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New Nfh Service?!

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  • New Nfh Service?!

    Just to report that yesterday I went on a visit to a member's home to check the garden situation and look at whether the nfh's proposal on fencing would be reasonable or not.

    My conlusion is that the nfh has a very simple alternative, which is to erect a fence on their side of the boundary line, which would not impair the retaining wall.

    So, it's useful for all members to add a reply in the "Where are you geographically?" topic.

    If you live near someone, get in touch, support each other. Make sure if you are meeting someone, you do it in a public place and always leave contact details, expected time of return.

    I have met two members now and it's great to have someone to talk to about your nfh problems. A problem shared and a problem halved and all that. It also helps you to put things in to perspective, in terms of having a second opinion on whether you're being reasonable or not.

    We then went on to a Quiz and won tickets to a "Night at the Proms" with the English Symphony Orchestra at Ripley Castle!

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    thanks Holly!

    I have met holly and I must say it is good good to talk in person about problems,

    we are all here to listen to issues but in person you get body language and tone of voice as well,

    as you can see from the where are you thread a lot of people are closer to each other than you think.

    It turned out that we actually used to live three streets away from holly!!

    if only we had known that at the time!!

    so get to know people and pick up the phone!

    but as Holly says, please feel comfortable about meeting up and do it in a public place, you can always take someone with you when you meet.

    friendships can come out of NFH, thats the only good thing they have done for us!!


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      Yes, I'll third that definitely

      For sure some people will feel more comfy meeting up than others - so do what suits you really. Like Beth says pick up the 'phone even if that's easier and talk in person or text someone if you're into that using a mobile.

      Even arrange to use Live Chat here - it's free and 24/7, or use other messenger services (ICQ, MSN, AIM etc).

      The bigger our 'clan' gets the more of the UK we cover, so there's bound to be someone in your vicinity - of course online we're only a website address away


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        Sounds like a great idea

        Any Scousers out there? I'm listening

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          So does this mean we'll be getting an interactive map, then Matthew? - 'Click for your nearest members?'

          I'll be happy to visit members with my wife's large German Shepherd if that will intimidate any NFH's around Coventry.

          More seriously, safety is important, and any weirdo could sign up to NFH. One of the good points of open access. Take a friend, a phone, picture ID, etc
          "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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            Originally posted by poor tom@Jun 27 2003, 11:25 PM

            So does this mean we'll be getting an interactive map, then Matthew? - 'Click for your nearest members?'
            Yeah, that's a good idea I could do that if people are interested and if we have enough members filling in their profiles with location information

            Also, remember like Poor Tom and Beth/Me if you put your photo in your profile if you can and would like you're recognisable for who you say you are too!


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              Dear All

              As recipient of said personal survey by "Holly",it's nice to have a second opinion!! I fully recommend this prompt and personal new service! She's not bad at quizzes either