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  • Lifes a b*tch

    I am beginning to rattle I am collecting that many pills and lotions from our local chemist. Not only have I got the normal collections for my boyfriends medical problems and mine, I have tablets for a fungal nail problem which as being ongoing for 5 years. My ankle swelled up so I went to the doctor and he said I had gout. The tablets are bright pink and like horse tablets, 3 a day. Some people sail through life doing all the wrong things without a scratch. Whatever happened to sharing.


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    That doesn't sound nice at all GG.

    Hope the medication relieves some of the pain for you. I agree with the sharing thing. I go for quite long periods of being fine and then all of a sudden I end up with a series of medical problems.


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      Hi Goosegirl

      My husband feels the same - we counted up how many tablets he has to take just in the mornings to exist and it came to 20!!!

      Add up a further 6 in the evening, plus all the liquid medicine and he just about throws up on it all. Poor thing.

      If he's ever needing anti biotics, that's another 4 a day, and if he's feeling sick, that's another 6 a day!!!

      Rattle? Seriously!




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        Hi Goosegirl

        Just wanted to wish you well, and Mazza to your husband too. I hope that you all have a good weekend.

        I've been feeling really sorry for myself today as I'm recovering from a (minor) operation from last week and have come down with flu in the meantime. Then I read your posts and realise that I'm just being pathetic :blush:

        So here's wishing you all the best.

        Blue Cow


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          Lots of tablets! Wouldn't it be nice if they could contain all of them in one pill to save so many pill taking? Sometimes it seems like having to take tablets for tablets!

          I remember working with an older person who had a re-occuring/permanent fungal infection on her hand (her hand was in a clasped & closed position) - antibiotics worked to a certain extent anyway.

          Sorry to hear you're rattling goosegirl



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            I hate having to take pills to keep healthy But the alternative is not too attractive, so I'll carry on taking them

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              I hate putting pills into my body, but when the pain gets really bad I have to or I just sit an cry

              I do other stuff to try and prevent the pain, yoga is quite good for my particular problem and certain foods can help a bit.

              I can smypathise though with the amount some people have to take.

              its not fun but hey, if it helps thats good


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                My partner uses Yoga for pain. She has severe arthritis. She also takes Glucasamine. Her doctor told her to take it, even though he can't prescribe it. It is not a drug, you see.


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                  My mother has some fungal infection in her toe. We are using tea tree

                  oil because the podiatrist says some of the medication for treating fungal

                  infections is not good for the internal organs of older people (liver or kidneys?).

                  I hope stress is not contributing to your illnesses. Try to find de-stressors in

                  your life, things you like doing that are relaxing.

                  Hope your health improves. My daughter is in a lot of pain on and off and

                  is on medication too. NFH contributed to her physical condition (specialists

                  have all said this). I hate NFH's. They are a real health hazard.

                  One should be able to claim NFH damage rebates (in dollars) from the Government

                  to help with medical expenses etc.



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                    hI everyone,

                    Thanks for all the kind comments, and I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer. Has anyone told Beth summers not over yet?.

                    Take care GG.