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Arrrgghhh Distant Neighbours

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  • Arrrgghhh Distant Neighbours

    :angry: :lol:

    I don't know quite how to feel about these people.

    They live on a street away from us and about ten gardens down - bit I can still haer them. They are the ones who "lived it up" for a whole weekend.

    But tonight, whilst I sat outside quaffing my wine and smoking a fag (like a lady :lol: ) I heard these "muffling comments"

    she's just 15,

    yeah, well you need to give her some confidence

    let er go out

    yeh but

    tell her to fight

    yeh but

    nah, I've fathered loads, they need confidence


    look just tell them to f*** off




    they're actually still going now.

    I don't know if any of you can identitfy with the typical "Yob Voice" - but that's whats coming thought my window and it's coming from quite a distance.

    I really do pity their neighbours

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    I can actually STILL hear a man and a woman going: she's laughing like a depraved hyena, and the only word he seems to know is "yeh"....

    and I'm "supposed" to live in a posh area - who let the yobbery in?


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      I hope you realise that part of the "meet" is to do active role plays - so youll be going round to this house to tell them to shut up, OK?

      OK, it's not, but I'll give you a fiver. :lol:


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        These people are now taking the P.

        I am going to do a nfh drop down the lane. Popping little cards through the door - I'll be back to report my drops.

        h34r: h34r: h34r:

        I've got my spy clothes on now and I'm off :unsure:


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          Hi everyone - I'm back

          HadEnough and Reinen were my check back with people, HE I'm fine thanks .

          I wandered up the lane and decided that the "letterboxs" drop was too hard, so I perfected the car drop - sticking the NFH cards in the windows.

          I srumbled across a friend of the nfh down the road who was very worse for wear.

          I have managed to drop of about 30 NFH in Britain Cards (but 5 to the local pub).

          Let's see if we get any more joiners!


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            Go on Holly....positive publicity!!! but does it HAVE to be done under cover of darkness? :P



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              Sorry to hear wot you are going through..........think the heat ia affecting everyone........had my lovely b****d Neighbour shout out "b*tch!" at me at 7 am the other day................wot a great way to start the day! Still it makes a change from sl*pper I suppose.....! We have to retain our sense of humour.....altho very difficult............

              Perhaps I ought to start being one.....

              I am certainly not the same little person who moved in here 2 years ago.......I have discovered a side of myself I would rather never explore again

              WHERE do I get the NFH cards from please?

              love and hugs



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                Whoo hoo, way to go Holly :lol: Did you wear your ninja outfit?

                Why is the theme of Mission Impossible going through my mind?

                I don't know whether it would be worth doing that here, half the population is illiterate! Oh, ok I exaggerate....but only a little

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  Good on yer Holly, I fancy to do that too - get people round here made aware of the evil in their midst... :nfh1:


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                    dedededededododo - James Bond theme!!

                    Hey, Holly Lass - well done you!!

                    I have NFH like that too - they have megaphones inserted into their throats in infancy. My hubby has a great word for it, popular in the north - (those of a nervous disposition look away now!) ......g*bsh*tes!!

                    Mrs B
                    BE BOLSHY - RECLAIM YOUR GARDEN!


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                      Funny that, there seems to one in every street in every neighbourhood.

                      We can always hear no 31's music and voice (they live on a different street!)

                      I really pity their immediate neighbours.

                      It never used to be like this....all those back to back house and there was only ever a friendly word while wiping over your front step!

                      Even I remember that and I am only in my early thirties

                      What went wrong?



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                        Some morons from over the back were playing their music (ha" I use the word in it's loosest possible sense) today. It sounded like it was in my house :angry:

                        So I put on one of my Chieftains cd's at full blast, sadly my cd player hasn't got a very loud volume However, it seemed to do the trick, they lowered theirs. I think they were trying to make out what this alien music was :lol: All is quiet now....but don't say anything, they might start again

                        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                          :angry: we have had it all day from no 31 (not even in our street)....they play country and western full tilt.

                          Last night he started at 1.30am :banghead: The police were called several times last year....but nothing got done about it.

                          My heart goes out to their neighbours....I love music but I assume that nobody else wants to share it.




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                            Originally posted by witsend@Aug 9 2003, 10:40 AM

                            WHERE do I get the NFH cards from please?

                            Matthew is going to put them on the resources section on the main site so you can print them off and cut them out!

                            I have been using coloured kids paper for them!


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                              This site has it all...high tech AND a touch of Blue Peter :lol:

                              Something for everyone!!!