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  • It's Nice Weather...

    OK, I realise people have bonfires for a variety of reasons and I'm not saying people shouldn't use them (safely) if it's appropriate and obviously not at the annoyance of their neighbours.....

    But, why oh why do people think it's OK to have a bonfire in the middle of a lovely sunny, Sunday afternoon when most (all?) people will have at least a few windows open?

    There is one close by to me somewhere, can't see it, but can smell it a bit - you know the smell, seems to linger everywhere. It makes me wonder if people have any thoughts or consideration for others when they have bonfires at times like these?

    Why couldn't they have waitied until later? What about people's washing out on the lines? Windows open? People outside enjoying the weather/gardens - and oh, wafty smells of the bonfire - lovely.

    I suppose you could say similar to BBQ's - but, hey that's a different breed eh!

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    believe me i know how you feel. thankfully our bonfire bandit hs obviously burnt everything so he hasnt had one for a few days. ok so he did have them at night but it was the burning plastic smell that was filling the house that got up my nose.

    the road over the front of us (behind the garages) is full of privately owned houses and not part of the council estate i live on and they all seem to think because they live in private houses that there are different laws for them. they constantly have bonfires but at least being to the front of the flat the smell isnt as bad as those out the back of us. and one of them has speakers in his garden (he must have because of the loudness, even the old couple abopve me have mentioned how loud the music is sometimes from this persons garden). where the hell do you stand when its "private" Vs "Council"?


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      Why are these people such w***kers?

      Debs trying to be quiet!!

      Matthew and Beth

      Post this message for me........please..........

      From Witsend "My NFH have moved out!!!!

      Thank you SO much for your help and support.......I never thought this day would come.........everything happens for a reason so they say........

      Your Website helped me sooo much..........

      Love Debbie xxxxx

      and you will be linked to my WEbsite xxxx

      Debs xxxxx


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        Nice one and really glad you have found your peace.

        Matthew, tell me about bonfires. I live in the Borders and had the misfortune of being here at the height of the foot and mouth outbreak. We are surrounded by farmland and at one point counted twenty plus bonfires. The smell you get from a bbq was nothing compared to this smell. It literally puts you off bbq' for life.

        Sorry just having a moment.



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          Ssssshhh. The local bonfire burners must be overcome with the heat because we've not had any for quite a while now

          Debs, I'm over the moon for you Hope you're having a lovely peaceful and stress free life now

          Grrr!! As I'm writing this some silly light plane has just flown right over the house with somebody strapped to it's wing!! So I'm thinking of Spinky and hoping she's having a peaceful bank holiday

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            kevin, that must have completely dreadful, the smell of death basically isnt it.

            we go from one extreme to another in this post...kevin with foot and mouth on one hand and misty with some dilly doughnut flaffing about on a light aircraft...truly bizarre....

            i am sure i would crack up at the sight of some twit strapped to the wing of a light aircraft...especially if they flew over my house!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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              Isn't there a regulation about when you can have a bonfire to burn garden rubbish?

              Something to do with hanging washing out ...

              I'll have a root around and see what I can find

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                There is a Self-Help Article all about Bonfires on the main NFHiB site in the Resources section.


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                  Am lucky here for a change...

                  In the part of Somerset I live in, the locl council only allow bonfire on Nov 5th or thereabouts.....
                  "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                    Bonfires eh?

                    The only bonfires we have up here are the ritual sacrifices young man- have you ever seen "The Wicker Man"

                    Or indeed the big potsof boiling water being made up for............................................... .........................POT NOODLES!!!!!!!!

                    Bet you havent missed THAT!!

                    your old grumpy stressed out chum

                    Horsefan! :lol:
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                    apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

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