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  • Wasters

    A beautiful field near me is apparently getting churned up with lottery money - why? So they can level off the football pitch so the poor kids have a balanced game. I am absolutely sickened by this news, considering the mess of our estate.

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    And there was me thinking that when you swopped ends at halftime it evened out all the dips and slants in the pitch ...

    It is a bit off putting BUT .. you could start a 'clean up our estate committee' and apply for lottery money too . Or ask probation to bring its 'volunteers' down to tidy up as community punishment. (very polite people as they are on best behaviour - quite willing to do a good job)

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      Hi Reinen

      Do they really have to use that space? Is there no school/council facility already in existence nearby that they could tap into using?

      Is it worth contacting your local Voluntary Action organisation, and see if they can help you get going a group who have a say?! They help small community groups get start-up funding, and also apply for other money. Then, you can perhaps change the priorities!

      Seriously, needs time and energy, but there are ways and means, if there's the will



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        This is typical.

        Years ago, in the mid 1970s, our local council decided to "improve" an area of land around a lake.

        They wrecked it. Apparently the person in charge forgot to check with experts and accidentally smashed up the ancient land drains on the site.

        As a result the land now floods every time there is the slightest rainfall. 28 years later it still has not recovered.