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Do you have good memory skills?

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  • Do you have good memory skills?

    I have to confess that my memory skills are not that good.

    Do you have any special handy tips on how you remember members key problems/ issues/ special names for their nfh etc.

    I would welcome any comments or suggestions!

    HGL, now forgetting what she's supposed to be doing...

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    To be fair Holly, I don't have any particular way of remembering things, I do generally try and do a quick recap over things, such as going back over previous postings.

    Generally a quick skim around the posting gives me enough to jog my memory.

    So no tried and trusted measure for me I'm afraid - lack of brain power for one thing.


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      I'm the same as Scooby. If I read a posting that I'm not sure of I just go back and look for the original posting. Although, not boasting or anything, that is fairly unusual and I seem to be keeping track fairly well.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        I only get confused when two problems are similar. I sort of know people's problems but lose track sometimes of where they're at with them or new developements, so I try and recap a bit where I can.


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          Hi Holly

          It is harder to remember as we get more members and as some NFH problems are so related, but I do tend to remember most if not all regular members problems. It can get hard sometimes though so I know what you mean! Like Misty says I normally search for the original post and update myself there if needs be.

          You could always use the 'snippet-pad' from within 'My Controls' as a kind of scratch-pad where you could put down some notes for yourself?


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            in your personal messenger there is an address book where you can pop in a brief description with the name


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              I like to look back and see how people have progressed since their first postings.

              Amazing really how sad some people are and how we all seem to perk up and get stronger through visiting this site.



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                About the point of progress.

                I feel I have personally gained an awful lot from this site and the progress - well I feel that I have most definitely.

                With Madhatter we felt so isolated simply because we thought it was just us and that everybody else had lovely neighbours and oh we wish we were like them.

                It was only when I typed in 'Neighbours From Hell' in Ask Jeeves that this site came up. To be honest I was a bit sceptical at first, but, as I got more confidence and became more determined to deal with Madhatter I have had the strength to see these situations through.

                Thats not to say that I don't hit rough patches because I do, but when that happens I come here have a moan and then I feel better - even if just one person responds - it is more than enough to pick me up, dust myself down and go on with more hope and optimism that things will get better.

                I feel that in terms of what Matthew and Beth have achieved in setting up this site it is nothing short of a miracle. It has been a great strength of support to me and I know many others and when you look at Sue and her little successes as well as others you come to realise that old saying 'Every dog has it's day'.

                We all hope that NFH get theirs and as Misty always says their Karma will ensure that at some point they have to pay their dues.


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                  Thanks all for that, I shall have a little shufty at the my controls bit later.

                  I tend to re-read posts, but then if there have been a few on new topics I find it hard to find the initial one. I'm debating whether to set up a "control pad" around my computer at home with little scribbly notes to help me remember, can you imagine what it would look like after a million members had joined?


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                    Now look here Holly - I can just about cope with the 160 or so that are listed already without you saying 1 million.

                    That means that if we are posting at this rate replying to members worries and helping them then that means that Matthew has to get his finger out and give us platinum card status for hitting the 1 millionth posting.

                    Are you reading this Matthew ?

                    Over and out - for now !