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NFH = when they are Teenagers

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  • NFH = when they are Teenagers

    Just put it down to the inbreeding is the reply we get from friends - particularly known for in this part of the country. This does not solve the problem, we already have 1 nfh, now we also have teenagers nfh`s. On Friday night they held a party which went on till 1.45am. Loud music, sexually specific words being used, especially in relation to the size of a man`s genitals, shrieking, bellowing and disgusting phrases such as "Put your c..k away" you may be surprised to hear that this party was being held by two teenagers, under the age of consent whilst their Mother! ( insult to all decent mothers) and bloke who lives in this house as well being away. The woman! ( aged 40 ish dressing as if she was 17 - ugh) , fag always in mouth, has already proved herself to be evil, with absolutely no regard to anyone else except herself. Her two offspring are equally revolting bullies. The only website they could join would be Slappers Re-United! Dogs or wot. They act and behave far worse than any wild animal! 1 nfh is bad enough but now 2, what have we done to deserve this. Dealing with children is far more diffucult. When you have a foul mouthed bully for a mother no wonder the children turn out the way they do, although this is no excuse for their behaviour. This woman is totally unapproachable. Any ideas on this one!

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    Hi peacelily

    I really don't know how you can deal with problems like this. I often wonder why some people have children if they don't have the right kind of attitude/skills to raise them.

    Makes it very difficult for children to grow up knowing right from wrong in my opinion, which is sad for everyone.

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      The behaviour of the children is a direct result of the mother's behaviour and her parenting skills.

      They are her children and it would have been a miracle had they turned out any different. My only hope is that they don't corupt to omany decent kids.


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        Hi Peacelily

        Disturbance til 1.45 this a regular occurence? And could the police have done something if two under-age children were having a party, with no responsible adult around all night? Might Social Services be interested? Dunno the answers, just musing....but it certainly doesn't seem right does it?

        Worth logging all details, in case you need to involve Environmental Health department...or any other agency for that matter!




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          Peacelilly, you have my sympathy. We had six weeks of hell earlier this year when new NFH moved in and left his teenage son alone in the house. He wasn't alone for long....all his mates turned up and had one long booze, drugs and loud music party.

          Fortunately the HA got involved and the lad left before he was evicted. Did you call the police to this rave? If there is underage drinking and possibly drug taking I think the police might at least put in an appearance.

          I can't remember if you and NFH are in owned or rented homes. If it's rented get right on to the landlord/HA/council. What did other neighbours think?

          Hope things quieten down for you if and when the mother returns. Take care

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Hi Peacelily

            I symapthise with you, it's dreadful when the number of NFH's increase like this :angry:

            Like has been said already, how are these teenagers supposed to behave, when they have been brought up thinking that their behaviour is acceptable? :sad:

            There really is no excuse for bad parenting, and by all accounts their Mother is badly lacking in this skill :angry:

            Hope you can get it sorted



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              I can sympathise with you.

              I feel really fed up when I see this kind of thing going on - there are decent people working hard to bring their kids up with a sense of decency and there you have on the other hand the ones that could not give a toss - generation after generation of ignoramuses put on this planet irritating everyone and costing us all money one way or another.

              I was wondering if there should be compulsory classes in school about parenting and community living because some people simply have no idea of how to live appropriately and nobody ever seems to be able to tell them how to behave (oh no, can't have anyone impinging on these peoples' human rights...).

              But then, that's a whole different can of worms, eh?