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    Yesterday evening some of the smaller kids were running up and down my daughter's front path, banging on her window and then running off. Now my daughter is disabled and it takes her quite a while to get up from a sitting position so she either has to struggle to her feet or just put up the annoyance.

    My husband saw what was happening and shouted at the kids. These kids come from one of the two NFH families that live a few doors up from us. One of the mothers was outside watching so my husband asked her to speak to the kids. She replied, sweetly, "They're not my f*****g kids!" He delightful language must have aroused her next door neighbour who came out, shouted to 'John', to 'get back 'ere!', and then she started yelling at my husband that he shouldn't be shouting at her kids, 'they're only babies!' In other words, she was aware of what they were doing but decided to leave them to it as they 'are only babies'.

    I'll admit they are around 4 to 5 years of age, but with mouths on them like seasoned troopers! If she's going to allow them to do this now, what will she allow them to do when they are older? The silly moo obviously has no conception of teaching her kids right from wrong (probably too busy conceiving another one!).

    I am sick to death of these two families! There is a huge green area for kids to play on, but no, they have to use other people's gardens to play on. And of course if a house is empty their lousy parents think it's garden an ideal rubbish dump!

    Thanks, I needed to get that out of my system. I thought of emailing the HA, but I don't think they're listening to me any more .

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

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    Misty, man, I know where you are coming from...the KFH we have round here know more profanities than I do!!!

    And the excuse from the NFH is ALWAYS 'they are just kids, playing, thats what kids are like'. it is a very worn out mantra, but unfortunately being used more and more often in order to excuse delinquent behaviour. Because parents havent got the ability or willto discipline their children they find excuses for the bad behaviour.

    this is a sociological thing. the parents of today were born in the 70's and 80's and are a product of their generation...broken or dysfunctional families left right and centre, a time when the divorce rate was soaring...not many of my classmates had two parents living at home, myself can todays parents know how to parent properly when they probably had a [email protected] upbringing themselves?? plus they have been brought up with the expectation' the state shall provide'. is it any wonder those of us who still have a sense of decency and some moral standards are looking on in disbelief at how things are panning out....

    and another thing. why do so many boys get labelled with ADHD when in my day they would have been termed 'naughty' and given a slap when they got out of line???

    i know a 6 yr old, his dad refuses point blank to acknowledge that all his kid needs is better and more consistent discipline from his parents, instead he has traipsed him round child psychologists etc etc until someone said his lad might show some signs of pleased this man was that someone said it, it seems to me it gave him an excuse to abdicate his responsibility 'its not that i dont discipline him, its that he has a PROBLEM' the meantime the kid gets away with being the meanest most spiteful bully out...and knows he will get away with it!!!!!

    parents who know and do nothing ... they are sowing the seeds for mega social problems in future years.

    off my soap box now!!!!

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      Yes, you are speaking the truth, glad i am nearing 60, and knowing that i wont have to grow up etc and have this type of cr*p around me, yes they just love this ADD stuff, it just means they can get on DLA, yes as soon as a kid has this the money they get triples, but it is not spent on the kiddies, no way, poor sods.


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        Hi Misty

        I know where you are coming from...when I came back tonite at 9:30 NFH spoilt rotten little brat girl (10 years old) was out skateboarding and being loud and annoying...I really wanted to say "isn't it time that you were in bed?"

        but of course I cannot as I am bound over to keep the peace (due to their perjury and lies!)

        anyways am still waiting to see what comes of the investigation of Chief Inspector of Police!

        watch this space

        Big hugs


        :nfh1: :nfh1: :nfh1: :nfh1:


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          Thanks folks

          Yes, I think a lot of this ADHD stuff is just an excuse. There was very little of it about in schools when the cane was used! What kind of a society are we developing when kids can do as they please without any worry of consequences? No deterrents and plenty of bleeding hearts wanting to stop even parents using corporal punishment.

          And when kids are diagnosed with ADHD what happens? They're drugged up to the eyeballs with Ritalin, a drug that has a more powerful effect on the brain than even cocaine! And if it's not Ritalin it will be some other psychiatric drug. I've read some horror stories from the States and I'm sure there must be many unreported stories in this country.

          I don't think the kids around here are suffering from ADHD, more like LDLC, lack of discipline lack of care! I think morals are a little on the scarce side as well!

          Witsend, I hope you hear from the police soon. Nobody should have to go through what you've been through.

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            The kids in my street are the most dreadful, undisciplined kids I know. The parents just stand and watch (and sometimes even encourage them) to damage other peoples' property, say things that aren't even fit enough for the sewers and swear like troopers. If I ever saw or heard on of my boys doing anything like this I would end up in a prison cell, cos I would kill them.

            As for the ADHD, well you can only take that excuse so far. I think a GKUTB would be the solution (good kick up the bum).

            At 4 or 5 years old the children should still be learning right from wrong, and if this is the way that parents are teaching them, it's no wonder that the place is full of NFH with KFH!!!