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  • Marching Bands

    sorry to anyone who likes marching bands but there seems to be some sort of competition in our area today and it is still going!!

    its the other side of the valley from us and its outside, we can here it as the wind is blowing this way....dear me

    they have been going all day and are still at it now!!

    it seems the sound is more distorted by the wind and it sounds dreadful....I dont like that sort of band to be honest but it just seems so loud and so bad today and we are several miles away!!

    I hope they go quiet soon as we have had to shut all the windows (and can still hear them!!)

    it is now driving me crackers!!! :angry:

    I am glad I dont live any closer

    rant over!

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    they just finsihed about 10pm can you believe!!

    and now the road works have started up in the bottom of the valley!! :banghead:

    I seem to be very affected by noise at the moment!!

    the road works have been going on for months now, they are doing a huge strecth of road and we have heard them getting closer and closer

    I feel for the people who live next to it, the other night it was going well into the night, I am talking 2am here!! :banghead:

    oh dear I am turning into victor today!! sorry!!! :angry:


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      Thankfully finished!

      Loud, out of tune, harsh sounds.............! :lol:


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        i am as easily annoyed by the slightest noise too beth...grr..why won't the world stop for me??..i bet if it was totally silent that would be too quiet too :P...i find its easier with the white noise as i think you said about listening to something you put on so you don't hear / get annoyed about what someone else is doing, a dvd left on quiet does the job! ..even now at 2am i can hear ignorant w****** outside....makes me i will be falling asleep to "one hour photo"


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          Marching band competition? Gosh. :sad: You poor thing! Were they as out of tune as most of them seem to be?


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            Sorry to hear about all the outside noise you're getting at the moment Beth.

            Roadworks can be a real pain, we all know that they need to be done at some point, but when large stretches of roads are being done, it often seems like it's never going to end.


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              i cant imagine how bad the racket from a marching band can be I am afraid. the only time i ever came across them was when i was a kid and once a year the british legion would have a parade to commemorate the end of WW1. We had an old english sheepdog who would go nuts over the noise of the bagpipes and would only shut up when he was taken down to the roadside to watch. he would sit there as good as gold just listening. bless. he must have been a soldier in his previous life, bless him.

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                hehe, it went into sunday as well!!

                I think it was children, lots of majorettes in the area

                all done now till next year now I hope

                I also hope that I start getting more tolerant with news soon!!