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Missing Shevaun

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  • Missing Shevaun

    I have to have a rant about the missing 12 year old who ran off with the 31 yr old

    american marine...

    i just cannot get my head round the fact that the PARENTS of this girl had no idea what she was doing on her computer for hours and hours on end, and i wonder where on earth she got the money to fund these airline flights around europe. it just beggars belief.

    and now the bloke has been arrested for abduction, when to my mind this girl had made up her own mind what to do and seems to have been very devious...

    or am i being really unfair?????

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    Hadn't really given it a second thought as too occupied in fighting my battles with NFH!!!!! :nfh1:

    Yes my battle has just begun! oh yes!!!! :blink:

    Watching teenagers these days...they are so streetwise... I blame it all on the Television programmes they watch like the soaps my day it was black and white TV with a very harmless Coronation street in it's early days!!



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      dreadful situation!

      I think I heard that he arranged all flights and fares.

      but yes, did they not have the parental controls on?

      we will never know

      thank goodness she is home now, and is still alive


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        I'm sure I heard the parents say she used to be on the computer for around 11 hours a day upstairs then they limited to 5 hours a day! I'm afraid if I'd had a comp when my kids were younger it would be where I could see them and I'd be the nosiest mother ever and they'd have to fight me to get online!

        There have been so many near horror or even horror stories about paedophiles and the internet you'd think her parents would have been a lot more vigilant. But then I suppose it's easy to be lulled into a false sense of security if your child is apparently safe at home rather than wandering the streets.

        There is another girl, aged 14, been missing for 10 days, so far. Believed to have gone off after contacting some man or other on the net. Where's the big news headlines about that? Makes you wonder just how many kids are missing!!

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          She lives in my area, and she does look a lot older than 12 too. believe they have gone away and maybe selling their story, hope not.


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            I know, you'd think that with all the publicity these days about internet chat rooms/paedophiles they would know better!

            Ignorance is no defence, but kids can be verrrry sneaky - weren't you too???!!

            You can't watch the news these days without some kind of reference to this type of situation so I don't think they can pretend that they don't know it goes on.

            Oh well, the story of what happened will out soon, just hope he did not do anything dodgy with her...Yikes :angry: