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  • What Have They Done?

    Hello All

    I have now been up since 3.30am or there abouts. There is no reason for this that I can actually put my finger on. The boys are fast asleep and I cannot hear any unnecessary noise. The Bates' are on holiday and I thought that it would be great to be able to relax and get a few decent nights sleep. Although there have been a few disturbances from the other NFH cronies every night this week, tonight has been very quiet (oh what a little persistant rain can do!) so why can I not sleep?????

    It seems that maybe I am getting used to living in the constant NFH noise and now that it has gone (all be it for one night) I am unable to get a decent nights sleep, as it is TOO QUIET :huh:

    What on earth is going on?? The one time that I actually think that we can get a little bit of a normal life going again (even though it is only a week) and I'm sitting up at 5.50am on the computer, getting stressed because it's too quiet :crazy:

    Oh to get another hot chocky


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    right tonight....get your self ready for bed as normal then have your telly on really really quiet

    we have a timer on the telly which is good as I can set it for 20mins or what ever then it turns itself off when I am asleep

    unfortunatly I still like to sleep with the telly on even after a whole year!

    I am getting a bit better though

    white noise helps, or stick a tape on, story books are good for this, even if its one of your kids tapes of ryhmes, its not what you have on its the "sssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" noise the white noise

    I found this helped a lot when bubble and squeak went, couldn't cope with the silence, althougth it was great....I had been conditioned to sleep with noise, I felt like an experiment, I hate it when other people have such an unwanted effect on/in your lifes :badmood:


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      Hi Tri

      It's amazing isn't it how they can still affect you when you're not there?

      Like Beth says, you need to get yourself prepared for sleep. Have a nice warm bath, warm milky drink, read a book and settle down for sleep. If you haven't slept last night, then you'll be shattered, so you'll probably sleep well anyway.

      Good luck


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        Yes, it's bizarre isn't it - we get used to sleeping with noise and when it's gone, no sleep comes! Sheesh.

        It does take considerable time to 'recover' from this though I think - I have trouble getting to sleep sometimes when I 'try too hard', so I think the trick is to make it as 'normal' and natural an experience as possible

        Good Luck Tri


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          I know how you feel tristar, we went to friends for the weekend and we could not hear a pin drop. we dont have noisy neighbours, but we live right near the m25 and we have a constant background din from it.

          we had the worst nights sleep ever, one or other of us kept waking up and tossing and turning!!!! we both felt like goo when we got up!!!

          we could not wait to get home for a rest!

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            Thanks so much for the ideas

            I think that I will have a nice long hot soak in the bath, my friend has suggested a couple of drops of lavender oil, so I'll give it a try

            I'm going to leave the tv on very low, have a nice hot milky drink and just try and think of things as normal

            I don't think I will have any trouble tonight though, I'm shattered already :zzz: I just hope that I'm not over tired

            Will let you all know tomorrow...when I'm fresh as a daisy :lol:



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              dont put too much lavender in though!!

              it can have the opposite effect if over done!!!


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                It's amazing how your body can adjust to a situation and when that situation is removed your body will take time to readjust.

                I suggest a couple of drops of lavender oil on your pillow (under the pillowcase)

                Good luck and sweet dreams

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                  I managed 9 hours of fantastic sleep last night

                  Preparation went as follows:

                  - nice cup of tea; bath in M&S Personal Space bath crystals (read the whole of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery); just washed pjs and slink into fresh clean bedding and within two minutes I was :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:


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                    Thanks again all

                    I certainly have a few alternatives to try now, so I should find lots of :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:

                    Will let you know



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                      Happy ZZZZzzzzzzzZZzZZz'ing Tristar!

                      :tooth: :zzz:


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                        I believe it is part of a NFH stress disorder that makes victims

                        hypervigilant and always expecting something to happen.

                        I even feel like this when I am somewhere else away from NFH.

                        Even if you move away, I suspect it takes a long time to try and

                        feel like a normal person again. That is sad because it means there is

                        a recovery period from NFH abuse. The fear or fear of intimidation

                        and heightened senses will obviously haunt NFH victims even when NFH isnt there.

                        We all deserve monetary compensation so we can spend a few days

                        at a luxury spa retreat and more



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                          Hello All

                          I did manage to sleep most of the night last night, but I woke up to have a look around at about 3 again. This time I went back to sleep quite quickly so it didn't bother me too much.

                          I think I will sleep well tonight, as I have been clearing the garden for the fence :hihi:



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                            Great news Tri :zzz:


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                              :wow: :wow: :wow:

                              I slept like a log last night peeps :jump: :zzz:

                              Thank you all for your tips