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  • Hush My Mouth!

    Grrr, :angry: I told Matthew earlier today that things had been quiet but now I'd said it all hell would probably let loose!

    Well, it's not all hell, but if it carries on it might be! I was going downstairs and I heard something hit my front door (It's mostly glass), so I looked out of the window and there across the other side of the Green is NFH, a single bloke aged about 30 with his gang of cronies. Outside my house is one of the younger yobs (15), and they are kicking a football to each other. This ball is going about thirty feet into the air and they don't seem to give a damn where it lands!! That's what hit my door.

    Since then it's hit my house twice! I wouldn't go out to them because I know I'd only get a mouthful of abuse. So I called the police. Well, obviously my call is going to be 'well down in the pecking order', as the PC so nicely put it. But I wanted an incident number so I could give it to the HA. NFH is the one that was almost evicted and who, after a lull, is now in full blown NFH mode. Young yob (NFH in the making) and his family were also on the verge of being evicted because of his behaviour with his gang of cronies!

    I've emailed the HA but am still waiting for an incident number - bet I don't get one! I won't hold my breath waiting for either the police or the HA to act Think I might take four drops of that Bach flower rescue remedy now, calm my nerves.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

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    Oh gawd Misty...

    Insist you get that incident could even say they are deliberately harassing you with kicking the football at your house and intimidating you - which sounds like it anyway and they'd intimidate anyone!

    When are the councils going to learn.....the HA's etc.........

    Person is NFH - Person warned(?) - Person calms down, maybe, a bit, not in all cases for a *short* while - Person is NFH again.

    Vicious circle. Nothing is done to intervene and break this, what is it with these NFH Yobs?!

    Don't let them provoke you and don't let them get the better of your head - you are better than that and these yobs



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      Thanks Matthew and HE

      I've just looked out of the window. I think the footballing has stopped but NFHx is over outside his house with a WHOLE GANG of yobs!!

      I think it's been like this every night since the nice weather started. I can't say for sure because I usually deliberately don't look out of the window. During the day another NFH has a gang in his front garden, but they're mostly adults. Mind you the gang that NFHx has around him must be mostly in their early 20's the others late teenage. I think he supplies their dope Haven't got any proof just heard the gossip.

      My friend lives next door to him and her and her hubby are going spare about him. Her son is on friendly terms with NFHx, don't know why and this also drives my friend mad :angry: My son gets really het up about it all, but he can't really do anything because it would be him against a gang. Luckily my son has a brain in his head, well most of the time

      I think I should make the effort and speak to some of the other neighbours because I know they hate NFHx and his cronies.

      15 yr old yob you say - now, now, he's a child with the right to play outside - remember¬*

      Of course, HE, I forgot How grumpily remiss of me


      :yobs: :nfh1: :ban:
      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Hi they go again!

        Try and gather as much neighbourhood support as you can, both for police and landlord....witnesses/other evidence is so useful...and allows the landlord to appear so "reasonable" when taking action. Of course, if more than one party is disturbed there MUST be a problem

        The other point is the CUMULATIVE effects of an nfh's behaviour. One incident may be dismissed, two is a minor annoyanc, three is aggravating, etc., etc.

        It stands to reason, then, that the EFFECTS are cumulative. Add latest to rest(and the negative effects on your household) ,PLUS disturbing other neighbours....what do you have? Hopefully further action by landlord!

        Hope this doesn't escalate further.

        Take care



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          Cheers Sapph

          It's just so galling that NFHx was taken to court and we were told he'd be evicted. But he got a soft hearted judge. So he stayed quiet for a couple of months and now he's got all his cronies back and half the brats in the area hanging around. :angry: He obviously thinks he's untouchable. I hope the HA aren't thinking that.

          Oh, well, we'll see if HA reply to my email tomorrow. Last time I emailed them they took 2-3 weeks to reply I might phone up tomorrow as well. The HA must hate me, I can almost hear them.... 'Oh no, it's that woman again!" Hee hee, like I care

          However, I find I don't get quite so het up nowadays or if I do it doesn't last long. And I have all you lovely people on this board to thank for that It makes such an enormous difference knowing I can come here and rant and people understand Thanks all

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Hi misty!

            probably mist something here, but did judge give suspended possession order or something?? If to Hol. In Fact, if not , talk to Hol

            After she has a little knowledge about possession proceedings :P

            Seriously, have a chat with H.....all the best, and sorry it's started up again.



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              Hi Misty

              I'm :angry: for you.

              I think they all need putting in that bunker.

              Is this the one who left the house before the HA took any possession action?

              If you want to "talk" to me about the HA/possession action, then by all means do so .




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                Hi Holly,

                No this NFH is the one across the road who stole all the stuff from the house next door to me after the tenants did a flit (the noisy ones). I know this because somebody saw him doing it but thinks he'll be a 'grass' if he tells the police The HA man said he needed solid evidence so nothing has happened about that.

                I don't know all the details about his court appearance. I was told by the HA man that they were going to evict him but NFH told his next door neighbour that the judge had given him a second chance. So I've only got bits and pieces of the story.

                Of course the HA man told me that just because it didn't appear that things were happening didn't mean that was the case. They have to gather evidence etc. I'm just hoping other neighbours have complained about him as well.

                I'll see how things go tonight, the vampires will probably all be out there, sucking away our peace of mind I can't wait for some rain *sigh*. HE, are you still on for doing that rain dance?

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  hate yobs and balls!!

                  just to put a dampner on things though.....if you are asked for the balls back you need to give them back :sad:


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                    I don't know about a rain dance tonight, but I'll happily help and join in with my very own version, The Wine Dance. :lol:

                    Misty, chances are that this NFH's next door neighbour heard right. On possession cases, District Judges are often likely to either adjourn the matter or grant an Order for Possession but suspend it on terms, rather than grant an Outright Possession Order.

                    HA need to get evidence, the more they have, the more the Judge has to look at the issues of proportionality when considering whether to grant possession or not. So get people to give the HA the ammo they need.