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  • Hello again

    Hi to everyone. Just logged on after a week of illness. I took ill in Bank Holiday Monday afternoon with pain in the abdomen and chest and stomach which got worse. Called a doctor at 11.30 pm.

    (I never go near doctors so I had to be in agony to do that)

    To cut a long story short it was a nearly a 999 call and now I wish I called 999 as I'd be sitting up in bed recovering now. As it was I was heavilly drugged and in a stupor for three days. With three more smaller attacks since. Saw an emergency doc on Saturday morning and now have three lots of pills to keep me going.

    I'm told I have all the signs of an infected gallbladder and gallstones. Excrutiatingly painfull. I wish it on my worst enemies (you all know who) Have to go in for a scan and very probably have the damn thing out.

    Haven't been hungry since Monday lunchtime - the thought of food makes me feel sick! Fat and dairy products are not allowed anyway. Eating dry toast and rice and drinking tea with no fat milk - and not minding that a bit as I don't want anything else.

    More on this later! i've just logged in so I'll have a quick scoot around. Haven't been on the computer for seven days now, so it's pretty tiring just sitting upright at the mo.

    Enough of me I'll have a look at the latest.

    Ta ra for now.


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    Hi Spinky

    Good to see you, I was only saying to Beth the other day I hadn't seen you for a while. Sorry to hear you've been poorly - glad you're on the road to recovery now, it sounds very painful and probably was a bit scary too!

    Come and post when you're up to it - but good to hear you're doing OK and getting there, hope you get the appetite back soon too!

    If you're feeling up to it later, come and chat using the new forum chat ('Live Chat' link top right on menu and log in with your forum username/password) - be great to see you


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      Hi Spinky, I was wondering where you'd gone. I'm so sorry to hear about your illness I've heard gall-bladder problems can be excrutiatingly painful

      Hope your scan brings encouraging news and that you're very soon back to normal


      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        hope you feel better very quickly, sending you best wishes and cyber flowers!!

        no grapes though, Matthew ate them!!


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          Hi Spinky

          Sorry to hear you've not been good. Gallbladder/stones are very painful - a colleague has recently undergone the operation to have them removed and they have been in agony, they are feeling better now though.

          Wouldn't it be good if we could transfer all our aches, pains and agonies on to our nfh?

          Hope you're feeling better soon - take care of yourself.


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            Hello again,

            Thanks for all your lovely kind messages.

            At the minute the pain is about 35%. The pills are keeping it under control.

            This morning I was watching tv in my dressing gown (can't work) and would you beleive a helicopter flew staright towards the house. i went outside in my dressing gown when I heard the noise and saw it coming. It was low and could see me. I sat on the bench with hands on my eyes crying with frustration and it veered off. Half an hour later the same thing happened, only it hovered in front of the house at low level - the pilot could easily see me in my dressing gown) I sat on the bench in total despair - being ill i just do not want this. Then i struggled to get the big banket from the outbuilding which says "leave me alone" in block capitols and laid that on the ground. It saw it and b******ed off.

            An hour later I heard a massive roar and a helicopter was flying over the house from the other side. They really don't give a damn, they really don't. You'd think seeing someone in tears - and believe me they are low enough to see - they would leave me alone??? To hover in front of a woman in her dressing gown in front of a house where there are no other houses??? They are heartless. I didn't ring the MOD after the last phone call a couple of months ago where they were rude beyond belief and really upset me, I can't do that anymore.

            ...And here was me hopeful that they'd 'gone quiet'.

            People can be so cruel and heartless.

            I really do wish what I've got on my worst enemy - those RAF trainees.

            Thanks again.



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              Oh Spinks, I'm sorry.

              You can't get away from it can you. When you are unwell, it makes it really difficult to deal with anything. You are at a low ebb and can't fight anything when you're like that.

              Can you try to block them out by listening to some music through headphones?

              Thinking of you. Take care.


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                Just logged in again to finish the posting - haven't the energy to retype if I get timed out.

                In my drug induced marshamallow state last week, I was wondering how the NFH problem must really kick in when you're ill. As it was I heard a helicopter in and out of sleep, but all I had to do was close my eyes and I was asleep again so it didn't kick in completely. But now I'm no longer on the Class A stuff but on a combination of drugs, I'm aware again and of course, even in pain, the NFH problem still hangs around like a bad smell. I was thinking with horror of lying there with loud music next door or yobs playing football against the fence.

