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  • Grass Cutters Of The Uk Unite!

    I just need a little ranting room, getting fed up with the morning mowers that keep waking me up with their incesant mowing of their lawns to within a milimeter of their lives.

    If they want a lawn that looks so neat and trim and perfect why don't they just go and buy lots of green carpet?? aargh!!

    One of these days I'm going to play with my RC car at 8am just to see how they like it, it's petrol powered...

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    I don't get it either. It's like people who hoover carpets so all the hoover lines go in the same direction. Are we on this planet to pay so much attention to absolute minutia? I don't think so. It's a waste of time unless I suppose it's some big deal estate house or in a place where it matters. All that wasted effort.

    We have a petrol powered mower but haven't got what you would call a lawn, more of a 'happening' for our dogs and wildlife. It gets mowed and doesn't look untidy, just natural. We have moles too and they are a bit annoying, we also have rabits that burrow under the fences, but I'd rather look at the rabbits than be out mowing a lawn at 8 in the morning.


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      Crikey.....surely if they mow the lawn that often, it will kill it anyway?!

      The word show off's springs to mind Haku!

      Some members make good use of earplugs, maybe these would help? Never used them, but I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction.

      [Moved to Ranters Corner]


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        Hi Haku

        If this noise is unreasonable and happening a lot have you talked to your neighbours and asked them to mow later in the day (or preferably once a year )?

        I'm sure they'd soon be talking to you about your RC car if you were "playing" excessively :lol: .

        I might have a pile of pavings slabs to give away soon, perhaps you can tell your neighbours. :lol:


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          I know what you mean .

          On the weekends, it's worse than living near a motorway sometimes - but at least it's not starting at 8 am!

          I do know someone completely obsessed with their garden though who does disturb everyone at least twice a week (has even been known to do this three times a week), front and back for the best part of the day, using two different lawnmowers... I ask you!!! :hihi:

          And the end result is the same - it's green like everyone else's :blink:



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            Hmmmm...spare your neighbours, and.....grow a meadow

            New campaign.....hate mowers on a morning.....and never mow, cos I haven't got a mower!!!! Saves energy too...both mine and the national grid's :hihi:


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              I'm afaid I have cultivated a jungle But the great thing about it is the huge amount of birds and butterflies I get out there And I'm sure there are a few hedgehog families snuffling around out there as well And the cats just love dancing around in the grass and climbing the trees Probably after all those birds

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                LOL Misty...I fear severely for birds in my garden...and terrified in nesting season....have one young cat who likes to count her death toll every day!!!! She's just SO pleased with herself, it's hard to be angry with her

                Still, would rather hear the birds singing!



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                  On the flip side and just to throw a spanner in the works - have you lot with the jungles considered that the neighbours with the neat and tidy lawns may think your garden is a disgraceful mess?

                  Are you letting all the "wild flowers" ie weeds grow X foot tall aswell? What about the seeds that will be spreading in the wind onto people's culitvated tidy borders? Are you making their garden a nightmare of weeding after they've spent ages lovingly preparing it?


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                    No, Wil-E :lol:

                    It's a meadow!..but a cultivated one....LOL

                    My neighbours can see me out digging out dandelions by hand, to avoid the seeds blowing in their gardens :hihi: :hihi:

                    They also admire it as the most colourful garden on the least it's not a barren wasteland



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                      Ours isn't a jungle, it's surprisingly kempt for a garden that has four dogs playing in it, it just isn't a neat and tidy lawn, which would look odd in our setting - we're out in the sticks with a forest behind us, a farmers field at one side and a road at the other.

                      Heaven save me from little boxes, every one the same, just like the other one, with neat lawns and washing the car on a Sunday.

                      No we have no four foot weeds - but we had a whole paddock full of them and almost six foot nettles and all sorts of stuff growing like Triffids when we moved in. Who shifted the lot and planted grass seed for a natural meadow - us! We even have Bluebells and all sorts of wildflowers on that paddock that British Nature are trying to re introduce into areas where the'ye been lost.

                      Saying all that I'm not mad keen on gardening although I read recently that it's a great de stressor as you stop thinking about things and can recharge your grey matter.


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                        Hehehe I was just playing devils advocate and baiting in jest... Couldn't resist temptation I'm afraid.

                        I mow my lawn on the basis of 2 things - 1) if i can be bothered and more usually 2) Redwitch has nagged me to death because it's a mess.

                        We've a huge butterfly bush (Budlea?) in the bottom corner of the garden, apart from the stunning huge flowers it has the garden full of butterflies all summer and I've noticed that it must be attracting moths etc at night too because we've been watching 2 bats flitting back and forth around it at night


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                          At night when the outside light comes on the moths take over! It's incredible to watch. We have bats too that swoop over the patio swirl around then fly back, whether they are warning us off or not I don't know, but they certainly fly in our direction.


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                            Nah, they're just feeding.. I've had ours fly straight at me then do a sharp 90 degree turn as they take an insect barely a foot away... brilliant...

                            Got the kids convinced they're vampire bats, last night I was racking off some blackberry wine, very dark red, told the kids it was sacrificial blood to feed the vampires on... I'm evil me.

                            Gardens are a bit of an issue in our area, not a big one though, most people have average, fairly tidy but not regimental gardens... then as usual you get the lazy sods who do nothing with theirs at all, not even to pick up any litter from them, so the litter blows around, weeds spread like mad and it looks messy.. thankfully there's not too many like that.


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                              Wow, they're feeding? I'm going to look closer tonight.

                              Not picking litter up from your own garden is beyond me - and I'm not even a tidy bod, but even the dog's toys are put in a box when we come in from the garden, it's not good to look out of the window and see a mess.

                              But I cannae stand boxed, neat, tidy gardens all in a row - they're unsettling and vaguely spooky. But in a similar vein, to have a tip for a garden is annoying in a different way. I like a 'tidy sprawl'.

                              I know my mum has loved her garden for years and has kept and tended it - even in old age, yet her neighbours just use theirs as some sort of dumping ground. Hers is like a cottage garden with planted flowers looking like they grew like that naturally!!! It works!