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    Today has not been a good day.

    I got an email from our local Council Officer - well he is actually the solicitor for the council in their legal department to be precise.

    Madhatter put in a complaint that our front hedge was too wide !!!

    Despite Madhatter living there for 19 years and 10 of those years we have not spoken and the hedge being always kept the same width etc, he moaned to the council we got council supremos on our back and then we were forced to trim it back even though it is on our land. The agreement with the council was one of okay we trim hedge back but you must do as much as you can to portect the manhole cover. I was covertly taping this whole conversation which I have now informed the council of in my reply mail back today.

    It was agreed that they would put in place a high sided kerb to prevent Madhatter banking up with his vehicles onto our sewerage pipe located underneath and going over our manhole cover.

    Two weeks on and didly squat is happening. Council are now saying that this person from the Highways should have been in touch - and guess what he hasn't been. All the time Madhatter just keeps banking up with his vehicles - one a transit van - to cause as much damage as possible.

    In hindsight should not have sent that nasty email to the council from me stating that I am prepared to errect a temporary structure to prevent further damage happening and that I intend to issue courts proceedings against them for their abject failure to resolve this issue.

    I am getting to the point where I feel we get over one thing for something else to come along in it's place and in this case it's the council who in reality will do s~d all in preventing this.

    I guess that they are none too happy about the dictaphone, but, then having to listen to their council officers diatribe of lies over the months what else do they really expect.

    It's not as if we are playing on a level field here.

    I'm feeling a bit raw at the moment cause in my annoyance at the email I respoded with a direct threat that if they don't protect my property then I shall see them in court - not one of my best moves I'll grant you, but what if damage occurs - yes thats right the council will not accept responsibilty and will just walk away like they always do.

    I should have sat on it over the weekend and thought it through but it's done now.

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    Sometimes, Scooby, things get so bad we just cannot help ourselves. I've dashed off a few emails in the heat of the moment and then spent hours worrying that I shouldn't have done it. But mostly I've found that positive results come back.

    It must really stressful for you, having just, hopefully, resolved one problem to be faced with another. It's like a domino effect!! Maybe a few spikes, situated over the manhole cover would deter Madhatter, but I've a feeling that he would use this to inflict even more unpleasantness on you.

    I think Madhatter is just using any old excuse to get back at you and the idiots at the council are too jobsworthy to make allowances.

    Good luck, hopefully you are worrying about nothing much at all and the council will take your threat of legal action seriously and do something.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Thanks Misty,

      Feeling a lot better today partly because know I can do nothing about it and at the end of the day the Council made the promise that they would errect a high sided kerb.

      I'm just hoping that I don't get shot down in flames on this one.

      Ohh sorry Spinks no pun intended.


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        Sorry to gear about Madhatter's new "game" and that the Council are not doing what they said they would (now there's a surprise! not).

        I wouldn't worry too much about what you have sent to the Council. It might just work to your advantage and they might pull their finger out now and get the job done.

        I sent two letters to our local authority legal department last week (to do with work, admittedly) and had responses back immediately; no local authority likes to be proved it's in the wrong. In your case, they promised you something, they have not delivered. This has caused you inconvenience. I would advise you to complain to your local Councillor in the first instance and then (if the matter isn't resolved) submit a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman.

        Holly in legal eagle mode...

        Good luck with it and don't worry about it. What's done is done.


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          All the time and effort Madhatter is taking up by coming up with ways to annoy you (ditto all the other members with their NFH) - it consumes them, don't these people have other things to occupy their time? They have a warped sense of thinking, they surely have...

          I too have zipped off e mails to (MOD and RAF base) in the past, never ever rude, always concise, stating the case and what's happening, but it doesn't really matter what I say, if I have a heart attack or end up a nervous wreck, it doesn't really matter - because I'm just ignored. So yes - I've pushed glue uphill, it's called dealing with the MOD.

          Scoobs - no worries here, you're dealing with things just fine it seems to me, long hard road, but here's hoping you will be listened to. Onwards Scoobs!!!