                (Touch wood) I don't get ill, so have never had to be ill and have the NFH nightmare, excepting this morning - has anyone else?

                I know that when the incidents happened this morning my stomach tightened and that's the one of the two places that hurts at the moment.

                ...Yes it is very, very painful and the pain hasn't gone, it's just being managed. The pills definitely take away your mental prowess. I'm used to coming in my office and getting busy with books and research etc - all I can manage now is to read mags and a book - but rather that than the pain, anything but the pain.

                My regret is not ringing 999 as by now it would all be over I'm sure.

                Hope this makes sense and is not whining - I'm not good at self editing at the moment.



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                  Aww, Spinky I'm really sorry to hear about those stupid people!!!! All this stress on top of your illness is a bad thing. I wish they'd leave you alone in peace

                  They are the epitome of the 'me' culture. Whatever they are doing is far more important than what you are suffering according to their creed. Stupid, heartless b*******s that they are!!!!

                  We had the 'Battle of the Atlantic' celebrations here last week and all these military aircraft where at the airport, driving us mad. I was thinking about you. At least we only have it every now and again

                  Put on the earphones and listen to something to drown out the b******ds. Sorry, only advice I can think of

                  Hope you get well soon despite the morons.

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Hi Holly,

                    Fingers crossed they seem to have gone. I can usually tell when they've gone when there is sufficient gap between.

                    I've put on The Pogues anyway!

                    I was sick of watching tv and even DVD's and videos I've recorded I'd rather see when I'm fit and can watch them with my boyfriend - who has been fantastic by the way, even taking two days off work to look after me. He's cooking, cleaning, looking after the dogs and me and going to work!

                    My brain needs feeding though, I'm looking around at work I want to do but can't. All I can do is maybe wash up and do a bit of ironing today.

                    I'm nearly timed out....



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                      just told Matthew we should get in the car and come and give you a big get well hug!

                      I really feel for you and I know when you are not 100% everything seems a million times worse than normal.

                      they are just mean and nasty people, and it seems you are suffering from harrassment.

                      HFs...where are your nukes when spinky needs them???


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                        Originally posted by spinkysay@May 12 2003, 2:13 PM

                        my boyfriend - who has been fantastic by the way, even taking two days off work to look after me. He's cooking, cleaning, looking after the dogs and me and going to work!
                        for your boyfriend - that's nice.

                        Leave your work spinky, it will still be there when you are feeling better for it. Don't push yourself to do something until you are properly ready.

                        And I certainly wouldn't be getting into a stack of ironing - that's not what you need! Just settle yourself back with music and have a bit of R & R.

                        Fingers crossed that the buzzers let you have some peace.


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                          Hi Spinky,

                          just wanted to say get well soon!!!

                          im afraid im just a big girls blouse when it comes to being ill

                          "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

                          apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

                          Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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                            Horsefans I hope you never get gallbladder problems - if you do get them to hit you on the head with a mallett as this pain aint for the fainthearted!

                            Thanks Beth - get in the car by all means and be witnesses to what's happening around this house!! The damn helicopter came back didn't it. I heard the all too familier noise and it flew from the forest and did a circle of the house and back over the forest (again). I'm almost 100% sure that it's one or two pilots doing this and have said it all along. It doesn't matter though as nobody listens.

                            Had another attack late last night and thought it was going to be a 999 job, but I could feel the meds fighting it - incredible really. Ten minutes later it was like I'd won the lottery as it was abating by the second - priceless!!

                            Still, the attacks keep coming, had one every day since Monday, so the sooner I get this sorted out the sooner I get my life back.

                            Holly, I have music on, so if the ******* is out there, I can't hear him.

                            I'll have a look around the the rest of the site now.




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                              Hi Spinks,

                              Just wishing you a good recovery. Once they whip them out you will feel loads better. My mums best friend had hers done in November last year and she is going on great now. She said it's the first time in ages that she can indulge in a fried breakfast.

                              I know the pain that she was in and she got rushed in twice through the agony. I know she benefitted from having Soya milk. Try that So Good its better than the Alpro stuff which is more bitter. You will get used to the taste.

                              The NFH's well when Madhatter found out my mum was ill last year he stood and laughed - but, you know the old saying - he who laughs last....

                              Try not to let the barstools grind you down.

                              God bless.