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  • Fireworks?

    I am sick to death of fireworks, bang, bang, bang.

    This issue was mentioned in the "Ice Cream Van" thread, but it is a real problem here.

    It's bad enough having to hear them in October, November and December, but we have to hear them all year round. Sometimes, the "audio display" lasts for hours, some of the fireworks that are used are really loud and scary when they first go off (it terrifies pets).

    Where do people buy them from?

    Do other members have problems with fireworks?

    Is it just a Yorkshire problem having to endure them all year round?

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    No, Holly, it's not just a Yorkshire problem. I've been hearing them around here sporadically for the last few weeks, a few were set off tonight I think they must be hoarding them.

    The really loud ones are supposedly banned now (from Jan this year). But it doesn't stop people buying them from the internet I think we're stuck with them unless they ban them outright to members of the general public.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Tell me about it, here we go again....! Only July for goodness sake, I'm all for a total ban unless they're 'pro' licenced displays - and they should only be on sale in November. Not all year and to anyone from anywhere (and anyone under 16 it seems!).



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        On July 13th I was in email with a couple of friends, both who claimed to have heard fireworks that night. I too heard them. One`s in Sussex, I`m in Corby, the other is in London. I was wondering if it was a special day or something that i`d missed..?


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          Don't forget other religious festivals such as Divali (which go on for several weeks) They might be the cause of the problem, especially if you live in a multicultural area.

          That wouldn't explain the fireworks around here. Isn't Divali a lot later in the year? I think is just those weird people who get an erotic thrill from loud bangs!!!

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Apart from November 5, various cultural/religious festivals, New Year...there now seems to be an increase in audio-visual displays to celebrate the cat's birthday, every BBQ, granny coming out of hospital, etc...ridiculous, unnecessary,dangerous in the wrong hands, noisy, frightening to animals..and downright overkill!!I'm all for licenced, organised displays that have to make an announcement in local press one week in advance. And I'm sorry if that makes me a killjoy.....NOT!

            Hurray for ranting :hihi:



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              Just for info, July 4, Independence day (US), July 14 Bastille day (France) plus numerous village carnivals, fetes etc and weekend BBQs chuh well I know my mom's terrier (Ben the KnickerSniffer) is absolutely petrified but is full of bravado with gruff wuffs etc till a big one goes off and he hides under the sofa!


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                We have a shop in the High Street that is a newsagent, but sells the really big fireworks all year round :angry:

                Norman buys them for every mealtime (at least it feels like that sometimes)

                Where does he get his stock from???



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                  Hi everyone, new to the forum so bear with me. What about carol singers in October - Easter Eggs just after christmas - hearing carols in the shops in September - Its all a nonsense really.


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                    Hi Pyramid and welcome

                    All annoying things you've just posted there! Particularly what the shops get up to. No sooner have you got over Christmas, and they've got the Valentines cards out on show.

                    Another one got me last night: the hairdrier scooters. You know, the ones that really whine for ages when they're going up a hill? I thought it would never disappear


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                      Hi Pyramid - welcome to the board

                      Irritating stuff eh - it'll soon be time (mhmmm, around October in some places!) for the town centre Xmas lights to come back out!) :lol:


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                        I'll be honest they don't need anything to celebrate here in Warwickshire, if they feel like it they light them and thats it. There's the attitude here of nobody else matters so long as we are having a good time.

                        There has been much talk though that there will be a law passed which will allow fireworks to be set off for a four day period around the 5 November. Anything else will have to be done through prior permission gained through the town hall. Those caught flouting this law will be in for a big fine through the courts.

                        I believe that this will become law by the later end of this year. I heard about the bill going through parliament for it but, that was way back in March of this year as people were getting sick and tired of it all.

                        Hold on though cause laws are on the way.


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                          Scooby, that sounds like good news

                          Could you let us know when you hear anything?


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                            Lets hope this goes through - I remember the bill proposal from February, we have a news item from February too on it.

                            :ban: -------> ('NFH' - Neighbours Fireworks From Hell'!)


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                              Seems someone's getting his jollies tonight, five minutes of banging fireworks!

                              Oops, no pun intended

                              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi