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  • Bad Drive Out Good

    The other night my friend from across the road who lives next door to one of the four NsFH in our road, rang to me tell me she has definitely made up her mind to apply for a transfer to another area of the estate.

    This NFH, next door to her, is a single man in a three bedroom property, he has gangs of kids and youths in his house and milling around outside, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning! God (and HA) knows how many complaints have been put in against him. He was even taken to court but he's now so b*****y arrogant he thinks he's untouchable! He's even bragging about driving out the people next door to him and now he's driving out my friend!! He's also taken up with one of the other NFH single mothers so they've all obviously formed a coalition!

    My hubby was talking to another neighbour who lives next door to another NFH (there are four of them in a group of 26 houses). And this chap has just given up hoping for any action being taken.

    I'm sick of hearing from the HA that certain tenants (NFH) are being called into the office and given warnings. They must have had four or five by now and STILL they are making our lives misery! Their kids run riot through people's gardens, they dump their rubbish on other peoples gardens and outside in the street. I've had to call the HA and get their caretakers to remove rubbish from the empty house next door (where yet another NFH used to live) and from my daughter's garden. And STILL NFH remain! They sit outside their houses, drinking booze, taking drugs, music blaring. And STILL they remain.

    I am sick of seeing good decent people being driven out or driven to distraction by this sc*m! I don't like using that word but it is entirely appropriate in this situation! God help us all in five years time when the younger NFH brats are a bit older! I expect by then they'll have recieved another 20 warnings! Meanwhile they will have driven all the good neighbours out and the only ones who will stay will be the idiots, like me, who bought our houses thinking we'd be making an investment in the future and now realise our houses are worth peanuts!!

    I only hope Frank Field, MP gets his legislation through parliament and HA's and councils up and down the land make a determined effort to use it!

    I'm tired, that Creamfields festival was very loud last night and I live about a mile and a half from it! Still it wasn't as loud as the idiots who live over the back were the night before :P

    Ok, sorry, rant over I feel much better now

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

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    Hi Misty

    You're not an 'idiot' - you are a decent, polite, well - mannered person who thought they were making a good choice in buying your property, it's not your fault that there are many NFH living around you, not your fault at all.

    It's about time your HA got tough with these cretins. How many warnings need to be given for goodness sake, by a HA that seems too inept to act, too lazy or too scared? Perhaps this is the time to really give the HA some pressure, from the local media, the local community, etc. NFH, such as yours need to be sent a clear message, that pack it in or pack up and you'll be moved (via eviction). What sort of message does this kind of inaction present to other NFH?

    How sad and pathetic that someone (NFH) can be proud of their actions and 'ability' to drive their neighbour out, what a pathetic existence.

    You're right, children are brought up in an environment where they then really do believe it's OK for them to act as the please and do what they want, and basically hard luck to their (future) neighbour. The NFH baton once again gets passed down the line.

    It's about time this government (and any future) WOKE up and did something pro-active, measures may be coming, although too little, too late (?) that may re-address the balance in this. It will be interesting to see any results from this.

    It's about time the British are not seen as a population who will turn the other cheek and keep a 'stiff upper lip' in NFH situations - NFH who repeatedly and deliberately make the lives of other's a misery deserve no sympathy for their actions and deserve the negative consequences of what they have done.

    :yobs: :yobs:


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      Hi Misty....maybe time for a meeting with the HA manager...nay, why stop there...the Chief Exec? A copy of their Eviction Procedure first would be handy, to ascertain where they are up to in the procedure. This is ludicrous, that they seem only to have had a vague series of warnings....every procedure has it's end if a problem persists! Maybe they have had final written warning against them, in which case the next step could be a Notice of Seeking Possession? It would be interesting to see what action is actually being considered, if any!

      Don't stop ranting, just carry it out elsewhere, AS WELL :P



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        There are rules governing how HAs are operated. Get in touch with your MP. Ask him or her to intervene on your behalf.

        Single man. Loads of young males always round his home?

        We had someone like that in my town. We have a new name for him. It is JAILED! (He was sent down for a lomg time for abusing young boys.)

        Have the police been warned of this aspect of his behaviour?


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          Thanks for all your replies

          Sapph, I was thinking of emailing the chief exec, though I don't know if they read emails any more Maybe I'll phone tomorrow.

          Neighboured, I spoke to the local inspector and some HA staff about this chap at a meeting that they arranged for me late last year. It was after that that the HA took him to court, but the judge decided he should have a second chance.

          My friend told me that the ex-partner of NFH had been around and told the other NFH(the one that he has taken up with) that she was disgusted that she (NFH)was allowing him into her home and contact with her kids because he was a paedophile. Now, I don't know if she (ex-partner) was telling the truth or maybe it could be a case of sour grapes. I'm also not happy about reporting such conversations to the police or the HA because the word 'paedophile' is being flung around an awful lot nowadays and is being used as a weapon against innocent people. I don't like the NFH, but I wouldn't want to accuse him of something that serious that might not be true; a few of us on the board have had that utterly false and malicious accusation flung at us or a family member and it has a devastating effect.

          I've asked my friend to tell the HA exactly what is going on when she goes there this week. I've also urged her to keep a diary. Everybody else seems to think that because they can't see any action from HA there's no point in keeping diaries. Grrr. I could shake them sometimes!!!! It would, I think, only take one eviction for the other NFH to behave a little better. Hopefully it will be soon and we'll see the arrogant grin wiped off that idiot's face!!

          Thanks again

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Oooh Misty,

            How desperately frustrating for you, I'd hate it too.

            It does beggar belief that he has not been evicted by now, but hey, there's ''policies'' to stick to you know!!!

            Keep at them (the HA, MP etc), it's all you can do really and pretty soon he'll come a cropper, surely??

            At least you have other tenants on your side - it's worse when nobody's brave enough to stand up for themselves. Must be a blow to lose your decent neighbour though - mind you, a transfer is likey to be forever, eh?


            :nfh1: :nfh1: :nfh1:


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              Hi Misty

              It must be so sad to see all the nicer people moving away and such a shame that your HA aren't being much more pro-active in delaing with the anti-social tenants in your area.

              I don't know whether you have looked into what the Housing Corporation could do, or what information they have? Just an idea .


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                Grrr. :angry: I was in the kitchen getting tea ready and I heard a bang. Went into the living room because it sounded as if it came from the front of the house and there was this mini-yob, all of about four years old, standing in my garden, hurling stones at my windows!!! The little monster had a pocketful of them!

                I must have sounded like an angry lion as I bawled at him! He ran. I'm sick of these mini-yobs. They can do as much damage as the bigger yobs but last time my hubby yelled at one the mother came out yelling at my hubby to leave them alone 'cos they're only babies" Stupid cow!! (with the price of beef nowadays I suppose that's a compliment :P ) She's not a baby so why isn't she teaching her brats right from wrong? Probably because she's got it all backward, her partner is in and out of jail so often you'd think he was on a bungee cord!!

                Anyway I emailed the HA. They say things are going on 'behind the scenes'. Well this must be a blockbuster because complaints have been going in for around two years, maybe more, about this lot and still they act like they're untouchable!!

                Phew! I needed that rant I feel better now Cheers

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  What can you say?

                  I'm flabbergasted at that childs behaviour. Although I know that sadly it's not uncommon. Where we lived a while a go a little kid "Bratley Battersby" came into our garden and attempted to steal my trowel :blink: . I think I must have frightened him half to death when I banged my broomstick on the window and cackled at him.


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                    [email protected] :lol:

                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                      Mistey - I get angry for you reading some of your posts - the frustration seethes out of every word. WHEN WILL THEY LISTEN? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO TO BE HEARD? I feel like knocking some sense into their empty heads to just let this situation drag on and on and on and on and on while you and others suffer at the hands of these people - oh and god forbid you should do anything about brats throwing stones at your windows - it's their god given right to isn't it? Don't shout at them mistey - they're playing Ahhhh.


                      E mails. Don't work. People get so many, it's the easy option, (as in easier than writing a letter) Phone calls can't always get the message across. That is if you get to speak to someone in the first place. Letters work so much better. They have to be acknowledged, even if to say they're looking into it. A letter will put this on a more formal basis and show you mean business. You also get a name to reply to, a date in writing of when you started the complaint and it does tend to stick in the meory slightly longer.

                      Saying all that Mistey I'm a cynic, I would love to say "I hope this brings a result" but I can't bring myself to, as I have no faith in the process. What I really hope for you is peace within yourself in the madness all around you. Somehow.

                      Kind thoughts me ole mucker - I missed you.


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                        Cheers, Spinky

                        I shall take your advice on board. I might even write to the chief exec, not that that will bring any joy, I think. However I think I might write again to the local press, my MP, councillors and anybody else that might listen.

                        I can just hear the excuses now, 'oh people haven't been keeping diaries', 'we've done all we can', 'it won't happen overnight'. I think I've come to the sad conclusion that overnight miracles don't happen, but you'd think two years might yield some results!!

                        It's a double rollover tomorrow, I think I might invest in a few more lottery tickets, light a few candles and get on my knees and pray. I'll bet I'll get more results that way than in relying on HA :P

                        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                          Many years ago Birmingham City Council had a policy of deliberately moving NFH to live next to "decent families" (words of the council) in order to "help them to see how to behave."

                          Well, somehow the only people who could not see that the idea was doomed to fail was the council.

                          The areas of Birmingham where this policy was attempted are -40 years later, mind you- are still suffering as a result of this bizarre policy. And some people think council stupidity is a new thing!


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                            Hi Misty,

                            As one who was driven out by a NFH, I can empathise. I also saw nice

                            children in my street become bully-like from seeing my NFH get away

                            with what he was doing (this behaviour spreads like a disease - might

                            equals right). What a pity you couldn't form your own "Coalition of

                            the willing anti-NFH in your street" to turn things around and show some

                            solidarity. NFH like yours are pure evil and don't have anything constructive

                            in their lives to keep them occupied. How sad for you and everyone

                            else who has to suffer from their abuse.

                            Melanie :cry: