or get interested

                in some TV shows or something. Whatever it takes to survive.

                Is there any way you can plan a move to somewhere else at all?

                I wish we could all help in a practicle way



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                  Thank you everyone for kind words and support.

                  I am feeling lowest ebb at the moment.

                  I found somewhere on this forum that the Shelter may be able to help so I rang up and made an appointment on Monday. My case worker will deliver verdict for me...if I have any chance or not. Worse case scenario, I will have to pack a bag and sign off... bye bye internet :cry:

                  I will let you know when I know the situ.



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                    Hi Sky, and sorry to hear that things feel no better

                    If you're looking at trying to get a move, I hope that the Shelter case-worker can help shed some light on the options available to you, and give you advice on how they may be achieved . I imagine no options will be instantaneous, but hope there is some good news on the horizon!!

                    All the best with the appointment on Monday



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                      good luck with that sky! :clover:

                      remember you can come here day or night to rant away if needed, we will answer your posts and try to support you the best we can.

                      I am sorry you are having to go through all this, life can be so unfair at times.

                      try and stay strong and focused and positive.

                      you have worked hard to get to your home, I really hope you feel you can stay there.

                      good luck and we are thinking of you!


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                        Hi Sky,

                        I'm sorry to hear that things are so bad for you at the moment , and I really hope that you have some good news on Monday.

                        I wish you all the very best of luck, and please let us know what they say.

                        Blue Cow


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                          Re What Goes Around Comes Around

                          I don't really know if I believe in this anymore.

                          I waited a long time for this to happen (too long) and

                          now I believe some evil people seem to get away with evil

                          all their lives. Maybe the "What Goes Around Comes Around"

                          is a long term thing which happens in the after life.